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View Full Version : Wound is taking FOREVER to heal!


09-24-2008, 04:30 PM
I am so tired of this!
I had an abcess that turned into a fistula right where my underwear rests on my legs.....it was a small..DEEP hole that drained a little bit of puss each day...about 1 month went by and no sign of healing so I went to the doctor.
She packed it..I took it out in 2 days later..I went back to the doctor a week later and she packed it again. I took it out again 2 days later...I went back to the doctor 1 week later and she packed it again. I took it out 2 days later..
3 x it was packed all while I was on antibiotics.....
It wasn't MRSA....everytime I post anything people tell me it might be MRSA...SO understand this....It is not MRSA...The thing won't heal!!!!!
I am not diabetic, I am a normal average healthy female with no other problems...
I don't want to go back to the doctor anymore. I hate it! It takes up too much time from Work and I can't miss anymore time!
I started packing it myself because it was starting to close on the top. I did alot of research on packing wounds....not to do it too hard, keep it sterile, keep it damp etc...
I am soooooooo tired of this thing. I can't excercise. I can't use my jacuzzi that I spent alot of money on. I can't have sex. I constantly have to be aware of not getting it dirty....blah blah blah.....It's been almost 3 months... I know it's more shallow then it was...but damn....how long does it take? SOometimes I consider just saying forget it....and leaving it alone and jsut doing whatever I want...if I die from infection hen I die but at least I got to live a life not restricted by some stupid small wound that NEVER heals!!!!
here is what I am going to do now....
During the day I will only pack just the top of the wound...I have been questioning if I am maybe packing to deep or too hard. I don't want to ruin any new tissue..packing the top will to soak up any puss it makes and prevent the wound from closing. At night I am going to take the packing out and I am going ot put something called 2nd skin on to keep it moist. I am going to try this for a week or 2....
So does anyone have nay advice, suggestions, moral support,
preferably other then go back to the doctor....


09-29-2008, 11:23 AM
Thank you to all the people that have read the post and responded! I am just glad that there were others out there that have advice or something else to share to help out!
I have been packing my wound since last wednesday.....it is still the slowest healing wound I have ever had...I can now see the bottom of it. It is a little bit more shallow but it is still deep enough to have to baby!
Thank you all once again for all your responses......

09-29-2008, 11:47 AM
I am sorry you have to deal with this but I have to say your doctor is doing the right thing and please don't stop going all together. You can pack it yourself but be sure you pack it down far enough I promise it will not stop the healing process but if you start doing other things it will only put you back to square one. You have to understand and i am sure the doctor told you that it took a while for this to develop for whatever reason(do you even know why?) but that doesn't matter much now just that you need to know it will take a very long time(months-year maybe) for it to heal from the inside out. Pack it with only what the doctor was using to ensure the healing ...you know the packing gauze is coated with just the right kind of stuff for healing these wounds. NO it is MRSA...the elderly get these types of sores all the time and they are treated in the same way but they heal even slower than you because most are bed ridden. I don't understand why you are not going to work or having sex if you just keep it covered? Did your doctor say your activity is restricted? Moving around keeps the blood flowing which in turns heals it. If you don't do anything with it and just leave it you will not die but you will suffer the extreme pain of it all. Who knows why we get saddled with such burdens but just do the best you can with it but don't stop living. Be honest with the doctor and tell them you can't afford to go all the time and I would think you would want to check in with them maybe once every 3-4 weeks? But keep packing it just as they have done it or taught you how to do it. I am telling you nothing you can buy over the counter or otherwise will speed up the healing process. I am truely sorry but you can do this and it will certainly make you a stronger person for it. Doesn't seem like that now does it ...good luck to you.

09-29-2008, 01:20 PM
thank you...
I really appreciate that!

I was going to make another appointment with my doctor next week or the week after next if it doesn't look any different then today....
So the wound is right on my bikini line....I know that you are not suppossed to pack the wound too hard but when I cross my legs i think it's putting preassure on it and I am concerned that it won't heal if it's not allowed space to make new tissue..also my underwear rests on it which puts preassure on it as well....
I read too you can just place wet gauze on the top and it will help soak up the excess drainage and it will heal....am I wrong?
Should i just continue to pack it?
The only thing my dotor said not to do was sit in my jacuzzi. I guess I'm just paranoid about the other stuff..because I am obsessing...
It's probably healing.....healing VERY slowly...you say maybe even a year.....oh my god!
up to 1 year of babying a wound.....the thing that get's me the most is worrying that it may develop an infection so I obsess about keeping it clean which means I have to think about it..
a couple more questions....
the tape is starting to irratate the surrounding skin whenever I have to remove it...so I like to take breaks...which means no packing....it's usually just a 1 night break..is that ok?
also do you know if it's okay to take a shower and let soap and water get into it?

Thank you for your advice and knowledge...and thanks for getting back to me.....
I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT! more then you know!

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