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Old 12-02-2003, 10:15 AM   #1
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Cork Ireland
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ulic HB User
Hello, please can someone offer me some information. (Burst Fracture T12 70%loss)

Hello my name is Daniel [COLOR=Red][removed][/COLOR]

I am 30 years old and was a builder till I was 29.

I fell from a scaffold but I cant remember the actual fall so I dont know what I hit or how I landed.

The result was a burst fracture of T12 and a loss of 70% percent Vertebrel Height.

Its been nearly 12 months and I am still in pain.

I never went looking for information on it before so this is my first time trying to talk about it.

I am not to bad sitting down but walking is always painful and standing still nearly kills me.

I dont take any medication for it because when the pain comes at me most of
the time I can sit down and after a few minutes it gradually goes down.

I am going to a back to work/education scheme at the moment and I am out a lot more and the pain is getting worse.

As I am writing this my son lent up against me and the PAIN is killing.

Please does anybody have any experiances advice etc that can help me please.

I never thought to much about it, I was nearly always in pain but it was manageable.

I am coming to realise I have a disability but its hard.

Daniel [COLOR=Red][removed][/COLOR]

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Old 12-02-2003, 11:22 AM   #2
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ontario
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out2lunch HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

Hi Daniel, I'm so sorry for what you're going through, and that I don't have any really good advice for you!! All I can say, is to take each day as it comes, and concentrate on all you still have!!
It's been 7yrs for me now, and I'm still trying to deal with it! Take care!!

Old 12-03-2003, 09:41 AM   #3
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Cork Ireland
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ulic HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

out2luch thanks for that.

Have you come across anybody else with my injury?

I mean please does anybody have an experiance to share or anything?

I just don't have anybody to talk to and I saw this place and thought yea! somebody here can give me some tips or if they have the same injury tell me what they feel about it.

Sorry to bump but please there must be someone that can identifiy with my injury.


Old 12-03-2003, 10:25 AM   #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2003
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StillWater HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.


What kind of Dr are you seeing for this? Have you thought of getting a second opinion? Be sure to let them know how much pain you are experiencing.

wishing you well....


Old 12-03-2003, 10:30 AM   #5
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ontario
Posts: 476
out2lunch HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

Hi again Danny, I'm not too sure of anyone I know having the same injury as you, sorry!!
You said that your T12 burst, did you have surgery on this? Could there be another problem there now? Have you seen your dr again about still being in pain after 12mths? Has there been a recent MRI?
It sounds to me that there's a problem with a disc, or pinched nerve! I think it would be a good idea to get to your dr, get an MRI taken and maybe even get your dr to give you something for pain!! There's no reason that you should suffer needlessly, or that you should have to guess at what's going on!!
I have bulging discs and sciatica, so I haven't been able to even pick up my daughter for most of her life! There are times where her just leaning on me, or her sitting on my lap, is way too much to handle painwise!! That's why I think your situation is similar to mine!!
Please check with your dr ASAP!! Come back and let us know what happens, and remember that we're always here for you ok?? Take care!!

Old 12-03-2003, 04:44 PM   #6
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Cork Ireland
Posts: 8
ulic HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

I have a problem with doctors.

I always have done, as i said earlier I am attending a back to work scheme.

Well part of that is Personal Development.

I have talked it out with my teacher who is really good at drawing ME out.

Every time I have seen my doctor which was once at 3 months after Injury

then, 6 months after and I am due to se him in 2 weeks for the 12 month visit.

Every time I saw him him I just said yea Im ok no I can manage and generally felt like I was wasting his time just being in his prescence.

I know that may shock the hell out of some of you but I am Irish and over here its kinda cultural to look at a consultant as a god like figure.

Partly because there are so few of them I suppose. I don't really know why.

My teacher has helped me overcome this and see just what a fool I have been.

"Ruining yourself will benifit no-one not even the doctor you don't want bother"

So I have to go and see him if I gave you guys an idea of a typical day maybe you would know where to aim my questions to him.

I am gonna have to write them down or else I will never ask him anything.

I wake up in the night in pain and have to move, sometimes i have to get up nd walk around to releave it a bit before I can get back into bed.

I side roll to sit up in my bed and wait a few seconds for my back to catch up before I stand.

I get up get dressed and have a coffee and walk to the bus stop.

I have an umbrella which I have only just noticed has turned into a crutch for me.

I always limp as I walk and have pain but its bearable as long as I am moving.

Hmm this could get to long, sorry just typing as I am thinking.

I can carry nothing not even a small shoping bag and walk anywhere. I can lift something and take it say from the kitchen table to the living room, its sore but possible.

I cant stand still. When I am out walking and someone steps in front of me ohh man sometimes I get so stressed out I almost feel like belting them to get them out of my way its like an immediate panick burst, as soon as I slow down pain starts to build in my back and I just have to move, anywhere, just got to move.

I haven't worked in 12 months obviously building is not an option for me anymore.

I just dont do a lot of anything except walking. The 2 things that give me the most pain are Trying to dress my kids ( I hate it because its so painfull that I shout at them to hurry and get so upset and again just have to move, I can only hope they understand it on some level )

The other is cooking its the one thing I have tried to keep on to help my wife somehow in the house.

Small things are fine put a nice meal for us as in not frozen pizza etc Sometimes I get so bad but refuse to move till the tears are coming down my face and its nearly all done and my wife then just insists on taking over for the last bit and I head into the bedroom to lay there and curse the damn innocent ceiling.

Please sorry if this is boring or droning its just coming as I am thinking.

If anybody feels like this or has an idea what to ask my consultant please let me know.

Yours Danny

Sorry forgot to answer:
I was put in a tailor brace for 3 months but told I would not no anything until one year was passed.

I never talked to my consultant so he never answered. Or volentered info ( On the social welfare list they tend not to look up from the notes in front of them)

Still its my fault but now is the time to fix it.

I forgot to say that its immpossible for me to sit straight up from a laying flat position.

Its just like the thought goes into it but the machine just doesn't work!!

always has to be a side roll out of the bed.

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Old 12-04-2003, 01:36 PM   #7
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Cork Ireland
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ulic HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.


Thanks very much for that.

It was just the kind of help and advice I was looking for.

That site was great to.

One other thing I thought of was that when I stand I constantly shift from one foot to another always shuffling or swaying from foot to foot.

After the injury I don't think I did it as much but now I am doing it whenever I stand.

Its not something I was even thinking about to much, one of my friends said it to me the other day and asked me why I was constantly doing it.

The only reply I could give was that it felt more natural, easier and that I felt really aggitated and uncomfortable and more pain when I stood with both feet planted on the ground at once.

Does that mean anything to anybody?

Old 12-04-2003, 03:25 PM   #8
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ontario
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out2lunch HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

Hi Daniel, yes it means everything to me LOL!! I'm the same way, I can't stand still 'cause it hurts too much! It has to do with my sciatica (pinched nerves)! Believe me, you're not alone there LOL! Take care!!

Old 12-04-2003, 06:10 PM   #9
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 261
StillWater HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.


Yes, I can identify with the pain that comes from standing still. Walking is the most comfortable for me. Standing still is extremely painful. So is sitting, much of the time. My problems are mostly from the the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Please keep writing, and I would suggest taking your notes with you to the doctor. It will help you stay focused on all the things you need to tell him or her. You must tell him of the problems and not just say you're ok or that you can manage. You're not ok. You need help, but they can't help you if you don't tell them the problems.

Please take care, and keep writing to let us know how you are. At least this is one place you'll find people who understand.


Old 12-04-2003, 08:45 PM   #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Tucson, AZ
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xavier213 HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

Hi Daniel! Welcome to the boards. I have most of my back pain in the T12 area as well, so I know how painful it is! Though mine seems to be the opposite of yours, I can stand, but can't sit!

I agree with the others, you need to get a 2nd opinion on what is going on in there! A year is a LONG time to be in pain. If your dr doesn't take your pain seriously than find a new dr, it's that simple. You shouldn't have to suffer. Good luck and keep us posted.
chronic back & foot pain & now severe allergies! Just shoot me!!

Old 12-04-2003, 09:23 PM   #11
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Sweden
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KrisL HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

Yes, I too have that annoying habit of shifting leg when standing
In my case it's mostly the left leg I can't put weight on, that's common with disc injuries says my doctor (but also true for many other back problems).

Someone said to bring a note to the doctors appointment, that's a great idea.
One other good thing is to go and see a PT, they can write you a conclusion of your physical situation (with the same mombojumbo language as the doctors use ). A good doctor should read it with interest and I'm sure it could give you a "push" on your way.

Best wishes,
/Kris L

Old 12-04-2003, 10:59 PM   #12
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Cork Ireland
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ulic HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

I am so, so glad that I came here.

Corny or not guys I am barely holding back the tears!

Thankyou so much everyone, may be some of you already know how I feel right now, to actually talk this out and find people to listen ans say Yea me to dan take care !!. My words can't do it justice.

My wife was reading all this and was saying "See I told you and you never listen to me its always got to come from somebody else!"

Something else I think I need to ask though, my wife Siobhan sat me down to talk to me and said something has to change.

Thank goodness for her because there is so much I dont see or think about and don't even consider till she brings it up.

I am lossing my temper all the time.

I can't control it but at the time it seems the lesser of two evils to shout because I can't think properly, I get frustrated to the point of tearing my hair out.I just want to run away and get rid of the pain.I don't want to talk or reason with anybody, I feel so trapped.

It happens at the drop of a hat it seems lately, Siobhan says that I even growl.

If the kids make to much noise, getting them dressed, if they lean on my shoulder when I am sitting down, just not doing what there told or a million other little things.

My wife tells me to get to the GP this week and talk to him and get something for the pain because this cant go on and its not fair on my family.

Please can somebody recomend something to me.

I NEVER take tablets for anything, I never have not even headaches.

I think it comes from my father, he didn't either and you where a wimp if you did.

I just need something to keep that trapped feeling down.

Does anybody else have the trapped feeling or does it feel different for them?

Thankfully for everything
Danny ( & Siobhan )

Last edited by ulic; 12-05-2003 at 07:27 AM.

Old 12-05-2003, 09:35 AM   #13
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ontario
Posts: 476
out2lunch HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

Hi again Dan, please know that you're not alone in any of what you're going through!!
I don't think I look at it as feeling trapped, as I do just feeling frustrated!! We've lost control over our bodies, plain and simple! Who ever said living with 24/7 pain's easy??
The only way to fight our frustrations or feeling trapped, is to take each day as it comes!! Looking back or ahead, will only put you in the pit of depression!! Which is probably why you've had anger problems lately!!
Being forced to live with CP, not only affects you, it also affects everyone in your family! But, they also need to acknowledge what you're going through, and you all need to acquire alot of patience!!
I'm sure your wife's not only getting frustrated with your anger moments, but also because she doesn't have the hubby or father for the kids she's used to!
CP causes alot of stress in the household, and you all have be strong and patient with eachother, or the family unit will crumble!!
When you're feeling overwhelmed, down or trapped, try taking a half hr or so for yourself!! Take yourself out of the family environment for a bit! Take a hot bath, go lay down and play some soft music to get your mind calmed down!
If there's one thing I've learned as well, it's to take "used to" out of your vocabulary!! That's a direct road to depression 'cause u know what?? There is no used to anymore!! Looking at each day as it comes is all we have inorder to survive!!
You do need to take your wife's advice though, and get some pain killers from your dr!! There's nothing "wimpy" about it!!! You may even want to think of anti-depressants or seeing a councellor too! It doesn't mean your crazy or suicidal or anything, but it would give you someone to bounce all your frustrations off of that's not so close to you!! You won't feel as though you're always "whining" to your wife all the time either, and the councellor will have some good tips on how to handle things at home!
I hope I haven't over-stepped here or upset you in anyway! I just know how you and your wife are feeling right now and I care about all of you here!
I've been dealing with this CP for 7yrs now and my marriage has been on and off the rocks more times then I care to count!!
I truly hope I've helped you in some way, even just a little! Feel free to come here and vent or ask as many questions you like! We're all here to help eachother survive this nasty CP life, take care!!

Old 12-05-2003, 10:08 AM   #14
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Cork Ireland
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ulic HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

You didn't over step anything out2lunch

I guess I know that its not wimpy, its just hard to admit that I need them. ( if that makes sense ).

I am going to get all this down on paper and go see my dr and get something for the pain.

Today for the first time I went to the "Healthy Lifestyles Module" which is a part of my course that I never took part in.

I just joined in with everyone and the teacher started doing Tai-Chi.

I lasted a whole 10 minutes before I had to stop, I knew I was in pain and I thought if I sat down it would go away after a while.

But it was just a lot of step pads piled on top of one another and there was nothing to help my back and the pain just built.

I knew I was gonna cry so I left the room until I could stop the tears and then went back in to pick up my umbrella and coat and left.

I felt so embarresed, I just got out back to the centre (Comfort Spot)

It was a stupid thing to do and I just didn't think, when everyone drifted back in they said that the trainer appoligised he thought I was somebody else and that no one should ever train without speaking to him first.

He told me to bring my trunks next time and stay in the pool till we can sort something out.

I am going back and getting stuck in out2lunch looking to learn what I can do and to stick with that.

Your right though its time to look forward I know I can't do building anymore but I can/will learn something new.

And take more hot baths


Old 12-05-2003, 10:28 AM   #15
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out2lunch HB User
Re: Hello, please can someone offer me some information.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about Danny!! I'm glad I was able to help, and want to be here for you ok? Just hang in there, and we'll all get through! Take care!!

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