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Old 08-18-2004, 09:18 AM   #1
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out2lunch HB User
Now what??? (long)

[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]For those that don't know, my dr was recently dx'd with Chrone's disease, and therefore quit being a dr!! He's just left all his patients without a dr, and to fend for themselves!! He's suppose to get a replacement, but I guess he's allowed to get away with this, 'cause he's SICK!!
With my chronic issues from the car accident (6yrs ago) and being on pain meds inorder to be able to get out of bed.. how (without him), can I get the meds filled!!
I used to have a pain management dr, which is the one that started me on these meds to begin with! He recently sent me to my family dr to have these meds filled each month, 'cause he "didn't have time to fill meds"!! I think it has more to do with the fact that he makes more money giving injections etc.!!
I phoned him, to see if he'd take me back as a patient. Even after explaining my situation to him, he said NO!! He repeated his crap about not having time to refill meds, and that if I couldn't find a dr before the meds ran out, I was to go to the emergency room!! What a jerk!!
We all know how hospitals look down on those that take narcotic meds, so I'm sure they won't help me!! I had to go there a few months back 'cause of a problem with my eye, and when they asked if I'm on any meds and I told them, they gave me such nasty looks!!
It's like they think all who take them, must be druggies!! How am I suppose to go there and make them understand what I'm going through?? Especially if I told them that my pain management dr won't even help me??
I'm suppose to take oxycontin twice/day and percocets for
breakthrough!! Well, I'm completely out of the percs and have a few oxys left!! I don't know how I'm going to get through without my breakthrough med, as I'm not sure if I can take the oxy in replace of it, and more then twice/day!! Not to mention, what's going to happen once the oxy runs out too!!
I've been trying to find a new dr for 3wks now, and have had no luck at all!!! Every office I call, tells me that they're not taking any new patients!! One of the offices gave me a web address that you can go to when looking for a dr that's taking new patients!
I went there last night, and only found that noone's taking any!!The closest place for me is an hr's drive away!! I also have great difficulty (can't turn my head to the left, on bad days, not at all) and added pain if I drive, so how would I get there??
There's a walk in clinic closer by (still not walkable), but I doubt they'll give *****s for narcotic meds either! Not to mention that I was suppose to have my pap inorder to get my year supply of birthcontrol!! I'll be needing that in 2wks too!!! Now I know walk in clinics and hospitals don't do that LOLOL!!
I just can't believe this is happening to me!! My whole life's been turned upside down, over and over throughout these 6yrs since the accident, and now this?? I'm not sure how much more I can take!! Actually, I'd say that I'm already at the end of my rope!!!
I forgot to mention that there's a note on my family dr's door that states that we are to contact the office with our new dr's name to get our files!! They won't give it to me, as it has to be another dr they give it to, which I think is nuts 'cause it is about ME isn't it??
On this note, it says this has to be done by Aug.31st!! Otherwise the files will be gone to Ottawa with this dr, and that's where we'd have to go to get them back!!! Yet, it also leaves no way to contact the dr in Ottawa, so how are you suppose to find him inorder to get your file??
I've tried to call the office to tell them that I need my file
eventhough I have no dr yet, but there's no answer either!! Yet they tell you to contact that office til Aug. 31st??
I plan on walking over there today, 'cause someone has to do
something to help me!! I'm not going to just sit here and allow them to force me into being bedridden again!! Please pray that I can actually get somewhere, 'cause I don't know what else to do!!
I don't know why I'm so surprised at how they're treating me, when they've left me over the Christmas break with no meds before!! I was bedridden that whole time, 'cause the dr had done his math wrong and didn't write the ***** for the right amount of meds, and wouldn't listen to me!! He thought I'd run out of meds too soon and wouldn't refill it, so I had the worst Christmas ever!
They also know that I'm still dealing with my lawsuit for the
accident, and that my disability claim is still pending! I can't
afford to lose my file either!!
You know, just reading this back to myself, it sounds like I'm just desperate to get my drugs!! Which is how I'm sure to be treated when I try to explain this in emerg or anywhere else!! Noone truly understands what it's like to live with 24/7 excruciating pain, unless they live it themselves!! Which is also why I can't understand how my family dr can do this?? He's just been dx'd with a chronic illness that I know is painful, and now he don't care??? I guess he's only worrying about himself now!!
Trying to avoid being bedridden and suffering horribly, only comes out like a druggy needing their fix!! That's how those of us that live with chronic pain are treated!! Which is so unfair!! We didn't ask to live like this!! I'm sure none of us want these damn meds!! I know I sure as hell don't!! I never even took aspirin before the accident!!
I've also been planning a surprise 60th birthday party here for my mother, which is this Saturday!! How the hell am I going to pull that off with no meds?? I can't cancel it, yet how do I function!! I have 30 people coming, and got my mother's boss to give her the day off!!
Lord help me, I'm sinking people!!! I'm so sorry to dump this all on you, I just needed to get it out somehow before I bust!!! Do any of you know if a councellor can prescribe meds like this?? I still have 1 appt. left with my councellor, though I just realized that it's usually a waiting list for an appt. so that don't really help either!!
Can you tell how desperately I don't want to let this happen, or do I just sound like I need a fix?? I'm so close to a breakdown, and am losing control! But, it's not 'cause I need a fix, it's 'cause I know all too well what my pain's like without these meds!!
You know, drs give you a taste of what pain relief is like, and then they have no problem taking it back!!!
Well, this is long enough LOL! Thanks to all that took the time to read it, and for always being here!! I hope I didn't bring anyone down with me?? Postive thoughts, and plenty of prayers my way, PLEASE!!! Take care!! [/COLOR] [/B]

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Old 08-18-2004, 11:22 AM   #2
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MaO3 HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Hey Out

I am so sorry to hear of your problem. I understand what it's like with the DR. crisis. We have a 6+ year waiting list here for a doc. I would die. I can't believe your doc just closed his office - what a creep! When my FIL's doc retired, he found other doctors to take his patients - even though they said they were not taking patients.
Do you know anyone who knows a doctor personally? Most nurses and receptionsists will say no, but maybe a doctor will actually agree to take you ? My doc's nurse refused to take my FIL when his retired, but my doc agreed - when we asked him in person. I know that only helps if you know someone. Do you have a medical association in your city? We have an association that oversee's doc's - called the Algoma West Academy of Medicine. They are who we call if we have a complaint of concern about a doctor. Maybe a group like this could assist you?
I will keep a good thought for you - I hope that something happens very soon.

Old 08-18-2004, 04:15 PM   #3
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shaukc HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Hello Out !
I know what you are going through - i am going through about the same thing - as of today anyway .
Went to my spine surgeon - he did my anterior/posterior fusion last November and took my hardware out last month - well anyway at my apointment today he told me that there was nothing else he could do for me . Told me that he has already done surgery on me and took the hardware out - and that he told me that taking the hardware out might not solve my problem and that it didn't . Then he sent me on .Will not see me again .
My pain doctor has moved far away . I called about getting in with another one and was told that i will not be seen until i get the records from the one that moved . The one that moved wants $75 before i can get my records . (That includes a $40 record search fee plus so much per copy .)
My pain meds are making me sick and i can not take them . Guess i am all of the sudden allergic to them . Have been in bed all week cause of the pain .
I have called around and all of the other spine drs will not see me because the other did surgery on my recently . I do not know what i am going to do either . Never thought a DR would do a patient this way .
You will be in my prayers . Shauna

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Old 08-18-2004, 05:37 PM   #4
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injured betty HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

I had a problem getting my records from one doctor a few weeks ago. I had been referred to him but he said that he had already seen me back about ten years ago and there was nothing further that he could do for me. I knew that I had never seen the guy before so I needed those records. His office quoted some rediculous price on a record search and the per page to me. I was not about to pay it. I had a suspicion that another person in town, who has the same name as me, had seen him. I couldn't get any information out of them due to the HIPPPA laws.

I went to my primary and explained to him that I needed my records. Their office had me sign a release which they faxed over to the other doctor's office. They got the records for free and said that it is standard practice to do this. So, if you try it this way, it may work. End of my story, the person who saw the doctor was the other person with my name. She had gone in for a headache not the back pain that I was trying to see him for. Needless to say, I had no desire to follow through with an appointment with the guy.

Ask your primary to let you sign a release and get your records for free.

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carol632 HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

I don't know how to help you. I only know that what this doctor has done is criminal...if not legally, then morally. How about contacting your local hospital and seeing if they can make any recommendations? I mean, come on, somebody has to be taking new patients! Have you explained to any of the offices you have called? Mercy, I'm just blank here. I cannot imagine a doctor being so cruel. Is there any way to contact him directly and get a prescription out of him?
Please let us know what happens next. I feel so terribly bad for you.

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Old 08-18-2004, 05:45 PM   #6
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injured betty HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

You have a disability claim pending, work/car related? or SSI? There has to be a case worker involved in this somewhere. The case worker should be helping you find a doctor. Also, there are local clinics that can't turn anyone down and there are services in communities that provide transportion to people who don't have adequate transportation. We have volunteers here where we live who do this.

Ask around. Someone you know must know someone who is taking new patients. Even if you have to go to the ER everyday, they can't refuse to treat you, although the cost will be outrageously high.

Find out if there are any nurse practitioners in your area. They usally take new patients.

Old 08-19-2004, 12:04 AM   #7
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Stormy01 HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

I would think, seeing that you have litigation going on, and that this guy is just up and leaving you, that you should be able to get a copy of your records, free of charge, before he shuts down his office. Otherwise I'd ask the local hospital to take the records until you can find another doctor.

You mentioned Ottawa? Canada? If you are outside the USA, I have no idea what your rights are, but I know I'm entitled to a copy of my records anytime I want them in Massachusetts, free of charge. I get one or two copies a year just to have on hand and have them fairly up to date. That way, if I am going to see a new specialist, I can just grab the last report of whatever MRI, CT-Scan, whatever, and bring it along with me, incase my films and report never made it there as I requested. Lazy so and sos.

But, like I said, I have no idea what Canadian rules are like. Except if I was in a place that was so Dr. "dry" I'd move.

I feel horrible for you and you will be in the emergency room when you start going into withdrawls from your Oxy. Fear not, they will probably give you some after hearing your story. Ask THEM what you should do.

Whatever happens, we're rooting for you and let us know what ends up happening.

/hugs and support!! and you go ahead and vent. That's what we're here for.

Old 08-19-2004, 02:50 AM   #8
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Jenna'sMom HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Perhaps you could contact your local AMA (American Medical Assoc) or the Canadian version of it. It's where you go to lodge complaints against doctors. They might be able to help you find one or know of another avenue you could try. There's got to be someone out there who will help.

I know you assume everyone will think you're a druggie, some will, and some won't. Don't give up before you try them. Let them be the one to close the door, not you.

That doctor is criminal. Chrone's disease is awful, but he had a responsibility to see that his patients were taken care of. So sorry this is happening to you on top of everything else.

Positive thoughts coming your way
Jenna's Mom

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Old 08-19-2004, 08:09 AM   #9
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out2lunch HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

WOW!! Thank you all for the support, it really means alot to me!! I'm sitting here right now, in so much pain and about to give up!! Then I stop in here, and just over-whelmed with all the support! Thank you, thank you!!
Ma, Yes, my dr is a creep (understatement LOL)! I know he's ill now too, but he's known about it long enough to atleast find a replacement! I've been at his office for 19yrs., I atleast deserve NOT to be left stranded like this!! Not to mention that he didn't even have the decency to tell his patients personally that he was quitting!! We had to hear it from his secretary, when we'd happen to call for an appt. That's when she tells you that there are no appts. to be had, 'cause he's not coming back to the office! I'm sure there's still patients that don't even know yet!!
Unfortunately, I don't know any drs personally, or anyone that can get me in to see theirs! I called the medical association here, that's where I found out that there's noone within an hr drive from me that's taking new patients!

Shauna, sorry to hear that your dr's a jerk too! There's way too many drs around now, that just don't care! Don't you just love the control they have over our lives??
If your meds are making you sick, but DO work for the pain, I'd suggest getting something that helps coat the stomach etc. I had to do that when I was being given all the different anti-inflams that ended up giving me an ulcer!! It is possible that it's not the meds that are making you sick though! It could be all the stress of late and pain that's causing it!! It all seems to link together at times!!

Moonlight, I can't ask my dr to release anything, 'cause there's no way to reach him! Yesturday, I was so ****** that I marched right into his office! But, only his secretary was there! After going on and on with her (causing a stink), and close to tears with the pain, she agreed to send me my file! She says "there may be a bill sent out too, but who's going to pay it and where to"!!
But, that still doesn't solve my dr or med problem! She told me to go to the pharmacist and get a print out of meds, and t hen take it to emerg to prove I'm prescribed this and see what happens! Which is what I plan to do today, as the pain's already back to unbearable level, and I'm not going to be bedridden easily!!
The disability that's pending is what we call Canada Pension Disability, I don't know if that's the same as SSI. The injuries/cp is from a car accident. I'm in Canada, so emerg won't be charging me, and we don't have case workers/transportation services! We do have walk-in clinics, but they won't give prescriptions for narcotic meds!!
I'm glad to hear that you managed to get your file, though I disagree with drs charging us for something that's about US and therefore should belong to US!!

Carol, Thanks so much for being here!! NO, there's no way to contact him! I agree that this is criminal too! It should be legally and definitely is morally!!
I will be going to emerg today and will let you all know what happens! But, I don't know what I'll do if they won't help me either!!

Stormy, Thanks for all the support and place to vent!! I don't know what I'd do without you all!!
I'd love to move, but that's impossible, though tempting LOL! Although, I think anywhere I'd move, would have their own faults too haha!

Julie, I completely agree with you and haven't given up yet! I'm headed to emerg, but tried the med. assoc. with no luck, unless I can travel ove an hr drive away!!

Again, thank you all for being here and supporting me through all this!! It truly means the world to me, and I don't know what I'd do without you!! I've been through alot since this accident, but never felt this helpless!! I'll let you all know what happens at emerg, sorry this is so long, take care!!

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MaO3 HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Hey Out2lunch
Please keep us posted on your emerg visit.
Just a thought, does your husb or partner , or children or even your parents have a different doctor? Maybe a sibling? Perhaps if you have someone close to you that can speak with thier own doctor about you it might help. Sometimes its not what you know but who???
I wish that there was more that I could do for you. I am keepin you in my thoughts and hoping for good news for you.

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out2lunch HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Hi Ma, I'd thought of that too! Both hubby's and my parent's drs are against narc pain meds, so that's out too!!
As for my trip to the ER yesturday, it was hell!!! After waiting forever to see someone, I was cut off in mid-sentence by the nurse as soon as I mentioned that I had no dr now and needed my pain meds refilled! She handed me a piece of paper with two drs names on it, and told me I had to try and get appts with one of them first! If not, come back, but she doubted that any ER dr would give me narc meds!
Well, I went back home to call these drs, and it was a big mess! One was long distance, as it was 2hrs from me! The other was the phone # of someone who works at the dr's office, I later thought perhaps the dr herself!! So that person gave me another phone # and the address which happened to be in my town! Well needless to say, this # was wrong too, so I decided to go there personally 'cause now I was in extreme pain and needed to get relief!!
Well, they're not taking any new patients, but they thought of another place up the street that I could check out!! That place wasn't even there anymore LOL, and when I asked around, I found out where they'd moved to and went there!!
They also weren't taking any patients, and by this time I was barely even walking and in tears!! So, off to ER I go again!!
After 3hrs and 3 different people I had to explain my situation too, and many tears, I finally got a dr that was younger then me, and quite the b***!! She told me that they don't normally give narc meds there, and that she couldn't help me!!
I tried to tell her how much pain I was in, but she didn't care!! She even wanted to know if I'd ever tried other non-narc meds LOL!! Of course I had to explain to her AGAIN how I've been suffering for 6 yrs, so of course I've tried many many other meds to no avail, and how these two meds were the only ones to even touch the pain!!
So then she wants to know if I've ever tried cutting down on the amount I take, again I had to (very calmly) tell her again that I'd tried everything and anything in these 6yrs and even have ulcers now 'cause of it!!
Then she reiterates how she can't help me, and suggests that I go further up the street to another clinic where she KNOWS they're taking new patients!! I told her that I was in so much pain right then, that I couldn't even get up off the chair!! She says, I know, I'm sorry but I just can't give you that kind of med, and then walks out!!! She leaves me there, now in tears again and unable to get off the damn chair!!!
Thank god I had my father with me, 'cause I had to scream for him to come and help me off the chair and out the door!! He later told me that he wanted to lose it right there, but thought that would only make things worse!! Which was good, 'cause it would've!!
I just wanted to go home after this, but my father insisted that we were going to get my meds no matter what!! So, off to this other clinic we go!! Once there, we find out that NO they're not taking any patients, haven't been since May, and are even having to turn away cancer patients 'cause they can hardly service the patients they already have!!
He then phones up the ER department, and reems them out for constantly sending people there!! Then, tells me that he doesn't know of anywhere other then this other clinic I could go to, but he didn't think they'd give these meds either!! I was such a mess by this point, and was needing assistance by my father just to walk!!!!!
Then, we get to the walk-in clinic, though I just want to go home and die at this point!! While waiting for the dr, I noticed a note on the wall and was reading it! It says, "under NO circumstances will we prescribe narcotic meds to any patient! We have a strict policy, and truly believe that these are habit forming substances! Therefore will make NO exceptions"! I was again beside myself and ready to CRAWL out of there!! But felt that this was my last resort, and someone had to do something 'cause I was in the same amount of pain I'd been in for 3yrs prior to finding oxycontin!!
I finally get in to see a dr, and he was a complete jerk to me!! He could see how much pain I was in, but was adamant about their policy!! So he lectured away, but then agreed to give me 1 of the meds (oxy), and told me not to ever come back there 'cause I won't be getting anymore!!
I tried to explain to him how I was only to take that one twice/day, and that I need the other for breakthrough which I took 6-8 each day!! I even showed him the empty bottles, that I thankfully had brought with me, along with a printout from my pharmacy showing that I have been on this and am not lying! I even brought the letter from my dr's office that said how he had closed his office!
So then this dr agrees to fill both meds, but will only give me 100 pills of each and no more!! The bottles show that I take 180 oxy/mth and 240 percs/mth, but he's firm on the 100 each! Which is better then nothing! All I wanted was for this horrendous pain to go away!!
He then continues the same lecture as he finishes off writting it, tells me how I'll never find any dr that's taking any new patients, 'cause that's why there's so many walk-in clinics here now, and that I'll definitely not find anyone to ever fill these meds again!! So he suggests that I learn to live with it without these meds, and sends me on my way! We go to the pharmacy to get it filled, and find out that he didn't put the date on it, or even sign it!!
My pharmacist phones there, faxes them the script and has him sign and date it, then fax it back so he can fill it!! Thank god the dr was still there!!
Once I get it home and see the bottles, the percs (I take 8/day, 2 each dose) say take 2 tab every 6hrs, instead of "as needed"! So, now he's even changed my dosing too! If I take the oxy in the morning and at night like normal, how does 2 doses (every 6hrs) of the BT help when I normally need 3 plus one in the middle of the night when I wake in horrible pain (which happens every night)!! I have no choice but to follow his dosage plan, or quickly run out of meds again too!! With 100 pills of each, it also puts me back in the same boat in a few wks!
Needless to say, I don't know what I'm going to do from here on out! It really upsets me how I've been treated with everything since this accident, I wasn't the one that even caused it and am the one that has to suffer in pain for the rest of my life! Yet, I get treated like a druggy for wanting to be as painfree as I can, and to live a halfway normal life!! Now, I have to fight for a dr to look after me too??
Anyway, sorry this is so long! I need to get up again, as the pain's just too much! Thanks so much for being here, lord knows I'll be needing your support again! Take care!!

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injured betty HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

outto lunch: This may be a sign from a higher power telling you that you need to look at alternatives. You are on kind of a high dosage. The doctors are running scared in the US. They are told that they can't leave anyone in pain but the people are taking advantage of it and getting hooked. It is like a dog chasing its tail. None of the doctors want to take new patients, especially ones on narcotics. The pain med addiction is breaking our health care system. I always thought that it was the people with weight problems, thus leading to health related problems such as diabetes and heart attacks but no, it is pain medication.

No doctor wants to be responsible so here they are not referring people to pain management doctors. Too bad that you don't live in the US, I know a doctor who will give anything to anybody. Not that I could name him or give a referral. They are out there, you just have to know where to look.

This is why so many people end up on the streets as addicts, not to get high, to get pain relief. There are a lot of doctors who just pull the plug and leave you hanging.

Sit back, take a deep breath and an assessment of your situation and ask yourself if you can do something else to help you incorporate the pain into your life and get off of the drugs. Have you tried Neurontin? It is not a narcotic and a lot of people find that it works for them. This is much easier to get than oxy.

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out2lunch HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Everyone has their opinions on ALL meds, but oxy happens to be the only med in 7yrs that's actually even touched my pain! Yes I've tried neurontin (among countless others) to no avail!! The only thing I got from all of them, was ulcers!!
I know where I was before the oxy and where I've been recently without it, and that's bedridden my friend!! I'm not fighting to get the oxy refilled so I can get a fix, it's so I can get out of bed and in the family room with my kids!!
I never took any medications before my accident, and wish I didn't need to now! The only thing I'm addicted to, is pain relief!! Take care!

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Stormy01 HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Not to hijack the thread, but Moonlight, that's a pretty critical post about overweight people.

[QUOTE]I always thought that it was the people with weight problems, thus leading to health related problems such as diabetes and heart attacks but no, it is pain medication.[/QUOTE]

I find that offensive. No I'm not obese. I'm not overweight. But you sure have an issue with people who are. Can we say "Prejudice?"

Old 08-23-2004, 02:20 PM   #15
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out2lunch HB User
Re: Now what??? (long)

Stormy, I also found it offensive towards those that have to take narc meds to function!! Almost felt like I was back in emerg/ the walk in clinic!! ((HUGS)) to you my friend!!

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