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Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

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Old 03-13-2005, 12:56 PM   #1
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Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

hi everyone, my problem is, i keep getting a really stiff aching pain in my lower back, in certain positions, my whole back goes 70% numb. sometimes if i move around or sit in certain positions i wont get it for days, but over the past few days my backs been feeling really trapped, numb, and i keep getting these kind of numb shooting sensations which often make me feel fatigued. it seems to do it randomly, but it seems to be worse if i try and sit up perfectly straight, or try and move after a long time

ive also noticed one or 2 kind of heart murmery feelings, but ive found out that this can often be the brain sending out wrong signals to the rest of the body, so i dont think its really any major heart problem

i just cant stop fretting about this and have found myself really really panicing

though the interesting observation, if i press down firmly at the very top of my left leg(where it joins the lower torso) i get these pains, my back (especially lower) feels really numb and trapped, and i feel quite shaky too.

im just worried about the stiffness and weird sensations in my back (not tingly, just trapped)

by the way, if u reply, please try and be calm, im scared of this being serious, and im absolutely petrified of going to the doctor.

at the end of t he day, the odds are this is some kind of trapped nerve, as sometimes im in no pain, jsut have deep numb twitchy sensations but when i try and sit in a perfectly straight (proper posture) my back gets really numb and g oes into a horrible stiff spasm and i feel a bit queasy, and its kinda hard to move some of my limbs (i can do it easyily enuff, but its like my body doesnt want to do this)

ive tried a few things to solve this, like having a hot bath, moving round, rest but it keeps coming back, its only ok when im really really slouching.

i really do hope soem1 cud help, and if u need to ask me a few more questions just PM me.

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Old 03-13-2005, 01:04 PM   #2
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Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

the worst pains just a fraction above the waist line, a few inches or so above the kidneys, which is almost always numb, ive also noticed its especially worse when driving (well, in a car)

ive just tried like a massage half way up my back and kind of putting my fist between my back and the chair, this has helped it a bit

also, i forgot to state, its not really 'uber' serious, dont really stop me freom doing 2 much, im just a little worried, and frustrated by this mysterious, annoying feeling..

i do really hope some1 can help, ill try and post on this thread regularly about how its going, maybe any1 else with this feeling cud post on here 2, as i hear its quite common

Old 03-13-2005, 01:14 PM   #3
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Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

really sorry for keeping posting, but in something as serious as this surely i shud be able to do anything thats gonna help my condition (lol being a bit hyperchondriachey there!)

anyway ive also noticed other nerves around my body are a bit stiff numb, also, ive found these are all near or connected to my back, i reckon ive pulled or got some trapped nerves, or maybe got trapped circulation, anyway cu g2g now

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Quietcook HB UserQuietcook HB User
Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations


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Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

thanks for that, ill try and speak to the nurse asap, ill post on here what she says.

i expect that its a trapped nerve running up through my back, so ill probably have to go to a chirophractor or something. hopefully i wont need an operation or anything with needles.

Old 03-14-2005, 04:19 AM   #6
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Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations


Welcome to the boards ~

I understand you being frightened of what's wrong and needles etc....., we ALL are.

Think positive - remember that your NOT in unbearable pain and be thankful for that

I do think you should call your Dr and see what he thinks it could be that you are right and have an entrapped nerve ~ if caught quickly perhaps you could be helped by things NOT associated w/needles etc..but PLEASE call & make an appt. By putting this off you remain scared of what's wrong and maybe you've nothing to be afraid of after all

Keep us posted
AND CALL the Dr!


Old 03-14-2005, 08:16 AM   #7
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Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

lolz thanks for that, ill see the doc as soon as pos. im just trying to see how it pans out over time, ive tried to move around a lot, push on it and stuff to relieve pressure, and it feels a bit better.

good news - the really scary totally numb spasming shooting sensations have pretty much gone, now my spine just feels quite out of place so maybe it is getting better.

im fairly certain it is a trapped move, and nothing more serious. though my head does feel a bit light and its like i dont wanna think, but thats extremely minor and probably just caused to tiredness (had 6hrs sleep for the past few weeks) stress, worry and not moving) i feel oke now so dont panic

im just glad that i know its definetely a trapped nerve, might even try the chiropractor first.

ill keep posting how its going

Old 03-14-2005, 12:27 PM   #8
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Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

i was wondering what a crushed nerve is exactly, as it feels a bit crushed when i sit perfectly upright, maybe thats crushing it, btw cud be a slipped disc..

by the way ive kinda self diagnosed myself that the heart murmers were panic and nothing else.

also, does any1 know any good pressure relief techniques?

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Old 03-14-2005, 03:24 PM   #9
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Rampage HB User
Re: Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations

if you don't mind, could you explain the exact locations? (i think i'm just getting easily confused right now).

the reason i ask is b/c i have nerve problems that may be in the same locations. my "achy" or numbness/tingling is around the si joint (that "dimple" on each side of your lower back), my buttock (down and outward to the hip bone - where you measure for clothes), the back of my thigh, and down & around to the top of my foot.

most, if not all, of the nerves in your legs originate in the lumbar region of your spine, so the numbness could be the result of a disc impingement, or even your piriformis muscle (runs under the glutes - that "down & outward" i mentioned in the previous para.).

usually, drs will recommend xrays & an mri. in my case, my pinched nerve wasn't found that way. b/c of the negative results, and my pain of course, i requested a "brainstorming" session with my pcp. he placed pressure along the route the piriformis takes (all the way from the lower back to the greater trochanter, that measurement locationi described), to see if i had that "achey" feeling.

when he put pressure on my hip & i yelped, he decided to inject an anesthetic into the muscle (hip side), and told me if i felt better in a few hours then it was the piriformis. sure enough, it was. that's b/c the sciatic nerve (that branches into most or all of the smaller nerves in your leg) runs under the piriformis.

if it's the muscle, there's not alot you can do to officially "fix" it, but i've found some techniques that have helped. massage therapy, targeted stretches, and lying on tennis balls have helped me stay relatively vertical!

don't know if this applies to you, but thought i'd post it just in case! the only way ANY of my problems were diagnosed was through my persistence and thinking "outside the box". so far, few traditional methods worked for me...but i am a rare and bizarre case!!!!!

take care, and please keep us posted on your progress.
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