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Old 04-29-2005, 02:59 PM   #1
Senior Member
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diva78 HB User
SomethingTo Smile About

BionicWitch- Hope that your Friday is going well. How are your spirits today? I hope and pray that you will be having a gorgeous weekend there in Florida. I want you to go out onto your porch and take in a deep breath and just savor a moment...a pain free moment for me. Can you taste the salt in the air where you live? That's always been a dream of go to Florida and be at a beach house where I can just taste the ocean as if it were right there in front of me. Sometimes I dream about that very scenario! I never heard about your discogram results...maybe I wasn't looking in the right place...fill me in when you get a chance...I'm anxious to hear what it told you and where you go from here. You know I'm constantly praying for good news to come your way ladybug! good news for the day is this. Bear with me...cause it starts out rocky! Last night I had yet another breakdown and this time it really scared my b/f. I was in so much pain and I was crying and throwing pillows....hitting the wall...just yelling and screaming casue I'm tired of feeling the way that I feel. Of course my b/f was nothing but supportive. He just held me and told me that everything was going to be okay and if he could take away my pain...he would do it...but he can't and we need to just concentrate on the positive things that are going on right now. Of course thats not what I wanted to hear...I wanted him to get his magic wand and make the pain go away. He was pretty upset at the fact that he witnessed me eating my skittles and actually saw how much that I am concerned him to no avail. He said that he was going to call my PCP today (the nice one that acutally cares and made the phone calls to the other docs) and figure something out....he just can't bear to see me going through this. He knows that I would prefer not to work but i don't have a choice...and it really sucks when you are in tears all day long but have to be professional and talk on the phone to executive clients. ANYWAY ....................
so he called and spoke to him this afternoon after I faxed over a new HIPPA form stating that my doc could talk with my b/f about me. He was really impressed how much my doc cares and he assured david that I would be okay...that on Tuesday I will be seeing a PM doc that will certainly put me on any and every type of pill or patch that will make my pain minimal. He assured David that he will also put me on some sort of anti depressant next week since he is that concerned about my well being. David was just very pleased with how the conversation went and was glad that I have such a caring doctor that wants the best for me and for me not to get jacked around with.
I scheduled my discogram for next Thursday. I am fearing the worst....I was orriginally set up with an excellent doctor that has rave reviews that one of my secretary's has been to and sedates you and takes care of you and you have minimal pain. But then I found out that I have a $400 deductible to get the procedure done and I can't afford that right now....there is no way. I was back to being in tears and a basketcase again and then I called my attorney. Found out that there is another doctor that will do it under an LOP (letter of protection) for my deductible so i wouldn't have to pay. After I set it all up, I asked about the doc and what they do to make me comfortable. I will know more when I talk with the nurse but from what the guy that I spoke with said....he thinks that they don't sedate and they only give you a valum or something! If this is the only doc I can go to....I'm scared if thats the case! I need to calm down until I talk with the nurse that will be calling me next week, I just didn't like the sound of valum!
So...thats my update....sorry about writing a novel! Hope that you (BIONIC) and everyone thats reading this has an excellent weekend ahead of you! Open your eyes and ears to all the blessings that are out there among us...and realize that we are each a blessing in our loved ones lives as well!
xoxoxo Diva~

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Old 04-29-2005, 06:43 PM   #2
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Terri43 HB User
Re: SomethingTo Smile About

I also live in Florida and it was great out today. I live in stuart where both hurricanes came ashore. Hoping for a better hurricane season this year.

Old 04-30-2005, 12:46 AM   #3
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diva78 HB User
Re: SomethingTo Smile About

Terri43....well nice to know that there is someone else out there that is living in my dreamworld! Take a fresh breath of that air for me as well then this weekend will ya? Have a good one!

Old 04-30-2005, 07:18 AM   #4
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diva78 HB User
Re: SomethingTo Smile About

bumped for Bionic....anyone....need some conversation this morning...the pain is too much right now....need someone to talk with...anyone?????

Old 04-30-2005, 09:42 AM   #5
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Bionicwan HB User
Talking Re: SomethingTo Smile About

Hi Sweetie

I'm here, What's with this terrible pain morning your having???????
So sorry Diva
Dunno if your still on line, but wnated you to know that I came to check on you!

My spirits are so so... but it is a GLORIOUS typical Florida day here, Sunny and VERY VERY HOT!

My pain has kept me in the air conditioning last night and this morning after posting this I'm gonna get outside a little bit, move & try to shake this pain and stiffness I'm in.

no, I can't taste or smell the salt water where I am. I am in Lakeland, it's inthe middle of the state between Tampa and Orlanda we're not near the coast or beaches. But am seriously considering trying to do the beach thing for Mama's Day!

And just for you .. I'm gonna go out on my porch and take a moment of what you suggested and remember how blessed I am that I can STILL walk and enjoy things

As for my disco results, you haven't missed ANYTHING.
Dr's ofc has NOT called with them. I called Friday and got v/mail did lv a msg but have not heard a word from him or his ofc
I will be back on the phone Monday and am very good at being the "squeaky wheel" I will get my info Monday (I hope).

Sorry to hear how bad things got and how overwhelmed with it all your were Thursday night. Am so thankful you have David, it's so evident how much he cares for you. You guys sure help each other and I admire that very much!

So...Thursday, you've got a date for the disco dance, hmmmm? already know what to ask and find out already so no need in me harping any negative vibes your way on this.....your right though......
CALM down before you worry yourself sick.
You can't assume yours will be bad.
CHANCES ARE, It will be no where near as bad as mine was. I like the possibility of them accepting an LOP, I had a gf once who relied on them and she DID get the tx's she needed AND by who was best for her. Take charge Diva, your driving the bus, and whatever happens and by whom, YOU make the decisions, don't let others make them for you!!!!!

Why didn't you like the sound of valium? This would help you. Of course I'd rather have had some versed, but valuium would have calmed my anxiety and it will help you. But let's just see what his nurse says

I plan on having a nice weekend and I pray your able to also.
I hope your pain has calmed down.

Will check on you off & on.
Major Hugs to you

Last edited by Bionicwan; 04-30-2005 at 09:52 AM.

Old 04-30-2005, 04:49 PM   #6
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diva78 HB User
Re: SomethingTo Smile About

Hey there Bionic...I got through today....bearly...but I got through it. I am so upset that you didn't get your results for your disco....he said that he was going to call you on Wednesday with them...did he not? Just the cherry on top of our freaking it no1?
God has a sense of humor doesn't he? Man oh man....I have had to take some deep breaths this week...and so have you..thats for damn sure!
I got a phone call last night from the nurse at the place that will be doing my discogram. Well....I think I told you that originally I was going to have it done by this doc that my secretary recommended. She swears by him and had her discogram done by him and said he is the most gentle man...uses anesthesia and will not let you be in pain for long. But...since I can't afford the $400 deductible right now...I'm having to go through my attorney and through a doc that will take an LOP. So needless to say...this doc is not who I want to have do it...but here's what the nurse said and I will take your advice on this as to what I should do. She said that they will give me Adavant through the IV which is some sort of anti anxiety ...valum or sorts. She said that they could offer anesthesia but they don't have an anesthsiologist on staff right now and though she could try to get one...doesn't think that it looks possible. So...I guess my question that medicine going to be enough...nothing for the pain...I can't take my pain pills that morning and can only take them after the procedure is done.....what do you think?
Thanks for your advice....oh...and thank you for taking in that fresh Florida air for me! I'm glad that your spirits are so so this weekend....I am passing much love your way. Talk to you later....

Old 05-01-2005, 02:56 AM   #7
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Bionicwan HB User
Post Re: SomethingTo Smile About

Bumping you up with hugs for your Sunday!

It's rainy here in FL today and will make a nice book/cat day

He DID "say" he would call me Wednesday ..... I am so NOT impressed with him or his Valley Girl secty right now ...but they WILL hear from me beginning Monday morning @ 8am sharp ...and continue to hear from me til I HEAR the info I need!

LOL & yes, it was the "freakin' cherry on top!"

As for your Disco.
Reece, they gave me NOTHING.... you know that.
I still regret posting how mine went because I fear that others will see it and could choose not to do it from reading my experience

That is just the way mine went ... chances are the Ativan will help you tremendously!
It is a CNS depressant and will greatly reduce your anxiety before and during the test. It is often used intravenously as a sedative and for nervous tension prior to surgery.

I feel in my heart you will do just fine!
You already know, it is not a fun test and you know it will hurt.
But you also know, it is so very needed to help your surgeon choose the right procedure or course of action!
I honestly think for me it was the major anxiety (mixed with my normal pain) I was in that escalated when I was told that I'd be recieving NO calming meds at all ....that immediately made me more anxious and exaserbated the whole ordeal for me....from the start!

Remember, I told you I immediately took a couple valium when they returned me to my room? only wish I'd have done it on the way to the vas lab.
What time Thursday are you scheduled for? and prior the test I WAS allowed to take my normal pain meds w/a tiny sip of water....just had to stop all NSAIDS 10 days prior.

and IF your lucky and they offer you meds after or even to go home on YOU TAKE THEM, hopefully they'll be stronger than your skittles and will end this thing as well as possible.

Once home you'll be down the 1st day & USE ICE and rest. Unsure how old your little boy is....hopefully old enough to manage well on his own and even help "Mommy!"

try not to worry
and have a Super Sunday


Last edited by Bionicwan; 05-01-2005 at 02:58 AM.

Old 05-02-2005, 01:38 PM   #8
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diva78 HB User
Re: SomethingTo Smile About

Well...I feel much better after reading your post. Sorry I didn't reply sooner...but Sunday was a day dedicated to my son. Paxton is a real know that? He's six years old going on 18! He has made a total 180 this past year with his behavior...he started out not doing so good in school (Kindergarten) and he has made major improvements. He couldn't read before he started school and now he is the highest reader in his class! We took him out to his favorite park yesterday and spent 4 hours playing with him! We were exaughsted needless to say by the time we got home! He is so sweet with understanding that mommy can't do a lot of what she used to do because of my back....he doesn't complain...just accepts what I can do and asks David to take my place with things that I can't do.
So...I feel so much better with knowing that the Adavant will help me out. She is calling me tomorrow to make sure that this is what I want to do...and I will tell her to ahead and call in my perscription. Did I tell you that? She said that I need to be on an antibiotic 2 days before and a week after the discogram to prevent infection. Did you have to do that? Well my discogram is scheduled for 9am on Thursday but we have to be there at 8am to do paperwork and what not beforehand. I'm just greatful that they accepted the LOP and I don't have to pay the $400 out of pocket. That was a blessing! I have my new PM doctor appt tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it. I took the last of my skittles and I"m am very anxious to get on something new that will work and not be so addiciting...hopefully!
I am going to ask for several different options and seeing as my PCP already made him aware of all of my problems...I'm not concerned at all that he won't take care of me.
So what about you ladybug...did you get some good news this morning? You should have heard something by now about your discogram. I swear...if you haven't...I will fly up there and personally kick that doctors behind!
I hope that your spirits are well today and that you have some sort of good news coming your way at some point this week. I said a lot of prayers for you and for some others on this board...I hope that the good man upstairs took them all in and made them happen. Lots of luv and strength and courage sent your way B......LOVE YA!

Old 05-03-2005, 01:31 AM   #9
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Bionicwan HB User
Re: SomethingTo Smile About

So glad to hear you were able to spend some quality time with your son

as for the antibiotics: for mine the doc injected them right into each disc when he completed the placing the dye....since this was my first (and LAST) disco I am unsure what the normal procedure is. Good that you'll take a full round that can't hurt.

GOOD LUCK x A MILLION for your new PM appt I will anxiously await to hear how that goes. Just be sure YOU TELL him how your pain is and how it is limiting your daily activities AND affecting you mentally and emotionally!! Do NOT let him intimidate you Diva...and DO NOT settle for more skittles alone.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support (I posted my disco results in a new thread) and I guess it was good news in that no other level (discs) are pain generators.

Major hugs and thoughts your way today...
and EVERYday!


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