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Old 10-19-2005, 06:08 PM   #1
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moonstruckgrl HB User
A sudden neck pain and stiffness

Last night I suddenly started having this strong neck+shoulder pain and stiffness. I've had minor shoulder stiffness before, so I thought I'd take a Robaxacet and be fine, but no. It just got worse and worse.
2-3 hours later it was so bad, I could only hold my head in one position and moving around or changing positions was excruciatingly painful. It has spread to my shoulderblade area as well.
Easing myself to bed was a nightmare and I could roll over only inch by inch each time I needed to turn. Similarly, getting out of bed was terrible!
I went to see my doctor and he said it looks like a whiplash. But I haven't injured or done anything to my neck!
It literally started out of the blue!
Now I'm on strong Advil, but it still feels bad and I have very little mobility.
Anyone has an idea what could've cause this?

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Old 10-19-2005, 07:23 PM   #2
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notpain HB User
Re: A sudden neck pain and stiffness

You can hurt your neck just sleeping wrong. The important thing to do is ice it at first then after a day or two or three try heat. A normal inflammatory response is 4 to 5 days. Give yourself a week or two and if you are still hurting then call your doctor. Or call your doctor if the pain just gets so bad in the next couple of days that you can not stand it. As you said you did not have any trauma you're pain will probably pass unless you are nearing 40 in which case all He** breaks loose

Pain across the shoulders is related to your C6 Nerve. The C5/6 area is one of the most frequently injured areas and a place where it is common to have neck problems as this area gets a lot of motion and bending.

When my C6/7 went out 8 or 9 years ago the pain was EXCRUCIATING. I could not lift either arm above about a 45 degree angle for 2.5 months! And unfortunatley these kinds of things just HIT. One day you feel fine the next day OUCH!

And while you may not think you have done anything to injure yourself (I could think of nothing I did) neck problems develope over time then just happen. If you have an office job or were a gymnast there is a good chance your injury has been there just waiting it's time.

Take care and stay positive.

Old 10-19-2005, 08:21 PM   #3
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 164
moonstruckgrl HB User
Re: A sudden neck pain and stiffness

2.5 months and it just HIT?! That's terrible! I hope it won't be my case. I've been taking Advil all day and I'm feeling a minimal, but somewhat of an improovement. I haven't slept funny I think. Wouldn't I have felt it in the morning?
But I wonder, what makes the muscles inflame on their own?

Old 10-19-2005, 08:35 PM   #4
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 489
notpain HB User
Re: A sudden neck pain and stiffness

When my neck went out it just hit. No warning no nothing. The second time this happened I was driving and felt a slight slushy kind of pop or movement. That was summer 2004. I've been down and getting worse each month since then. These things often give no warning at all. The crazy thing is sometimes they resolve the same way. When my neck got better 8 - 9 years ago I just went to bed one night in pain, got up the next morning and it was totally gone. For others it is a gradual process.

Inflammation is very complex. Who knows? Foods can cause it, stress and strain, many many things. The body is amazing - each of us go through life carrying viruses and do not get sick from them until something else brings them to life. Yeast like Candida are opportunistic - we all have them but they don't cause problems until something else weakens our immune system. So while we think we are fine one day our body just tells us we have had enough. For those who get an accurate diagnosis there are very good chances of treatment and healling, for those of us who do not we suffer until we heal ourselves or until some Doctor finally figures it out.

Neck problems are tricky - so many potential causes - TMJ, improper bite, infection, muscle problems, posture problems, degenrative disease, accute tramua, it's the stuff the just hits us that seems to be the hardest to diagnose. A whiplash injury from a car wreck makes sense, waking up in pain we did not have the night before does not.

Be persistant with your doctors. Early on give yourself the standard amount of weeks for things to self resolve, but after that if you are still in pain, get the x-rays, get the MRI, try the Physical Therapy, but do not let them tell you it is all in your head. I actually had a doctor tell me all my problems were the result of "Anxiety". My MRI's showed serious degenerative changes as did the X-Rays. My recent EMG shows motor nerve problems. I had night sweats, I still hardly sleep. I have serious medical problems. Anxiety is not the cause. I know stress causes problems, but if you let a doctor try to tell you "It's all in your head" find a new doctor immediately. The meds they had me on "Clonazepam" were worse than the disease and I suffered needless withdrawals getting off the stuff. And here I am 4 months later still stuttering. Drugs are NOT the answer, they may help in the short run but eventually if you want to get better and you do not heal on your own you MUST find a doctor who can figure out what is CAUSING your pain.

Old 10-22-2005, 10:56 AM   #5
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 164
moonstruckgrl HB User
Re: A sudden neck pain and stiffness

Wow, notpain! It seems you've been through a lot! I know what you mean about the Benzodiazepimes - I've been on them as well and I believe they caused PERMANENT damage. Or I migh heal very very slowly.
Yes, when I walked away from my doctor's office, I told myself how useless this was. Since I started going to Homeopathic practitioners I rarely ever go to doctors again. Have you tried alternative medicine? Also, do you have any root canal or bad teeth? Do you know about the toxic effects of root canals? They could be your problem.
Which part of your neck is effected?
I used to have problems with my upper neck, but since on Homeopathy it's my lower neck and shoulders rather. This is a good sign, because if the problems are going downward you're healing - in Homeopathic terms.
Today, I regained some more mobility and there's less pain, but it's still not resolved. I've been taking a whole lot of Advil and now my stomach hurts! Oh boy...

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