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Old 02-14-2008, 06:34 AM   #1
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Sage48 HB UserSage48 HB User
SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.

ok, went yesterday for a SI joint injection - because i have adrenal insuffiency, I was only injected with the lidiocaine...just to see what happens when the painful area is numbed...if it works, we will do the cortizone later..
Well, the Dr. injected the area...yikes..I do remember the numbing area really a major bee bite...that is gone in about 1o seconds...really...but for an injection that was only numbing stuff...well, there seemed to be a lot of pressure/pain...once he reached the SI joint. I was not pleased with that. To say the least. The entire right outer the "little" toe was numb..I could feel me stepping on the floor...but if I walked, the knee & leg would try to go elsewhere, than where I planned. It did kill off the leg/"butt" pain...but still had some pain across the lower back. It was such a nice several hours...oh not to have pain...wanted to get up and dance. But, unfortunately, the pain returned in full by about 4:30...ahhhh. I have had similar relief when I was injected for the facet joint block & almost as good when I was given the transforaminal L5 injection. I haven't got a clue..but it felt good not to be in pain...who cares if the leg was numb. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to go back to the PM Dr. & I also discoverd that the neurosurgeon wants to see me again...I didn't know that!! So we will see what, if anything this injection proves in a couple of weeks..too bad I can't have one daily...I would almost put up with the "injection" pain just to have it stop hurting. That is my "report".... I am going away again tomorrow...flying this time...up North to frozen New suitcase is bulging because I have so much warm clothing in it...also stuffed my everyday winter jacket in there. (how sad is this, that I, who have lived in FL for over 20 yrs. has a full winter wardrobe?????? This means I am in the cold, which I really am not fond of...way too often!!!) My back is aching up a storm right now, leg is starting to be very I have to go and take some pain meds. Hope you all have a good day...


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Old 02-14-2008, 07:58 AM   #2
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Baybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB User
Re: SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.

Hi Sage, I'm glad you seemed to get some pain relief, though I wish it was for more than a few hours. I've had countless numbers of lidocaine injections by my rheumy, though they never really did anything for me. He always gave them to me all up & down along the sides of my spine and all over my rear. The last time I went there with severe sciatica he gave me a bunch (probably at least 10 shots at one time all in my rear & low back). It made some of my muscles sort of numb, but did absolutely nothing for my nerve pain or spine stiffness. The more I think about all this in hindsight, it makes no sense to me. Especially when he gave them to me all the time and I always told him it didnt work and it wore off in a few hours. I guess for you it was more of a diagnostic tool. I see you have problems with steroids due to adrenal you think you are going to get the cortisone shot anyway?

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Sage48 HB UserSage48 HB User
Re: SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.

Hey Baybreeze..

Yup, this was diagnostic. I'm not quite sure what we will be doing next...I have an appt. with PM in 2 weeks...also have to make an appt. with the neurosurgeon...would love to know what he wants to see me about...
If the steroid would cause the pain to die away...I'd have it in a minute...not sure how long the steroids work for...several weeks would be would be like a vacation.. This was just a test to see how much, if any pain went away...oh it went away..all except in my lower back..but that was a little better... Nice...what a lovely afternoon it was. Today, well things are pretty much back to normal...if not a little worse. I'm "resting" as instructed to by the PM Drs. office.
Actually, have had several "blocks" (facet, transforminal etc) before on the same side at L5..and had similar results...the "butt", leg & foot pain were gone or better..for I'm not sure what is really wrong...I have to depend on these Drs. to figure it out...and they just keep referring me about. That was the one thing with the new PM that made me angry...he said, oh you've had a whole bunch of injections and seen a whole bunch of doctors.. well, I've been referred out to those Doctors and had those tests because it was recommended...I didn't ask for them on my own...


Old 02-14-2008, 11:52 AM   #4
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Frosty6 HB User
Re: SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.

Hi Leslie,

Well, now you know huh? I'm excited to hear that you have an appointment with your neuro, perhaps it will be good news. I will cross my toes for you.

I'm sorry the injection didn't last longer for you. I really wish they would last a few months myself! I recall having one done and it went all the way through my toes as well and I couldn't feel anything at all on my right leg and 1/2 of my left. The doc didn't want to believe it, but it happened anyway. They had to get a wheelchair to get me out of the room and 2 nurses and my mother had to dress me and all I had on was a summer dress! I was just so numb my legs wouldn't hold me.

My fingers are better today, almost back to normal. I think I will still mention it to the doc on Monday just to be safe but I am glad it is getting better.

Please be safe in New England! Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT over do it young lady. It is very sweet of you to help them out like this. I hope you are flying instead of driving. Both aggrivate my back and sciatic, but driving is worse for me. I will keep you in my prayers. Let us know when you return!


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Baybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB UserBaybreeze HB User
Re: SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.

Sage, I don't blame you for being angry about what the doc said about you seeing all those different docs & having all those shots, etc. It's like they judge you right away before even getting to know you as a patient. Or they are afraid of something wondering why you keep going to other doctors. And in your case, it wasnt even really your own doing (as I see they were referrals). I just read some medical articles where theres a report stating how people with back issues are way undertreated or dismissed and that many of what docs tell you to do don't really work. Of course we all know that, but somehow it might be good if medical communities are admitting it.

I actually just got back from my PM visit. We were talkign about the steroids (since I finished my round of 3 shots). He said the steroids in there typically last about 2 weeks. So if you still have a problem in there thats causing the nerves to inflame, chances are it will come back. Sometimes the steroids lessen the pain & symptoms enough for someone to a good PT program, such as with a disc issue; and might give one enough time to possibly get the disc issue resolved with PT or even resolve on it's own. He said if somethign is mechanically wrong, then it's a good chance the pain will come right back when the steroids wear off, if it helps at all.

For now, I guess you should rest as ordered and also see what the neuro has to say. When is your neuro appointment?

Old 02-14-2008, 02:02 PM   #6
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Sage48 HB UserSage48 HB User
Re: SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.

Thanks Lisa..happy to hear that your fingers/hands etc. are feeling are right, mention it to your Dr. I haven't got a clue as to why the neuro. wants to see me, didn't know he did until the PM Dr. mentioned it. Nice to be informed. The SI joint injection I was given yesterday was just Lidocaine...nothing else...didn't expect it to last any longer than it did. But it was soooo nice. I have to go north, no choice...the rest of the family really haven't got a clue as to how to move......they haven't moved in almost 40 years!!! Whereas - well, about 15 or more times!! Have it down to a science!! I am flying...don't like flying, but can't do 2 days all by myself...
Will be staying with a cousin, and we will have fun at night...go out to dinner etc.... So that will be a nice change for me. Take care...take care,,,,and YOU had better not work too hard in the yard...(yeah, I know about the weeds...YIKES)....

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BlueAtlas HB UserBlueAtlas HB UserBlueAtlas HB UserBlueAtlas HB UserBlueAtlas HB UserBlueAtlas HB UserBlueAtlas HB User
Re: SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.

Yea for ANY pain relief, even short-lived!

We'll be waiting with bated breath to hear what the neuro says. How curious that he suddenly wants to see you again. Please keep us updated!

Enjoy your trip, and don't overdo it. Be careful of the ice!


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