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Old 12-20-2008, 11:22 PM   #1
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Location: Grass Valley Calf Nevada
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Sarah Ortwein HB User
Severe Pain

I have severe pain and severe muscle spasms in my lower back. I all so have severe pain in both of my butt cheeks and down both legs back and front and the sides of my legs and both feet pain on the tops and bottoms of my feet pain to. I have been to the emergency room for help with this after I have called my work comp doctor and Janette at the front office she tells me that we do not have any day and time to see you but you can go up to the emergency room for treatment and help. I did excatly what she told me to do for the severe pain. I went up to the emergency room for treatment and help and the emergency room doctor and the emergency room nurse all that they did was lecture me and they refused to give me any kind of treatment and help all that he did was give me more pills to take. I am not a haapy camper because of what they did and I am still in severe pain and severe muscle spasms to and I do not know what to do. I have been treated by every doctor and I have gotten exrays and mris down of my back to. I have wanted to end my life because of the pain is so bad bad when I go up to the emergency room for help and treatment and they do not want to help me out. I am so tired of living like this in chronic pain and some times the pain get to a 10 and I do not want to live any more and I go for help and treatment for it and I some times get really bad muscle spasms in my lower back. I am very angry and upset that no one can fix me the way I used to be no pain in my lower back before I have 3 diffrernt work related injuries. and I cannot live like this any more Has any one on this medical board felth the same way I do with the severe pain and muscle spasms. And all that you can do is sit in a warm bath tub andsit in there for a while and have some one else rub you back and you put a heating pad on your back or the Bengay meidcation rub on your lower back to help you live throgh the pain that you are going trhough right now. I just hate it so much. I wish that it would go away and saty away for the rest of my life. But no the severe chronic pain is with me for the rest of my life. I have taken my medications that I am on for the pain and it dose work for the severe pain but notr for the severe muscle spasms that I go through once or twice a month. I fell down at work and I had a lifiting injury to. I the x rays and MRIS show that I have a healthy spine and I do not need surgery and I have bone spures in my lower back behind the facet joint and I al so Have arthrieties in my lower back to. I am still on work comp and if I need to go back to the emergency room I will go down to Auburn to go to Sutter Auburn Faith Emergency Room Department for help with the severe pain and severe muscle spasms that I am still going through right now. and I will write a letter to my work comp case worker and expain to her that I have been to the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Emergency Room For help and treatment and three diffrenet times I went up there for threatment and help they refused me and so that is why on the fourth time to the emergency room I went down to Auburn to go to there emergency room for help and treatment. Is that what you would do if one hospital emergency room was not going to help you out you should go to another one and try to get the help and treatment that you need for the severe pain and for the severe muscle spasms what would you do? can some one write me back w=ith an answer to let me know what to do about this severe pain and severe muslce spasms that I am having to deal with right now and I cannot live with this any more. Please help me.

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sunshyne183 HB User
Re: Severe Pain

Yes, I was in the same shape as you with the severe pain and muscle spasms. At times the thought went through my mind that life was not worth living if I had to spend the rest of it using crutches to get around and seeing the look on my husband and daughters faces when I would cry out in pain because I made the wrong move. My first question to you is...have you talked with an attorney? Workman's Comp sends you to their doctors who are paid to send you back to work as soon as possible so they won't have to continue paying you benefits. An attorney should examine your employer's panel of physicians and if it isn't a legal panel he can make them approve a physician of your choice. That's what happened in my case anyway. Sounds like you really need an attorney. Hang in there and don't let Workman's Comp push you around. As an injured employee, you have rights. They won't tell you that. They are only looking out for your employer, no matter how "nice" they talk to you. There are attorneys out there that will take your case and only get money if you get money. My attorney is like that and when it's all over and the case is settled, he gets 1/4 of what I settle for. Let me know how it goes.

Old 12-26-2008, 12:07 AM   #3
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Grass Valley Calf Nevada
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Sarah Ortwein HB User
Re: Severe Pain

Sunshine, Just to let you know I do not have an atternoy right now. Because I cannot afford an atternoy right now be cause I am only making 496.00 dollars every two weeks plus I am also getting paid for my liles to and from appointments to my work comp doctor in Roseville California or to the emergency room to. In which they do not like me to go for treatment if my work comp doctor is not avabile for me to see him because he is booked up seeing other patients for the whole month of December. I was able to see him one time in December for treatment for my lower back severe pain and muscle spasms. He gave me an injection of mepercan to numb the pain and muscle spasms which only worked for about 30 minutes and when it wore all off. I was back to the severe pain I was in. So I eneded up going to Sierra Nevada memorial Hospital Emergency Romm for help and treatment. In which they did not give me but only a very rude lecture to me. So I wrote a letter of complaint of how I was treated at the Grass Valley California hospital. I will be going down to Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Emergency Room for treatment it is also in California to. So no on the atternoy I do not have one right now. But it looks like I am going to be getting an atternoy to help me out with work comp and how they are treating me right now. I do see your point in having an atternoy to help you out. I did have an atternoy for my first back injury to help me out wit work comp. I am not going to have them stop paying me and stop having medical treatmenmt on my lower back. I want to get a settlement and medical treatment for life on my lower back for the severe pain and muscle spasms that I am going through righ now and for the severe pain that gose into my buttocks and both legs and feet. Right now I am having severe lpwer back pain and muscle spasms in my lower back which is causing me to feel sick to my stomch right now. And I do not want to to to the emergency room right now for treatment because I am so very angry and upset at how I was treated in my local emergency room that I would not want to go back to and get the sam rude lecture treatment to me again. In which I do not want to hear on top of not feeling well at all.

Old 12-28-2008, 07:24 PM   #4
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: dublin, ga, laurens
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sunshyne183 HB User
Re: Severe Pain

I am so sorry that you are in so much pain. I totally relate to what you are saying though. I hired my attorney as soon as I realized that workman's comp wasn't going to do the things they are supposed to do. Have you had a chance to check into attorneys who say they won't get paid until after you settle with workman's comp? Lord knows I couldn't afford to pay one up front either. The amount of money you get from workman's comp is a joke. I only get about half what I was making AND I was the major bread winner in our family. It hurts us financially I can tell you that for sure.
Let me know how it goes. I hope you feel better soon.

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Mod08 HB UserMod08 HB UserMod08 HB User
Re: Severe Pain

Please post on the correct board. Workman Comp discussions belong on the Disability Board.

Thank you,
Mod 08

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