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Old 02-26-2002, 04:37 PM   #1
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Lubbock, Tx, USA
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Aerosmith22 HB User
Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

5:45 AM, on Janurary 22nd, A man ran a red light and hit me in the side of truck at 50, he was in a town car. The same day I was going to have the seat belt in my driver's side looked at because it was not working, so I did not have it on at the time...figures. The force of the impact sent me slamming into the frame of the door, as my truck was being pulled 4 lanes to the right during the impact I was being pushed out the driver's side window after breaking it with the side of my head ;o] ... When everything came to a halt and eerie silence, I was partially ejected, and the only pain I could feel right away was intense pain in the area of my left femur... Ambulance came, I was in the ER with one single X-ray of my femur which revelaed a hemtoma the size of a softball and other htan that a lot of cuts, and bruises.... That kind of high-speed collision doesn't let you off that easy, later that day when I was released I got right into bed, exhausted, and woke up the next day, unable to lift my head becuase my neck, didn't work... the pain was intense all up and down my neck and back and left hip bone in the location it connects to your spine...

I went to see the doctor after experiencing shooting pains through my body, belived to be damaged nerves..


Hyper-reflexia in the patellar tendon
Cervical spine flexion was 60 degrees (normal is 50)
Extension 40 degress (normal is 50)
Left lateral was 27 degress where as 45 is normal..

The right lateral flexion, left rotation, amd right rotation were slightly restricited.. left lateral flexion was marked restriction....

loss of 59.52% of left hand strength
loss of 63.1% of right hand strength

Passive motion palpation shows intersegmental restrictions in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines as well as right sacroiliac joint..

There is much loss of motion and pelvic rotation..

My C2/C3 is hypermobile (120%)
C3/C4 hypermobile (144%)
C4/C5 hypermobile (130%)
C5/C6 Hypomobile (79%)
C6/C7 upper range of Normal...

There is a +Y rotation of the lumbar vertebral bodies, There isa break in George's Line at C3/C4 C4/C5 C5/C6 noted on the extension view possibly indicating posterior longitudinal ligament involvment...

So part of the diagnosis is damage/laxity of ligament in cervical spine (C3)

X-ray's that me and the doctor viewed show the spine looking at it straight on had a 'subluxation' as some call it where it clearly an with a pronounced curve, went out of alinment, my hips had also been rotated..and the damage to the ligament in my neck which causes the C3/4 to slip 4mm off.. and of course, damaged and compressed nerves cause all form of headahces and pains through out the body.. upon X-rays, my neck leaned foward 15% off, tilted to the right 6% I had a 11% weight diffreintial from my left to right foot..NONE of my x-rays came back anywhere near normal curvature or alignment through out the entire spine..

Over all I had loss of motion, intense muscle spasms, very limited movment of my neck with pain, intense lower back pain, specifically where the left hip joins the spine, the spine is curved and misaligned in a frontal view and from the side significantly..same story on the neck with the injured ligament(s)..the pain restricts many activities, I feel like I will never run again, strain for heavy object, ect... It has limitied my driving, the only partial relief is lying down in bed at night, Nerve damage, MRI wil help be more specific, but they are very intense and occur often through-out the day, all kinds of headaches.. these were only some of the abnormal findings ..

All go hand-in-hand with the type of impact I had during the accident and the way my body was thrown.. How serious is all this, and what treatments are avliable..adjustments only worsen the nerve pain.. according to both my general doctor and chiropractor, when looked at as a whole. They concluded in their reports I had significant motor vehicle collision injuries and had a very likely prognosis or permenant disability or disfigurement of my spine.. Right now I'm not able to work, Drive for more than 10 or so minutes, walk more than 1/2 a mile, and sit for more than a few minutes..much less even look down at my reports to type a few of the injuries to type I'm going to leave at this and try to get some more replies/opinions online here before I make any desicions..

Finally, I have become able to lift my neck but not without discomfort..The muslce spasms last all day to the left of my spine near my left shoulder blade area where I feel very constricted and swollen..No medication or adjustment as helped..thea djustments make me feel a little more flexible in my back for a few minutes but it locks right back up...some of the most horrible pain is from the left hip area where it connects to spine, I could be on disability alone from that when it flares up from sitting too long ;o] ..


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Old 02-26-2002, 04:43 PM   #2
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Lubbock, Tx, USA
Posts: 53
Aerosmith22 HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

To add, I cannot even begin to list how misalgined vertebrate I have fromt he Xray, I've lost almost all curvature and when looking straight on, most of my lower spine is completley knocked off course from the impact..

I have many bills to pay and I cannot work, the man's insurance wont settle with me on my salary they owe until they settle on the medical (2 years down the road probably) ..

I do have a attorney now and he believes this is a very good case, no doubt we will win..but that will take time and there is no other way to pay these bills right now ;o] im sure all the stress does not help me much.. appreciate it...


Old 02-26-2002, 05:07 PM   #3
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Northrop, Mn.
Posts: 490
Kamden HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

I have been through almost the exact same situation as you are right now, after a car accident i had, a guy pulled out in front of me and I T-boned him at about 35 MPH. Your situation sounds a little worse. I also went to the doc., then the chiro., then got an attorney. My attorney and every medical treatment I had, all knew I had a case pending, so all my medical bills were sent to my attorney, and they waited to be paid when it was settled. I would suggest to you that you start physical therapy right away, along with chiropractic treatments, as I went to chiro. for 6 months and was still having spasms, and attorney suggested he send me for additional treatment. PT is what really helped me in the end, along with chiro. The knots in your muscles will stay there untill PT works them out. I was told by my attorney to keep a daily journal of what I went through, so they could get an idea of my injuries. My neck was frozen into place, turned my head to theside, I was in extreme pain all the time, lightheaded, dizzy, had to quit my job. I ended up in treatment for a year and a half. My case was settled exactly 2 years later. You need to get the proper treatment for your injuries, I am sure the chiro. is helping you, as mine was, but should have referred me to PT, but didn't. What happens in an accident like this is your muscles are horribly strained, stretched beyond their limits,and when released, tighten up into a hard knot, pushing your vertebrae out of place. The chiro. can put the vertebrae back into place, but it will go right back out untill these knots are worked out of your muscles by PT. Please look into this. i did not really start healing untill my lawyer insisted I needed more or different treatment along with the chiro. who i had been seeing for 6 months. Good Luck to you. And write with any more questions. Kamden

Old 02-26-2002, 10:54 PM   #4
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Montana
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Elaine HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

The accident you had will affect you the rest of your life. I was injured in a side whiplash, someone going around 60 mph. I have herniated discs in all three areas of my back. Have had one lumbar fusion, three tmj surgeries, migraine headaches from neck problems to the point I vomit for six to seven hours at a time.
It didn't get real bad until several years after the wreck. I suggest when you do finally settle, push for open medical. You are going to need it!!!! See if they will order a MRI instead of just x-rays, then you will know what shape your discs are in.

Old 02-27-2002, 02:02 AM   #5
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Cork, Ireland
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jjkursed HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries


I would suggest going to see a chiropractor. Due to an accident the discs in my lower back locked together and started moving as disc. I was getting PT at the time and they manipulated my bones to get them moving and working again properly. The first few times was extremely sore for the next week after, then it got a lot better, I was less sore and had more movement.


Old 02-27-2002, 12:25 PM   #6
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Lubbock, Tx, USA
Posts: 53
Aerosmith22 HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

I am seeing a chiro .. My injuries in the neck are severe, and that one vertabrate is slipping off towards my actual spinal cord, because of the torn ligament... Adjustments almost send me to the ER a few hours later..I suspect he presses on nerves, giving me these headaches and extreme symptoms afterwards.. We are working on the MRI ..I have to see the chiro in about a hour, so I'll let you know how it goes...what is REALLY painful besides the entire neck area is that my hip/pelvis bone..the entire thing, has rotated from hitting the door frame, and with the large 'to the side' curve in my makes them feel like the left hip and spine are grinding together when I sit long, so I try to stand and it doesn't happen, I either nearly pass out from pain, lol ... or end up on my side curled up until someone can help straighten out my back, it will not budge to straighten out while standing, only when lying down, and that even takes a while..what do they do for a torn ligament in the neck? surgery? it has healed wrong, so my head leans to the right..appreciate the replies...

What I dont understand, and this may be normal so stop me if it is.. why since the very minute of the accident until now does everything in my body snap, crackle, and pop spine snaps and pops sometimes when im walking or lying down or urning, my needs, wrists, ankles and everything else that never popped before pop and ocasioanlly my left knee gives outon me, im only 23 and I guessing these are due to the shape that my spinal cord is in.. also, do any of you find yourself feeling good after an adjustment from the chiro, and then a hour later having some bad headaches? Going up my neck and all over one side of my head (left) .. those can get intense ;o]

have a good one..

-JD<p>[This message has been edited by Aerosmith22 (edited 02-27-2002).]

Old 02-28-2002, 03:39 PM   #7
Join Date: Dec 2000
Posts: 35
Cutebeagle2 HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

Hey aerosmith sounds like your in bad shape just try to hang in there and take it easy. Maybe perhaps the chiro treatments are too soon, but your right after a adjustment or two the nerves are being adjusted so it can make you experience headaches and neck or back pain. The more they adjust the more it can hurt later. I fired my chiro and went with another guy the adjustments were to strong and were killing me afterwards so your not alone. If anything ask him to make the adjustments smaller. I would wait a few weeks until your nerves start to calm down before you get to many treatments which can make you feel worse and you don't need. There is a pain management board here and you can make a post there for effective pain medicine if you aren't on any already. Also have someone get some fruit and vegetables for you as this will help relief some of the discomfort you are feeling. Try to borrow some money to help pay your bills so you can focus more on getting better and hire a top lawyer so you can get the settlement you deserve down the road.
Try not to worry to much,things will get better for you
just rest and take it easy.

Old 03-01-2002, 08:59 AM   #8
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Northrop, Mn.
Posts: 490
Kamden HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

If these are hand adjustments by the chiropractor, this is way too soon, because of the shape you are in. The chiro. should be usng an activator, not his hands. My neck was also frozen into place, and hand adjustments just put you in way more pain and stretch the muscles and ligaments even more. You should also be having treatment on the muscles pushing the vertebrae out of place, and since you are not, that is the reason you are better lying down, but when standing you need to use these already strained muscles with knots in them and cannot stand well. I have 25 years of back problems, have seen numerous chiros, neuro., ortho., car accident, neck problems, back surgery etc. A chiro. can definitely help you but you need to compliment his treatments with one that will help your injured soft tissues. I will say it again, physical therapy. Don't worry, this is not exercises. It is kneading the knots out of the muscles. The neuro may very well send you to PT, as did mine, after 6 solid months of chiro. treatments, I still had problems with muscle spasms, pain, headaches, neck freezing. I wish you the best.

Old 03-07-2002, 11:53 AM   #9
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Lynchburg, Va. USA
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Audrey W Dunn HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

I hear ya, I was in a similar accident two years ago
The guy hit me on purpose!To make a long story short the guy was a convicted killer on parole .I have the same trouble with the bills and no $ for two years SS disability may be an option ,Honestly I did'nt have much luck. I did hear of an option to borrow $ from someone who loans on future settlement value. This option can be expensive though or so I hear the interest can be 25% .I have really bad credit now and have almost lost my house three times!!!I still can't work more than a few hours a week and I still have not seen a penny .I am not as lucky as you though , because the guy hit me on purpose.It was a deliberate act so his insurannce does not have to pay? yeah, it has to be claimed against my uninsured motor vehicle portion on my own insurance. I have a lawyer a lot of good that is in this situation, the lilmits on the policy are low and I'm afraid they'll cancel me when all is said and done .I hope this info helps . Try not to get down It will drive you crazy if you think about it too much. If anyone sees this and has some advice all will be appreciated.

Old 03-07-2002, 06:03 PM   #10
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Montana
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Elaine HB User
Re: Car accident, hit in driver's side at 50mph, partially ejected, spine injuries

I just talked to my daughter and she said to contact your lawyer, don't deal or talk with the insurance company. She recieved lost wages a couple weeks after she sent in a claim. They also paid for her mileage back and forth to medical doctors which amounted to $500 just for that. If you had a regular paying job, I would think you can get lost wages before you ever settle. She still has not settled but is going for open medical.
Take care,

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