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plaxmax34 HB User
Is It Possible to Experience Mania without Depression?

Hi everyone! I'm new to this board, although I post a lot on the relationship forum. I had an interesting thing happen today, and I wanted a little insight about it.

I was sitting in the library of my college today doing some homework with a friend. We started talking about graduate schools, and I decided to check out the websites of some schools that I'm interested in. First, I found a program close to home that I could apply to and which would be somewhat affordable. Then, I was looking at a website for the University of South Carolina, and I found an entire department full of graduate students studying all of the topics that really fascinate and excite me. I also found a professor at the University of Southern Illinois who teaches a course on an obscure but really interesting topic, and I didn't expect that I would ever find a course like that out there. I began imagining the possibilities for my future if I were able to study and work with any of these people. It felt really cool knowing there were others out there who had the same academic interests as me.

Next, I began thinking about how far I could go in my career field with a graduate degree from one of these places. And I started thinking about this project I came up with a few weeks ago. I won't go into the details, but it would be an enormous undertaking, with hopefully lots of government funding, that could change the way our government operates at all levels. The possibilities seemed incredible! I imagined myself becoming one of the greatest and most well-known scientists in my field someday.

Then I started imagining even greater possibilities for my life. I recently started working out. Today, I felt like nothing in the world could stop me or deter me. I felt like, if I keep focusing on it, I could have the ultimate human body. I'm actually a little overweight right now, but I just felt like, now that I've started working out, nothing can stop me. I felt invincible.

My mind was racing. My thoughts were jumbled up into a dozen things at once. I couldn't focus at all on the homework I was supposed to be doing. I really wanted to call one of my friends or my parents and tell them how I was feeling, and talk about the idea I had for that government project, but I felt like no one would understand it. I felt like no one was capable of understanding it, like the sheer concept would just blow their minds. My sister called me, and I had trouble talking to her without giggling. I felt, like, giddy. For a minute, I was actually jumping up and down.

And for a brief period, I started feeling like a god. I mean, not that I really felt completely like a god, but I felt like I could become the greatest person on earth. I felt like I could achieve perfection in every area of my life. I was reminded of Nietsche's concept of the "Ubermensch", an evolved human who is superior to modern humans. I began wondering if that was me. I felt like I could become superior to everyone else in the world.

These feelings lasted for about two or three hours. And they scared me. I was completely unproductive in that time, and I was having the strangest thoughts. I have felt this way before, but it was months ago. I was very hyper one night, to the point where I couldn't sit still. I tried to play a football video game with my roommate, but I lost miserably because I couldn't focus on the game one bit.

Once the feelings subsided, I looked up mania and bipolar disorder online. The symptoms of mania or hypomania seemed to match what I was feeling, but the websites all seemed to say that manic periods should last about a week. Mine pretty much subsided after three hours (although I still feel a little high). And what's more, I don't think I have any depression symptoms at all...

Oh, wait a minute. I forgot, I was feeling down a few days ago. I think it was Thursday or Friday. But those feelings didn't last very long. And I don't know if I would really say I was depressed or anything, it just felt like I was having a bad day and I was a little blue. The last time I felt really depressed for several days was in late January, but that passed, and I've felt fine since then.

Ok, sorry for writing a novel, but could I have had a manic episode without any depression? Is that what this sounds like? Or could it be something else? Any thoughts?

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Re: Is It Possible to Experience Mania without Depression?

Manic episodes don't always end in depression...sometimes they're just manic episodes. And I'm not a doctor but to think you might be BiPolar because you got hyper one time in a day, but otherwise have had no other symptoms in your life....probably pretty unlikely. If you're really concerned you should go to a Psychiatrist and be evaluated for BP.

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plaxmax34 HB User
Re: Is It Possible to Experience Mania without Depression?

I'm sorry, I should have specified. I don't really think I'm bipolar or anything, I was just looking for an explanation of what this might have been. I didn't see a message board for "mania", and this seemed like an area where maybe some of the members might have some advice for me.

I didn't mean to make light of bipolar disorder by suggesting that I have it, just because I got a little hyper this one time. That's not what I meant at all. It's just, I've never really felt like that before, and it scared me a little. Perhaps I overreacted; I'm sure this was just a fluke, isolated incident.

Thank you.

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dreams in neon HB Userdreams in neon HB User
Re: Is It Possible to Experience Mania without Depression?

I'm not a pdoc, but it doesn't sound to me like you're bipolar. Having a few hours of feeling exciteable does not constitute mania -- nor does having a bad day. Bipolar depression is considerably more severe than feeling like you've had a bad day. In most cases, people feel suicidal and extremely depressed. Manic episodes also last for at least a week -- although in my case since I'm a rapid cycler, it lasts for hours. The same is true for depression. I can cycle between mania and depression in hours or minutes -- it just depends on how I'm feeling. If you think you may have bipolar, I would be evaluated by a psychiatrist.
Atypical Bipolar I Disorder with Rapid Cycling
Depakote 1500mg
Prozac 40mg
Risperdal 1mg titrating to 6mg/day
Klonopin .5mg (2x/day)
Trazodone 100mg or 200mg PRN

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Re: Is It Possible to Experience Mania without Depression?

Once again I don't think "mania" is a disorder or if it is, I've never heard of it. Mania is a symptom of BiPolar probably just got overexcited. If I had to make an educated guess that would be it. I wouldn't worry about it.


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