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IUD vs. tubal ligation

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Old 02-18-2006, 09:01 AM   #1
Dark Stranger
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IUD vs. tubal ligation

I wasn't sure if this belonged in Women's Health or Birth Control - I apologize to the members and the mods if it's in the wrong place.


I have been contemplating tubal ligation for a while now, and while I will not be able to even come close to getting it done anytime soon (I'm a broke college student), I was thinking it would be a good idea. However, I have had many people tell me that doctors will be stubborn with young female patients wanting a tubal because "you'll change your mind". It won't stop me from trying to convince them otherwise when the time comes, though.

Now, on another forum I'm part of, a woman who was about twice my age was saying that her doctor was giving her a hard time about sterilization and refused to perform the tubal, so she offered an IUD (Mirena, I think it was called) as a compromise.

I know women are seldom given IUDs when they have not yet given birth, but this woman got it without having to give birth first. I understand that the device is harder to get into place if the woman has not given birth because the cervix is smaller, but it still goes in. I think I could handle 15-20 minutes of pain if it meant I wouldn't have a child straddling my ankles 9 months later.

Also, I've heard that the failure rate of an IUD is lower than that of surgical this true? What would be higher...the cost of a tubal ligation, or the cost of an IUD? I would sincerely appreciate any insights from you ladies who have had either the tubal or the IUD...or from anyone who could offer me any input on this matter, regardless of whether or not you have acquired either of the previously mentioned forms of contraception.

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young momma
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Re: IUD vs. tubal ligation

With tubal ligation, your tube could end up tearing some day down the road. It won't happen any time soon. I had a friend who ended up pregnant with triplets. She had only had hers done for 10 yrs. I don't really know much about this one. Except, it is pricey and invasive!

With and IUD, it is more effective. I have had one for 5 years now. I have the paraguard. It lasts up to ten years. It cost me $400 bucks, that was insertion and everything. No pain what so ever. Pap smears hurt worse! lol! I have also had two kids though. Also, it can be expelled. That happens within the first three months. I have heavier bleeding and cramping during menstration. That is because, normally during a period, everything gradually comes out. With an IUD, everything gets flushed out at once. My periods are shorter than they were. It use to be about 7 days and now, about 3. Also, it is very serious if you would get a std. It can work itself up high in the uterus instead of at the bottom. Alot of antibiotics don't work to get rid of any stds. It can become very deadly. So, be very very careful!!! Alot of docs don't give single women IUD's because of that factor. It gives some people, oh, I guess a license to have sex all the time with whoever they want. It isn't like that! They prefer you to be married. Not all married couples are faithful either though.

Sometimes insurance companies won't cover it either. My sister has had a child and is married. Her insurance wouldn't cover it because of her age. They thought since she is so young, she might change her mind in a year or so and decide to have another child. Then, she would have it removed and it would be a waste of their money.

Also, back on the not having a child part, it's not that the cervix is smaller. It is a foreign object in your body. Your body will try to expel it since it has never had a foreign object in it. Your body fights with it really hard. Most of the time, it succeeds. I hope you have had a doctor for awhile that knows you. Otherwise, possibly see her doctor.

Any more questions, feel free to ask!! Just think about what I have said here though. Remember that a little simple std, that most women could get rid of no problem, could kill you. No joke! Scary stuff!

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Dark Stranger
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Re: IUD vs. tubal ligation

Thanks for the insight, Young Momma.

I don't think I would need to be worrying about contracting an STD - I'm involved in a long-term relationship and I would be my boyfriend's first sexual partner - he would also be mine.

Hm, I think I may be leaning more toward the IUD, not because I might "change my mind" (which is the popular belief among all my friends whom I have shared my desire with to not conceive), but because it seems to have more pros than sterilization.

Would a doctor fit me with an IUD, even if I have not had children? Would I know right away if my body would reject the device to the point where it would not stay in? What would happen if a woman were to conceive with the IUD in place? Would she be at a higher risk for miscarriage? Besides the normal faulire rate, can anything else make the device less effective or ineffective?

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young momma
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: central Illinois
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young momma HB User
Re: IUD vs. tubal ligation

Well, if a woman were to conceive (which is really really rare), she would have to go get checked out and have her IUD removed. Which, could cause a miscarriage. So far, I have loved mine completely!! My husband and I have been married for 6 years and together for 8. We are not careful by any means. I'm not sure if you can tell if your body is going to reject it or not. I just know that after the first three months you should be safe. The only kind of discomfort I felt a little bit of cramping after it was placed. During, I didn't feel anything. I didn't know he was already finished putting it in. It sounds like alot of money. When you do the math though, you are saving a whole bunch of money! You figure mine lasting 10 years, cost me less than $4 a month!

You should also weigh out other forms of birth control too. Depo is one that you can get every 3 months and after the second shot, your periods will stop. Some even stop having them after the first couple weeks and some even days. The chance of you getting an IUD is real slim. You may get one. I'm just letting you know that it is really hard to talk a doctor into it and you should check out other options. With depo, there really isn't alot of side effects. It's not like the pill and don't start working for a month after.

Glad I could be of some use to you!

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