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Just an account of a taper a relapse and then a cold turkey withdrawal. I have been on percocet 10/325 15 mg every 5 hours since 2004, plus got higher on them. I have tapered off once and cold turkey once. The percocet gave me so much energy, and a feeling of euphoria (I love that word)I needed it for pain a sometimes. The best word for detox is hell. The best word for 2 weeks after detox is melancholy (also a great word, just fits). And the best word for good clean abstinence is reality. If you are dealing with opiate addiction and want recovery, I hope that my blog will help you as much as it helps me.
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    over 60 days off percocet!

    wow, god bless you for your strength
    keep up the great work.......

    most people cannot do what you did...

    i tip my hat to you
    Posted 04-03-2013 at 11:51 AM by MissAnnaAmy MissAnnaAmy is offline
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    percocet oxycodone addiction taper

    Hi Norton54, Thanks for your advice. It has been 27 days since I quit the percocet and I got sober on October 5. Have you read the rest of my blog? I was hoping that I could help others by posting my experience, strength, and hope.
    I went to my first AA meeting since relapsing (which i have done many times) and was honest about my relapse and drug addiction. I was very nervous. But now that it's out there i don't have to keep bringing it up at every meeting.
    As far as staying clean and sober, it's definitely a God thing. I haven't had the compulsion or obsession to drink or use since I got clean and sober. But I have had so many relapses that I must be vigilant--the insanity preceeds the first drink or pill. I gotta stay out of my head. That's where all that negative thinking is. I pray and talk to my sponsor, read the books, and try to get out of self. If there's no one I can help, I get outside with my golden retrievers. Nature has a cleansing affect. Talking it out with my sponsor helps me get things in perspective.
    As far as never having a cold frosty again, I just don't think that far out. I don't need, want or have to drink or use today. In regards to the pills, the negative outweighs the positive and I also called my doctor and told them not to give me any more narcotics. So that was huge for me, to cut off my supply. It provided closure.
    As far as the provigil, I couldn't take it because it makes me speed and therefore has a negative effect on my central nervous system and caused me to have fibromyalgia flares. To lift my mood, I used L-Tyrosene for about a week and then got off of that.
    I hope that you are able to stay clean and sober. I know I couldn't as long as I stayed isolated and had the pills in the house.
    Posted 10-27-2010 at 03:50 AM by rosebuddy rosebuddy is offline
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    percocet oxycodone addiction taper

    Good luck with it and I hope you make it. I'm in my 50's and have quit stuff so many times but always go back. What a demon they have created for people like us.

    You are's NOT worth it.....and I feel so much better about my self when I'm clean. You probably do too.

    About the lack of motivation, and apathy. Provigil really helped me with that but it's expensive and it's not conducive to good sleep.

    I can't imagine going the rest of my life without a good cold beer but I always start out alright and the next thing you know I'm back on the pills too and heading downward.

    Let me know how you are managing and remember, there IS light at the end of the tunnel and I think I found it.
    Posted 10-26-2010 at 08:48 AM by norton54 norton54 is offline
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    clean since 9/30, sober since 10/14

    thanks for the advice. Yeah you're right. The pills haven't been a problem. But drinking has kicked my *** too many times to count. I'm kind of embarrassed to go to AA because I have been in and out so many times. I read the books atleast. At one time I had 3 1/2 years and then 10 years then just in and out for a total of about 20 years. The oldtimers remember me and I know it's just my pride. I need to go to meetings. My husband is still drinking although he's cut way back. There is alcohol in the house, and so far I haven't had the urge to drink any. But I need to beware. It's cunning, baffling and powerful for sure. Thanks again.
    Posted 10-26-2010 at 04:47 AM by rosebuddy rosebuddy is offline
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    clean since 9/30, sober since 10/14

    Just wanted to say how proud I am of you and your continuing work to stay clean. It takes a little longer to be sober in that the behavior and way(s) of thinking have to change also. searchin
    Posted 10-20-2010 at 07:01 AM by Searchin Searchin is offline
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    Posted 09-28-2010 at 02:15 AM by rosebuddy rosebuddy is offline
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