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Just an account of a taper a relapse and then a cold turkey withdrawal. I have been on percocet 10/325 15 mg every 5 hours since 2004, plus got higher on them. I have tapered off once and cold turkey once. The percocet gave me so much energy, and a feeling of euphoria (I love that word)I needed it for pain a sometimes. The best word for detox is hell. The best word for 2 weeks after detox is melancholy (also a great word, just fits). And the best word for good clean abstinence is reality. If you are dealing with opiate addiction and want recovery, I hope that my blog will help you as much as it helps me.

day 6 percocet withdrawal Part 2

Posted 01-23-2013 at 11:39 AM by rosebuddy (My life on percocet, withdrawal sucks but worth it.)

OMG. I was so stupid to think that the w/d side effects would be gone so quickly. I hurt all over, I'm freezing even though the thermostat is set on 71. I feel like whining. I'm so exhausted at 12:30 pm. Told hubby don't expect anything else from me today. He was ok with that. so back to mindless tv, ibuprphen. My neck hurts from laying in this recliner for 5 days. I'm going to lay in bed and watch tv in there. Also a drag that I'm in menopause with hot flashes but I have goose bumps and am freezing....
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