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Bipolar Disorder

Hospital visit again!

Posted 10-11-2011 02:05 PM by Feelsick
Updated 10-11-2011 10:32 PM by Administrator

So I had another hospital visit where I was drugged to high he'll and sent home for a manic episode and anxiety attack it really sucks getting this med dosage down and not having a steady diagnosis for bipolar hopefully it will get better and easier I know that's optimistic but a guy can dream and hopefully I get the right meds at the right dose because if I can take 5 klonopin and still be through the roof and continue into a panic attack I'm pretty sure that's a mania but then again I'm not a...
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Today is a good day...

Posted 07-18-2011 04:42 PM by tmb0163

I have never blogged before but I really wanted to on this board. It is really hot 18 plus days over 100 degrees. I am very disorganized and I am taking four summer university classes. The last month was crazy hectic, everything due all the time. That class ended last week and I began my new class, well the professor in this class is very good, very accessible by email and text, so when I had a question I asked and got I spend all weekend working on the big assignment looked it up and...
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I am all of this! But what is all of this?

Posted 04-02-2011 05:09 PM by MoOw

I am have been diagnosed Bi-polar I. And I have, of course, like many of you, taken many different meds to find, my "Center." But, what is a "Center?" I wonder. I've been grandiose and have spoken in "nonsense" and made perfect sense! Especially to me! :P

And I have been reserved and quiet, and sad. And dark and scared. But there's a difference I think that we all have to deal with. Not that we all don't know this already but "Are we alone?"...
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Catching Up...

Posted 03-06-2011 09:36 AM by Flossy66

It's been AGES since I've posted on here, but it's been crazy the last couple of months. Got referred to see a psychiatrist after I had a manic episode that got me sectioned for 3 weeks. On the bright side, I feel better now, but my meds are going to be changed. I'm going to start on Lithium, seeing as the anti-depressant I was on isn't really doing much for the mania side of things.

It's also making me feel suicidal, which doesn't exactly help matters much...
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Fighting medicinal weight gain

Posted 12-08-2010 10:02 AM by bipolardiva

hi! i was diagnosed bipolar I last december. i am engaged and the mother of 4 boys. it has taken me a year to accept my diagnosis. i still havent found the right cocktail of medication. i suffer from severe depression mostly. mania for me doesnt last as long as depression. i may be manic for a week or two then depressed for months at a time. my mother was also diagnosed last year at the same time i was. we went to the doctor together. when i was first diagnosed i had just lost alot of weight- i...
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