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5 Cancer Prevention Tips

Posted 02-12-2014 at 03:57 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 02-20-2014 at 01:31 PM by ChristaIB

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What is known about cancer is constantly evolving, and yet no cure has been found. Cancer, in the most basic terms, is an uncontrolled division of cells in one or more parts of the body. The dividing cells affect healthy body tissues and eventually overtake them, overwhelming the body's systems. Without stopping the progression, it can lead to death.

There are more than 100 known types of cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. Cancer is categorized...
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Thyroid Cancer Survivor 2 years!

Posted 12-19-2013 at 10:58 AM by SimplyRae
Updated 12-19-2013 at 08:42 PM by Administrator

I never knew in 2010 that my strange symptoms would lead me to find out that I had thyroid cancer!! I had upper abdominal swelling and joint pain. (which I am having again and trying to figure out what it is). I asked the endo doctor if those were symptoms of the cancer and she said no, but that if it led me there then God does truly work in mysterious ways. Anyway it's been two years! YAY!
I had to have radioactive iodine treatment. It was funny because my husband works at a nuclear reactor...
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Cancer Scans for Men's Health

Posted 11-19-2013 at 02:26 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 11-20-2013 at 07:53 AM by ChristaIB

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Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that can damage organs and cause a number of serious medical issues. It is a disease that must be caught early to achieve good treatment results and a speedy recovery. One of the most commonly used methods for early detection is a cancer scan.

Common Cancer Risks for Men

Men are more susceptible to certain types of cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the top three cancer...
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I am a cancer survivor

Posted 11-18-2013 at 02:57 PM by jay1973

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was 17 years old. I received chemotherapy and radiation treatments in 1991. The tumor was eradicated with the treatment. In 1998 my shunt failed and had to be replaced twice. I was in a coma for two weeks due to swelling around my brain. It took me a couple years to fully recover from this episode. I am 40 now and have no health problems. I do have double vision as a result of the tumor. That is corrected with prisms in my glasses.--I got married a couple...
Posted in Cancer
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Lung Cancer: Smoking and Other Causes

Posted 10-29-2013 at 04:44 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 11-19-2013 at 10:10 AM by ChristaIB

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November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. Unfortunately not many people are fully aware of the prevalence of this disease--it affects more than 370,000 people in the U.S. each year--or what it entails. Over 1.37 million people worldwide succumb to this disease each year. Take this opportunity to learn more about
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