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Some days

Posted 07-27-2010 08:38 PM by janewhite1

Some days, this is harder than others.

I had to stop using the Advair due to severe GI side effects, so now my lungs are acting up again. Called the allergist for a script for a steroid with no bronchiodilator, but he never called me back. Fortunately, I will see him Friday, so maybe I can get it then, but unfortunately, I had fun planned for this weekend, and this will interfere big time.

When I first realized I had asthma, I was fairly ok with it. Not happy, but...
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Eating right, taking care of yourself, & teaching family

Posted 07-26-2010 10:27 AM by Sunsetnan
Updated 07-26-2010 10:33 AM by Sunsetnan

Well, I guess I'm on my own learning about a reactive hypoglycemia diet. The dietitian says that my insurance doesn't cover the expense. To pay out-of-pocket, it will be over $200. I think I'd like that job. I wonder how much of that $$ actually goes to the dietitian?

I guess that learning how my body reacts to certain foods is something I will have to find out on my own anyway. But, it would be nice to have at least some guidelines. I did print out the glycemic index and...
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Listening to your body.

Posted 06-19-2010 07:56 AM by Sunsetnan
Updated 08-10-2010 09:37 AM by Sunsetnan

Had nightmares most of the night. My low blood sugar book says that usually means that your blood sugar is low. I checked my blood sugar (BS) before I went to bed. It was 80mg/ dl using a glucometer. My BS normally is in the low 90's with me eating constantly during the day. And, I had a small protein- rich snack before I went to bed. Early morning, through half- mast eyes, I had the insight to eat some peanut butter from a jar that I keep next to my bed at night. But, even with that, I had...
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