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Story of my Wound- The Beginning

Posted 11-25-2014 at 11:08 AM by RABG (The Story of My Wound- the Beginning)

As I drove away from the Wound Center I knew this wound would heal itself. I truly thought that, given it's location and size. It wasn't large, or deep, why shouldn't it heel.
Well, factors that would be a knot around me forever, Prednisone. impedes my ability to heal forever. Think about that - forever! So every wound I get will will heal slowly.
The second - location of the wound. At the base of my spine, it is in a moist environment.
I simply put it out of my mind.
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The Story of My Healed Wound - DONE

Posted 11-16-2014 at 07:26 AM by RABG (The Story of My Wound- the Beginning)

I am Done with a healed wound. What I still need to write is how this wound started, which was almost 4 years ago, and The Fight.
As to the fight or a Contentious Event, that will take quite a lot of writing but it is a vitally important story to tell.
The beginning of this wound started as I have stated above almost 4 years ago. How can that be considering I wrote that it was only 3.
This wound made two appearances. The first wound was in the exact same place but was small,...
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Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea

Posted 11-13-2014 at 05:52 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 11-13-2014 at 06:16 PM by ChristaIB

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Have you had your green tea fix today? If not, you might be inclined to incorporate it into your daily diet after you read how it can do more than liven up your taste buds and provide you with a boost of energy—it can promote wellness, too.

The Effects and Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis plant leaves that have not been oxidized, and because it is one of the less processed types of teas--the leaves are not fermented prior...
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Story of My Healing Wound - Almost Done

Posted 11-02-2014 at 02:23 PM by RABG (The Story of My Wound- the Beginning)

This is the next to the last entry I will make concerning this wound. The original wound is gone, cut away by the surgeon. The surgical wound is healing very well and the restrictions are few. As it stands I can drive, sit, cook, shop ( a little). What I can't do is walk a lot, errand shop, excessive stair climbing, and vacuum.
The permission to sit without the gel cushion is great. For the last 18 months I had to sit on it, bring it everywhere even our boat.
This story is almost...
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Story of My Healing Wound - Where Did the Pain Go?

Posted 10-27-2014 at 05:39 AM by RABG (The Story of My Wound- the Beginning)

Never in a million years would I believe that a gifted surgeon could cut out the wound, and that horrible undermining and leave me almost pain free. I haven't been without that pain for 2 years but it is gone. I will ask him how that was possible.
When I go back to previous entries pain is mentioned in just about everyone. Pain was so overriding it blocked out just about everything in my life.
What was so upsetting was my inability to convey what kind of pain I was having and where....
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