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Smoking Cessation

More Stress along the way

Posted 07-27-2011 12:45 AM by Phil uk

Well, what can we say? having a tough time at the minute.

I guess the good news is the place to start, 5 days, 9 hours and 54 minutes is the current time without inhaling nicotine. (as mentioned previously the phrase is used to cover smoking cigarettes and using an e-cig) so even under normal circumstances I guess I should be proud of that.

Although the smoking cessation services will tell you that stress is an excuse for smoking, and that cigarettes do not help with...
Phil uk
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Brief but multiple updates

Posted 07-26-2011 12:46 AM by Phil uk

Well, today is day 4 since I quit inhaled nicotine. to be precise at this moment, it is 4 days, 10 hours and 25 minutes since any smoke or vapour passed my lips!!

I am actually quite proud of myself. If I am quiet, I still think about it but hopefully the thoughts will pass with time.

One of the problems with electronic cigarettes is that once they are filled up, the tank is supposed to be equivalent to (up to) 100-150 cigarettes. I have just realised that using these...
Phil uk
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Nicotine update

Posted 07-24-2011 11:55 PM by Phil uk
Updated 07-25-2011 05:09 AM by Phil uk

well, three days upto now, not weakened...

I am craving a little bit, but manageable, so hopefully this quitting inhaled nicotine is not doing too bad.

Pain in the chest, back and shoulders is still there, still panicking about Tuesday. To be honest, it is all I can think about at the minute. I am trying to focus, because work is suffering through it, but what can I do?

It is not every day you are waiting to find out if you have a death sentence, or...
Phil uk
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Posted 07-22-2011 05:07 AM by Phil uk

Ok, so I have been looking at my blog (I did say it was my first one ever, so please forgive me) and realised that I have been commenting on, not posting to my blog.

Ah well, even us technical genii have to make some mistakes otherwise we would not be human

So, I am still feeling under the weather, both in a symptomatic way (in quite a bit of pain today) also got a deep burning feeling in my lungs today which is something new. As well as a psychological level of...
Phil uk
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42, otherwise known as Life, The Universe and Everything

Posted 07-20-2011 05:00 AM by Phil uk

Well, I have never blogged before about anything.... not sure if this is the place to start, but as this entire forum seems to be filled with nice people, I guess this is a good place to start.

How far back do we go? Where do we begin? how much do we write at a time? Do I treat this as a kind of confessional? I am not sure is the answer to most of these....

The thing I can be more sure of is the question about how much I write at a time.... This is going to be the amount...
Phil uk
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