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Make a Splash with These Water Safety Tips

Posted 06-02-2014 at 06:18 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 06-03-2014 at 03:38 PM by ChristaIB

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As summer approaches, we all look for ways to chill out. Being in the water is a great way to cool off and beat the heat, but there are risks. Every year, over 3,000 people die from unintentional drowning or water-related injuries. In order to have a worry-free summer, it is vital that you and your family have a number of water safety tips under your belt.

Water Safety Tips for the Summer

Most people have some idea of how...
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Women's Health: Managing Gestational Diabetes

Posted 05-27-2014 at 04:44 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 05-28-2014 at 07:42 AM by ChristaIB

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Are you overweight? Are you African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native American? Do you have a poor or impaired tolerance to glucose? If you are pregnant and have answered yes to any of these questions, you could be at risk for gestational diabetes. It is vital that this condition be diagnosed and treated as early as possible in pregnancy to reduce your chances--and your baby's chances--of complications.

What Is Gestational Diabetes?

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Top 5 Food Allergies: Symptoms & Prevention

Posted 05-19-2014 at 05:21 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 05-20-2014 at 03:34 PM by ChristaIB

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Many people eat eggs, nuts, wheat and seafood without a problem. But, approximately 15 million Americans are allergic to these beloved foods, and of that group, at least 200,000 will be sent to the emergency room every year as a result of an allergic reaction. Having a food allergy may seem small to those who do not have one, but those who do often have to rearrange their diet and be overly conscious about the foods they consume (and even touch). Taking food allergies seriously...
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5 Skin Cancer Safety Tips

Posted 05-13-2014 at 05:45 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 05-13-2014 at 06:20 PM by ChristaIB

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After finding shelter in heavy coats over the cold, winter months, many people are eager to shed the layers of clothing and bathe their skin in the warmth of the sun’s rays. Sure treating your wintry pale skin to a tan sounds appealing—and even looks attractive on most—but overexposure can lead to skin cancer. With May marking Skin Cancer Awareness Month, now is the time to arm yourself with tips that will help you protect yourself.

Tips to Prevent Skin Cancer...
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Osteoporosis: Why Women Are At Risk

Posted 05-05-2014 at 03:06 PM by ChristaIB (HealthBoards Blog)
Updated 05-07-2014 at 03:00 PM by ChristaIB

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Osteoporosis is a condition where the body gradually loses bone mass until the bones become weak and brittle. Although the disease actually affects both genders, it occurs most often in women. For this reason, many osteoporosis medications, treatments and methods of prevention are targeted toward women.

While many women are aware that they are at risk of developing osteoporosis, especially as they age, not many understand why. They generally understand that calcium...
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