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Just an account of a taper a relapse and then a cold turkey withdrawal. I have been on percocet 10/325 15 mg every 5 hours since 2004, plus got higher on them. I have tapered off once and cold turkey once. The percocet gave me so much energy, and a feeling of euphoria (I love that word)I needed it for pain a sometimes. The best word for detox is hell. The best word for 2 weeks after detox is melancholy (also a great word, just fits). And the best word for good clean abstinence is reality. If you are dealing with opiate addiction and want recovery, I hope that my blog will help you as much as it helps me.

Day 14!! clean. Day 2 sober

Posted 01-31-2013 at 09:41 AM by rosebuddy (My life on percocet, withdrawal sucks but worth it.)

I feel a lot better today. I have been cleaning house, and I have a lot of energy.

I didn't drink last night! My sponsor came over and we talked for a long time. She is a wonderful person and my best friend. I am going to a meeting tomorrow.

It feels so great to feel good to not be hungover or speeding on percs. I'm me. What a concept.

L Tyrosene 1000 mg yesterday and today.
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day 13 percocet cold turkey withdrawal, alcoholism

Posted 01-30-2013 at 07:06 AM by rosebuddy (My life on percocet, withdrawal sucks but worth it.)

Depressed. Hungover. The two of us drank almost a whole bottle of stoley vodka last night, a tuesday. I am tired and a littlle hungover and I have 3 appointments today: the dentist, the optomatrist, and a mammogram. I only have a car 2 days a week, so getting drunk last night was pretty stupid. I was so thirsty and asked my husband to bring home some vodka. We had fun, I guess. But it is the same thing we do every time we drink. Listen to loud music and dance some. I cancelled the dental appointment...
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day 12 percocet cold turkey withdrawal

Posted 01-29-2013 at 09:49 AM by rosebuddy (My life on percocet, withdrawal sucks but worth it.)

Feeling better today but with diarria from the L-tyrosene. So on imodium. Much more productive. Husband bought me 2 cinnamon rolls. I ate one. I want to get off sugar, but I'm going to give it a few days. I can only focus on one addiction at a time. said i wouldn't drink til fri. drank last night--vodka about 3 large drinks. Today we are out of vodka, so it should be easier not to drink. I am doing laundry, etc. Slow but steady. No w/d symptoms. Not depressed.
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day 11 percocet cold turkey

Posted 01-29-2013 at 09:43 AM by rosebuddy (My life on percocet, withdrawal sucks but worth it.)

very bored, down, depressed. L tyrosene as suggested in the Thomas recipe didn't help. Craving sweets badly. Binge eating trying to get a sugar fix. Yucky day. Non productive. negative.
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day 10 percocet oxycodone cold turkey withdrawal

Posted 01-27-2013 at 03:41 PM by rosebuddy (My life on percocet, withdrawal sucks but worth it.)

I only had one really strong urge to take a pill. And it was because i got the achey brakies. (remember the song achie brakie heart? Well you had to be there, I guess.) anyhoo, I just said that I felt like it was time to take a perc. And then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I quit taking those...duh"

But all in all it hasn't been a bad day. I gotta admit my old man is doing almost everything around the house and cooking and taking care of the dogs. i got it pretty much made. But...
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