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Day 7 tonsillectomy

Posted 06-18-2012 06:13 PM by Apache Kristy

Day 7. Went less than peachy i can say lol. i was watching tv with my boyfriend when we decided it was time to get ready for bed. So i got up to do so, and was immediatly greeted by a freeflow of hot blood in my mouth. Panicing, i ran to the bathroom and started spitting blood. enough to fill a cup! My boyfriend rushed me to the hospital, and wouldnt it figure? it was one of the busiest nights the hospitals seens in months! Let me put it this way, I got there at 11pm on Sunday and didnt leave until...
Apache Kristy
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Day 6 Pt.2

Posted 06-16-2012 11:47 AM by Apache Kristy

Well the outing went surprisingly well! I tried a hamburger, and thought it was a bit rough, i ate it and enjoyed it darn it!! lol. i found that a Coffee Coolata with a Turbo from DunkinDonuts helped sooth my throat a lot, and was nice for a change. got a soft serve ice cream from DQ, it did feel good but was a bit too thick i think. MENTAL NOTE: one other things thats hurt so far other than my throat and such, is my tongue and my back teeth. ALSO NOTE!!!!! I WAS TOLD that the numb feeling in my...
Apache Kristy
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Day 2 Tonsillectomy

Posted 06-12-2012 07:29 AM by Apache Kristy

Day TWO: Hey I'm Apache, im 20 and had my tonsils removed 6-11-12 (yesterday) at Dartmouth Outpatient Surgery Cntr in NH, and am now on Day two. Here's how its goin.
I woke up pretty sore, unable to talk (so im not trying :D ) and had a bit of a sour stomach. Drinking water kinda hurts my throat, especially if its not cold, so I've been pigging out on Popsickles and IcePops. I really like "Pop-Ice" that i picked up at walmart, it was like 5$ and theres a bunch in there that i can...
Apache Kristy
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Tonsillectomy Nightmare -

Posted 01-03-2012 10:27 AM by Michelle990

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I am currently on day 6 post-op. Let me just say, I was NOT prepared for what was to come. I went to my ENA bc of sinus problems, diagnosed with reflux, and somehow ended with a tonsillectomy.
The trauma started well before my surgery when I wasn't allowed any pills 10 days before your surgery. (As a person with anxiety, you never know how many pills you take until you can't wake them, lol)
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Tonsillectomy Recovery

Posted 12-26-2010 09:39 PM by shmeelsybot8

So i never thought i would be one of these people to write about my experience with my tonsillectomy recovery, but now that I am going through it I completely understand why people do it. I am on my 6th night after surgery counting the day of surgery. Oh and I am 17 fyi. Today was by far my worst day, and I mean BY FAR. The right side of my throat feels like when you get rug-burn so bad it bleeds, and then someone poured lemons into the burn. I have had luck up till this point in that I have had...
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