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Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

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Old 06-30-2008, 09:48 PM   #1
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ChldsPlay HB User
Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

About 2 years ago at work (lifting a heavy box above my head), I injured my shoulder. At first it was mainly sharp and burning pains mostly around the top of my shoulder and a little bit of my upper arm. I told my employer and had a couple days of "light duty" and it was a little better but didn't go completely away. By the time a month had gone by it was still bothering me and starting to get worse so they sent me to the doctor. At this time I was also getting more dull throbbing pain in the middle of my shoulder like something was sticking through it from the front all the way through the back. Also the muscle that runs along the top of my shoulder along my back and up my neck got stiff when my shoulder acted up. And the muscle across the front of my shoulder was hurting as well, as if it were strained. Finally, I got some pains in my armpit area as well, tender pains I guess I'd say. They did some motion tests, none of which really bothered me that much except that my shoulder got a little sore. No specific motion caused extra pain, it just hurt without doing anything. I did strength tests, and eventually ended up doing some physical therapy.

After that was over I still felt exactly the same, and the days I did the strength test ended up being some of the worst days for my shoulder. After about 6 months of various visits to the work comp. dr. and some more PT they took an MRI and told me it came back normal. After that they decided to send me to a specialist. He asked me simple questions, did the same motion tests as always and gave me a hydrocortizone shot. That made no difference at all. Over several visits he gave me a few different anti-inflammatories to try out and told me to keep doing my exercies. None of this ever made any improvement. Eventually he told me just to keep doing exercies and it should get better over time, just have patience.

Well I did my exercises and it never got better, and after that things got worse. Whenever I did a lot of lifting at work and my shoulder got bad I started getting shooting pains from my armpit area down along my rib cage. When this happens I also get a bit nauseous. My the muscle across the top of my shoulder and up my neck is much worse now and is tight all the time (It's worse with repetetive motions). It goes up almost to my ear and I have pain sometimes spread out to my jaw. My neck now cracks severely 4-5 times a day and has good size pops often throughout the day. My neck rarely used to pop before this. The muscle on my back that runs along my shoulder blade also experiences pain now. Basically, the side of my neck and then everything above a diagonal line from the base of my neck to my rib cage is experiencing discomfort.

My shoulder has a grinding sensation when I rotate it, and when I look at my shoulder in the mirror and compare it to my other one I see a very clear difference. My injured shoulder is much more bulbous, and when it's really aggravated the difference is quite significant. None of the doctors ever compared my shoulders to one another. And in fact the only time my shoulder was exposed to any of them was when I got the shot. They never really paid attention when I described my symptoms either. When I was trying to show them where I was feeling certain pains they just wrote notes in their book. And I was never told to rest the shoulder or anything.

This is odd to me because of all the places I read on the internet on shoulder injuries the first things they said to do was to rest it, don't do activities that cause pain, and that the dr. should compare the shoulder to the other one first thing.

Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with my shoulder? I'm trying to get my employers to send me to the Dr. again since it's been almost a year and a half since I last saw the specialist and with my neck getting so much worse the last couple months I'm a bit worried. They're dragging their feet and working very slowly. It was almost 2 weeks ago my supervisor asked the president of the company about it and I haven't heard anything. And during the year and a half since seeing the specialist I mentioned my shoulder still bothering me to my supervisors on countless occassions.

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MrDister78 HB UserMrDister78 HB UserMrDister78 HB User
Re: Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

I know how it feels not to get answers. So i will answer you.

I got a similar injury last year. It happened some hours after i did some lifting of heavy file folders. I never even knew that i had gotten hurt until i returned to another office and suddenly felt a terrible pain in my shoulder.

I didn't even tell anyone just sucked it up. Well this is what happened. For a few days( maybe a week) i kept feeling a slight pain and also i felt new cracks sounds that i didn't h ave before.

After a few weeks i was back to normal, well i felt better and got used to the new changes. The pain was almost gone. I started getting back to my regular exercise routine, did pushups and all. I felt great but then

this year on march i did some flying pushups cause i thought i was perfectly cured..but after i did the pushups i felt extreme pain in that same shoulder and i'm still having that pain. It goes aways and comes back.. but when i have it, it's constant and pretty strong and doesn't wanna go away with nothing.

It's weird though cause i dont have any pain related to movement. i can move my shoulder fine, rotate it in anyway.. and there is no pain or range of motion issues. It's just when the pain hits me, that i have pain even if i dont move.

One chiropractor said he thinks it mmight be a cartilage problem.
I haven't gone to the ortho or anything cause i dont have money nor insurance.

You said you had sharp pains, mine is not sharp it's just dull and constant. I can forget it sometimes if i push on the points where it hurts using my fingers.

I feel like my problem mmight be some major Nerve damage, because sometimes my pain goes from the shoulder and down to the upper arm, sometimes i've even felt it down to my hand.

If you want you can get checked by a Neurologist, or get some Physical Therapy. That's what i'm going to do. You can also learn to live with it, somehow. I mean, along with PT that's what i'm going to do.

Bad thing is that i had to stop doing pushups cause that makes it hurt. Maybe doing weights(small free weights for each hand) might be better.

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Lindaru HB User
Re: Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

I have osteoarthritis in both shoulders and neck from very old injuries which when the osteoarthritis flares up, it pinches at least one nerve and causes the pain up the side of my face, into my upper jaw, ear and sometimes even behind my eye.

They told me I could have nerve entrapment release surgery for it but do not have enough insurance coverage and there is only a chance, from what I have heard, that it will improve things. I have learned to live with it doing the shoulder rotation and taking Tylenol.

Most days it is not really bad. I have to be careful not to do anything to excessively strain the shoulder but weather changes like cold or dampness moving in sure can make it act up.

Good luck!


Old 07-05-2008, 11:34 AM   #4
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ChldsPlay HB User
Re: Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

Work finally sent me back to the doctor Friday. Went to the usual work comp people who really don't know what they're doing. They take an x-ray if they can't figure it out from that they're lost. Now they're referring me to the specialist again. That means I'll have to waste my vacation and/or sick time to go see him and probably get the same spiel I got before.

The weather doesn't affect my shoulder as far as I've been able to tell, it hurts when dry or rainy.

Old 07-17-2008, 09:45 PM   #5
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CatieCupCake HB User
Re: Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

This sounds like a work related injury. Workman's comp should be paying you for time missed. You need to check with your employer on that. I had a work related shoulder injury and the first Dr. I saw (My primary care MD) told me NO WORK FOR TWO WEEKS. I have yet to return to work, workman's comp paid me for two years of no work, I am now on disability (SS) and I highly doubt I will ever return to work.

Old 07-18-2008, 05:57 PM   #6
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ChldsPlay HB User
Re: Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

Originally Posted by CatieCupCake View Post
This sounds like a work related injury. Workman's comp should be paying you for time missed. You need to check with your employer on that. I had a work related shoulder injury and the first Dr. I saw (My primary care MD) told me NO WORK FOR TWO WEEKS. I have yet to return to work, workman's comp paid me for two years of no work, I am now on disability (SS) and I highly doubt I will ever return to work.
Oh it definitely is a work injury. I have been to the work comp. doctor's many times, and even a specialist. Never once has any of them restricted my work duties. I didn't go to the dr. for about 15 months because I didn't feel like they'd do anything unless it really got worse, and even then I'm not sure. And also, despite my constantly telling them my shoulder was bothering me they never got to sending me back to the dr. until a couple weeks ago. I have an appointment with the specialist on Monday. I'd prefer to go to different doctors than the ones that didn't help any before. I only get paid from work comp if I miss more than 3 days of work. I haven't missed one day of work. The only time I miss is the time going to my doctor appointments. So it's just a few hours here and there. I just hate having to use my vacation time in chunks like that on a work injury instead of being able to use it when I want. Sadly though it's that or not get paid for a few hours.

Injury is definitely getting worse though. Had a pretty bad week with lots of lifting at work. Got the pain down my ribs a lot followed by plenty of nausea. After I stopped lifting then the pain/pressure in the core of the shoulder and along the neck got worse.

Old 06-24-2010, 02:25 PM   #7
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crazidan HB User
Re: Shoulder injury won't heal, getting worse.

i hurt my shoulder a month ago but i am a littel bit of a digal tech. so i had bad expence so i got a bunch of cammers when i mess up my shoulder i was covering a pool tabel i hard a lould pop then didn't feel no pain but ahour or tow then it just stater in a numb pain bin to drs' no meds didn't help so i looking too to see if any one know why form shoulder to hand in pain so i know how it feel still ain't never got a ansure of how to get rid of the pain or numb it a littel i am tired of it?????

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