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diverticulitis? Help Please

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Old 09-13-2007, 11:23 AM   #1
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UnNaMeD1 HB User
diverticulitis? Help Please

Since I was a child i have had some severe cramping pain that comes and goes off and on for a while in my lower left side.

I'm now 23 I have had these sinse I was about 12. Cramping Like a knife being twisted in my lower left side (near waist line and near hip) stomach pains which to me consists with diverticulitis. I fall in the floor roll, I can't move, scream, or cry it hurts so bad, It hurts so bad I just want to rip out my intestines. During the episode I get kinda hot, cold feeling, and dehydrated. I also feel awful and tired throughout the day like chills, migraines, etc.

It last about 15 mins to 30 Which about landed me in the emergency room the last episode. I think my instestines about exploded from pressure. But during these episodes it sends these shocks of pain from the lower left side area down through my bladder and through my penis. Which I have had these attacks on and off since I was a child they may come only once a year then sometimes they may come 2 or 3 times. Lately I been getting them monthly.

I hear this very loud roaring sounding like a balloon full of water sqeeuzing sound for like 15 minutes or everytime the cramps proceeds again, in my lower left side then the bowel seems to break through the blockage or whatever is there, then I have a bowel movement WHich doesn't seem to be constipation seem to be a bunch of funny shaped bowels that looks that looks to be soft, maybe even a mixture or hard or soft, but I also see what may be some consipation as well within in it, at the first. After the bowel the pain goes away usually completely. I also recently had a wierd shaped bowel looked like it molded like a snake slithering snake.

Even after an attack sometimes I still feel like there's a pouch or something where all the blockage seems to occur when I bend or sit. I read somewhere that this is also something noticeable with people with this disease. I also use to have to wait sometimes like 7 days to even take a huge stool. Lets just say I'm not regular. Now lately the urologist recommened a laxative and prune juice now there all soft or runny. And I'm going almost every two days with very little output and it maninly runny. But I feel like I'm empty after all that and gassy. Then again last night I had a bout with a mild case of those cramping pains, and runny stool. I have not lost any weight and like I said I this has been going on since I was like 10 or 12. So it's probably not cancer, but what could it be?

I also been seeing a urologists about a slow stream, and urgency he says I have a tight bladder neck which is not letting me empty my bladder completely which is causing the problem with the urinary urgency. But I had a cystocopy done on that and he said everything in my bladder looked normal. Besides the tight bladder neck.

Do I have symptoms of it and can it mess with my urinary system as well.

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Old 09-14-2007, 04:01 PM   #2
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frb1591 HB User
Re: diverticulitis? Help Please

So sorry your are having these problems, especially at a young age. It sure sounds like diverticulitis and yes, diverticulitis can make you think you have urinary problems as well. Diverticulitis can be a life threatening illness so don't take it lightly. Also, don't let a doctor take your symptoms lightly as well. Sometimes when one is young, such symptoms are blown off. I would advise you to make an appointment with a colon/rectal doc as soon as possible. You need to find out what's going on be it diverticulitis or something else.

Good luck!

Old 09-16-2007, 06:46 AM   #3
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UnNaMeD1 HB User
Re: diverticulitis? Help Please

I'm going to try to make an appointment Monday with a gastro. I know it may take up to two weeks to get in or more. I'm also not trying to miss my important dental appointment on the 20th.

As if it is a bad case of diverticulitus or hernia or scarring from haveing constipation. I may need surgery, and I would miss that appointment. Which I have been waiting on a long time. But I need to be seen as quick as I can after the 20th to see whats going on.

My Mom and grandma said I will probably have to referred to one cause they have already had a colonscopy and a upper gastro scopy. But hopefully I can get one to give me a call back and I can explain the symptoms to him. Then maybe I will not need a referal by another physcian. If that doesn't work, I'll go to a regular physician and tell him my problems and hopefully he will send me for a ct scan witch may reveal the cause.

Last night my left side and lower left side felt a little tender in the area where the acute attack or blockage has been felt before for about the whole day. Especially when I walked or bended. Seems like there's and air pocket there that just burbles there all day. Well I went to sleep finally and woke up todasy feeling fine.

Main thing in the meantime what should I eat? I'm kinda getting scared to eat after the last bout which it felt like my intetstines about exploded. The prune juice worked the first time of clearing me out. But I tried again and took a laxative and it seems to have led to that mild attack I was talking abut above in the first post.

Yea your right I'm to young to be expirencing these type of things, but I know young people do get them . I have mentioned my stomach pain over and over to the uro, and he seems to just ignore it as constipation. But I know it isn't. I know there's some type of partial block that sometimes feels like it may become fully blocked which with the enormous amout of pressure pushing it seem to somehow break through. He don't understand the pain that I feel when an acute attack comes. I would like to get it checked before I return to him. Cause he may want to do surgery or something on my bladder neck when that might not be the cause of my frequency and incomplete emptying of my bladder. Plus after that stomach pain went through if sugery is nessacary I'm ready for it at this time. I don't wanna ever go through that anymore, and I would like to enjoy my 20's and not feel sick everyday. So the sooner it's done the more I will be able to enjoy life. And these two things have just about runined it completely. Not to mention I also need a sinus allergy/check.

Only bad thing is I have panic disorder, will they allow me to a valium or klonipin or something to calm me before coming in as I have a bad phobia of docters and scope and needles etc. When I pull up to the office I just wanna pass out or go home.

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Old 09-16-2007, 12:46 PM   #4
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Clover100 HB User
Re: diverticulitis? Help Please

The attack you described sound just like what I had last September (by the way, I'm having surgery on Oct. 25 to do a colon resection). It felt just like someone was pulling barb wire through my lower intestine. I ended up with a micro perforation of the bowel. I can relate to feeling like I had an air pocket or pocket of gas in my stomach. Please take this warning seriously and get to a doctor immediately. You can always get an appt. to fix your teeth later. If a full-blown attack should happen, you could end up with a temporary or a permanent colostomy----and I don't think you'd want that. I'd rather have false teeth than a colostomy bag.

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UnNaMeD1 HB User
Re: diverticulitis? Help Please


Do you have Diverticulitus? Or how did you wall get perforated?

If it perferated why are they takeing so long to do surgery? I thought that needed medical surgical attention at once especially if it peferated. Yes I'm going to call today, and make an appointment, or try my best to get one with a gastro if they won't brush me off which I'll think they'll try to do since Im young. If one does I'll call another.

Your right I don't wanna end up with a bag for 6 months and two surguries, and like you said maybe even permantly. If something has to be done I would prefer to be rejoined during the same operation. An as quicky as possible, just ready to put all this behind me. As for my teeth I just needed some fillings done, but they will probably end up being done before a gastro will get to me. Since my appointment is this Thursday morning all I was saying. Since Most specialicialist are booked for weeks. I know if I went to ER without any pain they would just send me home, or say go to a gastro thats what the seem to do to everyone I know who goes. So I'mma try to go straight to a gastro instead of between doctors. Cause I'm also uninsured, but if it means 100,000 to save my life! I guess I'll just have to pay the rest of my life and end up with bad credit, cause I figure my life if worth much more than that. But I am happy today I had a nice size stool that went through that area fine without any pain.

BTW how did you get diagnosed CT scan or Other methods? Or through an appointment with a gastro colonscopy? What have they been giving you in the meantime? If you don't mind answering.

Oh and Good luck with your surgery, I'm sure you will be good as new afterwards, and thanks again for the advice you two have given me.

Old 09-17-2007, 09:48 AM   #6
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drg123 HB User
Re: diverticulitis? Help Please


My Story On Colon resection_

Background- I'm a 45 year old male. I had colon resection 5 weeks ago today. To try and make a long tory short. My Diverticulitis started about five years ago. I would have an attack and sometimes went to the doctor and sometimes just toughed it out. On the times I did go to the doctor, He would just call it an intestinal infection and send me home with antibiotics. Last year I had a severe attack and had changed doctors to one who is closer. I went to him and he sent me to the hospital. After a cat scan, I was finally diagnosed with diverticulitis and possible small perforation. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days on IV antibioctics followed by another weeks worth after I got home. Afterwards They scheduled me for a colonoscopy because I guess CTs can only tell them so much. The colonoscopy confirmed the diverticulosis but every thing else was normal. They told to stay on a diet that was high fiber and to avoid all nuts and seeds. I did this as best I could and had another severe attack in May 07. The pain was extremely severe with this one. It would come in cramping form and double me over. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this time I almost couldn't breath. I later found out that my bowels were not blocked but rather just shut down. Not allowing anything to pass not even gas. I had another Cat Scan and it confirmed Diverticulitis. I was refered to a GI and after several blood test, Upper GI, etc. He referred me to a surgeon. When I went to this surgeon, I found out he was just a general surgeon and was not able to perform the latest laproscopic methods. I'm telling you this so you will watch out for the "buddy system" amoung the doctors. I went home and reaserched the local surgeons that specialize in colon sugery and made an appointment with them.
The Surgery-I am prone to high anxiety and about a week before the operation I started getting really nervous. Almost to the point of ckickening out. But the day it arrived I was given something for the anxiety and I was very calm and worry free in preop. My Mom and Daughter were with me and I said goodbye and told them I loved them and off I went. When I woke up I had a little discomfort from the catheder but that was really all. I've read alot of post from people who had the epidural and have praised it. But my doctor does not use them for whatever reason so I was on morphine. I stayed on the morphine for two days and after that I had nothing for the pain. I still had alot of pain when I moved or got up, but refused the morphine because it kept me in a fog that I didn't like. Aslong as I was still the pain was very minimal. I was passing gas on the 3rd day and by the 4th was allowed soft foods. I was released on the morning of the 5th day. I went home and my mother stayed with me for a week and cooked for me and I was very thankful to have her there. I was pretty much able to do for myself after the 1 and 1/2 week mark. They removed 8 inches of colon which Had a sizeable abcess. That explains the slight pain in my lower left side every time I bent over even though I wasn't having an attack. I think my decision to have elective surgery saved me from an immanent rupture and sbsequent colostomy experiance down the road.
I am so very thankful to God that he gave me the courage to go through with it and look forward to the worry free days ahead. I also owe a debt of gratitude to all of the people who have gone before me and shared their expriences here. They also played a major role in my decision and confidence in going through this. Thanks to all and God bless.
I realize your diagnosis is not complete at this time, but as far as your symptoms, They are very similar to the what I experienced. I had not had a normal stool for at least 4 years prior to my surgery. They were either lose or in small fragments all of the time. I always attributed this to the medication I take on a daily basis. But now for the first time in 4 yrs I'm having normal BMs. Like you, it was painful to urinate during an attack of Diverticulitis. I never was nausious during an attack. I would run a fever of around 100-101 and had cramping pain, sometimes more severe than others. Lastly I would feel that I was being inflated in my whole digestive system. Like I was full but with no urge to have a BM. Kinda like constipation but slightly different.
So thats my story. I hope it helps others as much as others have helped me. If you do confirm Diverticulitis or some other cause, Just remember you will make it through it just fine. The key is don't suffer as long as I did, see the appropriate medical professionals. And try not to worry or stress out about it. Looking back on it and knowing how I feel now. Its one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Best of luck and God bless


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maggiemoo HB User
Re: diverticulitis? Help Please

Originally Posted by UnNaMeD1 View Post

Do you have Diverticulitus? Or how did you wall get perforated?

If it perferated why are they takeing so long to do surgery? I thought that needed medical surgical attention at once especially if it peferated. .
You're right that many perforations do require immediate surgery. However, they are finding that tiny perforations can be healed with antibiotics--usually IV antibiotics in the hospital. I also had a micro perforation that was healed with IV antibiotics. They wanted everything healed before they did a follow-up colonoscopy--about 6 weeks later. It was after that colonoscopy that my surgery was scheduled.


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Re: diverticulitis? Help Please

Ok I called to set up an appointment with a gastro. Told my problems asked what to do. They told me I had to have a referral by a family doctor. I told them I don't have a family doctor. So I guess it's back up to the Med Central office only time I can make it there is Saturday morning. He wanted to do bloodwork the last time I was there about a year ago. But the woman had already picked up the blood for that day. He's probably gonna still want to do that first, but I'm going to tell him about my stomach which I should've years and years ago, and say I need to be sent for a CT scan immediately.

Anyway I just have one more question? Does my bowel need to be full when, and if I can get a ct scan? Or can I go empty stomach, and they still see the diverticulitus and perforations if thats the case. Even if the attack has been over a month ago will they still be able to see anything?

Also are they going to require me to empty my bowels before the scan? What kind do they for these type of symptoms drink contrast, blood, or up the butt?

thanks dan for the story! It gave me some hope to go on with whatever needed to be done.

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Re: diverticulitis? Help Please


I went to urgent care cause I got sick of doing all this docter to docter stuff. Hoping to find out something. Only to find out I met the worst docter alive, a complete a--. Everything I told him he blurted back before I could tell him anything. And regarded everything as constipation, and told me to stick to a high fiber diet. I told him I done drunk prune juice it cleared me out, but the was still pain in there afterword, and It it seemed to bring on a mild attack the next day. And that when I bend it hurts where those attacks had occured. I also told him as my bowel pass's a certain area it hurts, (you know where I had the attacks at all the time). Sometimes they seem to get stuck there. I told him to look down at my stomach one side seems to poke out further as if I'm bloated or had a hernia or tumour.

Finally after augering with him for hours, and hours. He sent me for a regular xray upper and lower. No ct, contrast, bairum nothing. Then says I'm fine and healthy, and he can't see any type of preforations, and I don't have cancer or he would feel it. I asked how can you be so sure of what I have when you didn't use contrast dye or anything. He then again replyed back with a smart remark. Then I said how do you know I don't have any cancer I said that can only be excactly diagnosed with colonscopy from what I heard. He then again got smart, and said you have an answer for everything don't you. I said yes I do my research!

Finally I was just getting peed with his smart remarks at everything I asked or tryed to say. He'd say listen to me blah blah.

Finally I said how can you say I'm healthy, you've did no bloodwork, I could have an stomach or infection somewhere, or a thyorid or diabetes disorder since I have been haveing urinary freq, dehydration, and aneiexty, panic issues etc. I said a docter one year ago requested for me to have one done. And I haven't had one since I was 13 nor been to a docter. He then again popped off.

He said well go to a family docter if you want one. We deal with urgent broken bones, and flues, and colds. I said and my stomach exploding is not big issue? Or a mass infection somehwere? I said what do you want me to do wait till the next episode, and let it explode, he said yes then come back to me then, and will do something. But yet he could get bloodtest run on everyone with a cold, and urine test. I also told him I sick of running around to docter's who's like him won't do or give a bloodtest.

I said this is a hospital, and you can't even do a simple bloodtest for me, you have every tool available here to do everything. I asked could he refer me to a gastro then or anything, he woudn't do anything. He had something smart to say about everything. I finally said whatever and got dressed. Then again he said something else smart.

I finally just come plain out and said look, your not the one who feels like sleeping all day, your not the one who's liquid soon as you drink it goes right through you, and you not the one who drinks what seems like two gallons a day of water and still thirsty, your not the one wakeing up dehryated through the night, and your not the one who wakes up in the morning shakey and tired with chills, and hot flashes, or body feels hot or cold when everyone around says different, with migraines alot. My hands and underarms always feel wet, or dripping, my feet freeze and sweat. I said if I was fine I wouldn't be going to a uro neither for freqeucy and slow stream, which the uro said was a tight bladder neck causeing that, (but I don't know with all these other things wrong).. I said if I was fine my blood pressure wouldn't be 158 over 90 on your hospital machine, for a 23 yo. Thats twice now my BP has been high at two different offices.

I said I know how I feel, and I feel like ****. You don't have any idea how I feel you don't have my body. Then I got my stuff and left. Complete jerk! Only people nice up there was the nurses.

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