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Bleeding every time on #2

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Old 10-15-2007, 06:16 AM   #1
Ol'Line Rebel
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Ol'Line Rebel HB UserOl'Line Rebel HB User
Bleeding every time on #2

Hello, Forgive me ahead of time for being long-winded (as usual)!

I know lots of people are probably going to say "DUH!", but I have a history & current situation when I ask if I should call my GE about the persistent bleeding from the rectum when I go #2.

1st, let me mention I've had a big hemorrhoid sitting just in or just out of my rectum for 13 years now. Never had it removed. Usually doesn't bother me, but sometimes it seems to, or seems to cause a fissure that makes it bleed down there when going #2. That is occasionally during the year. Also, I'll mention my GP way back told me at the time I went for the developing hemorrhoid that I had a fissure on the anus.

These things are really no big deal.

Anyway, I've struggled with alleged GERD/gastroparesis - upper GI stuff - for the last 2 years. Taken PPIs for it, double dosage mid-way because it affects my throat (Zantac 300 mg per day since winter). I ramped off PPIs to get pregnant this Spring, very gradually removing them. In May and through June I had alot of "burning gut", feeling like my stomach and parts of my intestines (lower GI, anyway) were really chemically burning; this is when my PPIs were at negligible dosage. Then in June I got pregnant; discovered in July. Of course, I'm not supposed to be on any drugs, etc, unless permitted.

So mid-July I start a host of problems, mostly upper GI, but including CONSTANT bleeding on #2 every time I go. Sometimes it hurts like a fissure or "beaten-up" hemorrhoid, sometimes nothing at all. But basically for 3 months I have essentially every day blood - bright red - when I go #2.

I've mostly just scoffed at it since I'm used to the hemo problems, and thought maybe with my wacky hormones it's more sensitive now (I do have constipation problems sometimes). But not only am I sick of doctors - wasting time for their appt's, etc (in "trouble" now at work for this) - I'm afraid they'll just tell me to suck it up anyway, because I'm pregnant and they can't do anything; no procedures or such, and it's probably just hemo. Then I'd feel I really wasted my time seeing the GE.

Anyone have opinions?

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Old 10-15-2007, 02:43 PM   #2
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marilyn60 HB User
Re: Bleeding every time on #2

hemorrhoids and constipation are common with pregnancy, and you already knew you have the problems. Pregnancy aggravates the condition from the weight of the baby pushing down on the bowel. The constipation problem needs to be addressed or your fissure and hemorrhoids will not ever get a poissibility to heal. Hormones don't worsen the condition, but for sure you can feel more aggravated about it when you are "hormonal".

There are a lot of harmless ways to deal with the constipation, and for your pregnant and non-pregnant health you really do need to get the constipation issue dealt with~

For one thing, be careful not to intake a lot of concentrated calcium (such as cheese) at a time as that is constipating. Calcium is in a lot of foods and it's good for us but it needs balanced with magnesium citrate. It has to be citrate or it may not be assimilated into your body so it can balance the calcium. Get it at a health food store. Take one tablet a day and add one more tablets each day until your stool easily passes. You will know how much you need when your stool becomes soft enough to easily pass. If you get a stool that is runny then just take less magnesium the next figure the dose your own body needs by experience. It is not harmful to you or your baby, and may even help you both have stronger teeth and bones.

Also, daily eat lots of fibrous foods like bran flake dry cereal, beans, legumes, all kinds vegetables, BUT make sure to drink plenty of water in between meals so that the fibers help move along the waste and doesn't get compacted. Plenty of water is very important to healthy bowel movement.

Esp. in pregnancy, when the digestive system is already irritated, avoid caffeinated & carbonated drinks, which contribute to indigestion and heartburn and digestive discomfort. Substitute tea, any kind, as it is not so hard on the digestive tract, but non-caffiene tea, hot or cold would be easier on the digestive system.

A little bit of daily hemorrhoid bleeding is not usually serious, but ignoring the constipation problem is not good at all. It does affect your current problems and your over all health.

Let me know if you try these things. I hope you can get this under control so that you are more comfortable and hopefully those anus problems will heal up and disappear.

Old 10-15-2007, 02:49 PM   #3
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marilyn60 HB User
Re: Bleeding every time on #2


You do not want to let this go until you are forced to have surgery to correct the hem./fissure problems. Not only can surgery weaken the area and allow more problems to develop, but the surgery is excrutiatingly painful and pain killers are not that effective.

Old 10-15-2007, 07:11 PM   #4
Ol'Line Rebel
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Re: Bleeding every time on #2

Thanks for the helpful info, but I really should be clear about the "constipation". The term is relative, not absolute. Most doctors would probably say I have little evidence of real constipation.

I'm aware that constipation may aggravate even the upper GI problems I have (which have many suggested diets I'm aware of - including "low fiber" for gastroparesis), so I've been very watchful this year about when I seem to go "too long". In Spring I decided I should have a movement every day to ensure I'm not causing distress to the rest of my system.

So, if I don't in 24 hrs, I begin drinking prune juice periodically.

The worst I've ever let the problems go was maybe 3 days or so, before I got pregnant - also about when I decided I needed to control any possible hard slow stool to lessen my GERD/gastroparesis issues.

Basically I've never gone more than 2 days during pregnancy.

So the constipation isn't bad; I'm actually trying to head it off.

Also, I'm only in my 5th month now; the problems with bleeding began when I was perhaps 4 wks pregnant - hardly any pressure would be there at all. That's why I was thinking more of hormones. But if that doesn't jibe - perhaps that's more alarming?

So given this detailed info, maybe I should still get it checked? 1 easy way I might head off over-analysis is going to my regular GP instead of my GE (who is far away and takes a long time to see often). This GP would be the same man who checked the big hemorrhoid years ago.

Thanks for the info about the procedures! The other reason I hesitate to do anything is because I may end up with more hemi's anyway being pregnant!

Old 10-15-2007, 09:37 PM   #5
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marilyn60 HB User
Thumbs up Re: Bleeding every time on #2

Hi Rebel,

I'm glad you are working on the constipation issue! I am sure that waiting two or three days is not healthy, though some wait longer.

I know well how one problem can complicate other problems, which can make it difficult to get a balanced diet to be healthy. And, doctors, in my experience don't always know enough to give proper advice. Even specialists will focus on one part of the body, and without meaning to, will neglect what the other part needs. I think it is up to us to try to find the balance ourselves, looking out for all of our own needs.

I think it is wise to ask the GP to check if the hemorrhoid is indeed causing the bleeding, to relieve your mind and be sure it is not more serious. The doctor should know how to press the lower left side abdomen just above the pubic bone to check for pain, which indicates constipation that you may not otherwise notice. There can be spots of constipation internally that don't seem symptomatic. If the doctor doesn't do the pressure test, ask your mate to do it. It should not be painful or tender there. (it won't hurt the baby)

Of course constipation is relative. I don't presume that I know exactly what you need for yourself and I am no expert. I am going by my own research and experience and talking with others with similar problems.

As far as the gastro problem goes, I agree it is good to not eat raw fruit or vegetables or a even a cooked coarse fiber as is in broccoli, but most cooked fiber is not the same thing, and in my opinion it is imperative, with fissure and hemorrhoid, to be sure to not ever allow the stool to get hard or dry at all. I wouldn't wait 24 hours to see how things are; I would drink a little prune juice daily to keep the stool soft enough to never have to strain at all. More than one stool a day can allow the other problems a chance to rest if not heal.

Pregnancy changes how things sit internally, early on, and the weight difference includes the water in the womb, not just the tiny baby. Water weight increases fast. However, even if your early bleeding was from pushing the stool or womb baby and water weight, either way, you are now five months along with definite increase in pressure. All organs are relative which affects bowel and anus issues.

Some believe our outgo should equal our intake, as the body only accepts minute parts from food to absorb into the blood. The rest is waste. We see animals' outgo is close to their intake, yet we humans can assume it's OK if stuff sits in our bodies for 24 hours or takes days to get out. We may have no idea how impacted our intestines and bowels are.

I had a friend that ate normally and had one bowel movement a month...I kid you not. She had serious skin disease...the skin is an excrement organ, and her skin was trying to get rid of the waste impacted in her. Once a month she would take a load of laxatives and sit on the toilet for hours. When her doctor found out he insisted that she get weaned off the laxatives and eat better so that her bowels moved at least once a week. She never did eat right and ended up dying from liver failure (another cleansing organ) at a young age. This is only one reason I think it is not optional to have regular bowel movements.

I don't like going to doctors, and I feel for you as it can be so humiliating! I hope you let me know what the doctor says.

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