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newuser2008 HB User
Have hemorrhoids, fissures, or digestive issues? Read this!

I'm making this post in hopes that it helps as many as possible, or at the very least gives hope to as many as possible. I know it's long, but I have 3 years of suffering to recap. If you just want to know what I am doing to heal myself skip down to the ***'s.

A little background on me. I'm a 32 y/o male, 6'2", 160 lbs. I was always very active, including playing basketball at least twice per week. I started having the itching and burning, that you are no doubt familiar with, about 3 years ago. I went to my regular Dr. and all he could find was an "old" internal hemorrhoid. He gave me some cortisone cream in hopes that would help.

The cream didn't help, so I started to eat "healthier" (more fiber, more fruits and veggies, less meat, very low fat, activia yogurt). My problems only got worse. It got to the point where I finally had to see a specialist.

My colon rectal Dr. started doing IRC (infared laser) treatments on me for internal hemorrhoids and ordered a colonoscopy. Last December I had the procedure done, and the results came back negative (no piles or cancer).

Not long after that, I developed a clot just on the outside of my anus (an external hem.). This thing made me miserable!!! My Dr. at first gave me nifedipine cream in hopes that it would help it go away. No such luck. After about 6-8 weeks of using the cream, the Dr. said that he would need to cut out the clot.

Naturally, I was terrified of the procedure. In April of this year, the Dr. performed the surgery and also used a C02 laser on a fissure (which I guess I had developed from the clot). I made a thread about my recovery here: fissure . I have been taking Miralax ever since post surgery.

My recovery wasn't that bad, but I did develop a slight infection and yet another fissure. I was given an antibiotic cream, which did clear up the infection in about 4-6 weeks. The fissure, however, remained.

The Dr. treated me with the IRC again a few weeks ago, and gave me yet another cream to help the fissure. Keep in mind, this entire time, I have been eating much "healthier" (more fiber, more fruits and veggies, less meat, very low fat, activia yogurt), and still taking the Miralax.

A month had gone by, and there was no improvement from the fissure. In fact, it seemed that the “healthier” I ate, the worse it got. About 3 weeks ago, I got really constipated, and this lasted for 2 weeks (despite taking the Miralax). I cut out nearly all meat, nearly all fat, and was eating mostly “good stuff”, like fruits and big salads, activia yogurt...and Miralax. By “constipation”, I mean that I could go everyday, but it was harder to go. Also, I was going more often, several times per day. Very bad combo for a fissure. Also, I lost about 10 lbs.

It got so bad, that I was going to call my Dr. last week to see if he could see me to discuss LIS or laser cauterization. But, before I did, I got on the internet and stated researching everything I could about diet and constipation. Most of what I found was “eat more fiber”, “eat less protein”, and “eat low fat”. However, THANKFULLY, I also found a few things related to metabolic typing diet.

Essentially, metabolic typing means that each person's body is different. How food is handled in the body is different for each person. What my body does with a piece of fruit may be different than what your body does with it. That's why your friend can lose 20 lbs on a specific diet, and you can't. That's why eskimos can eat a pure fat diet and be fine. That's why so many on here increase their fiber, only to get worse. Different genetic makeups determine how your body processes food.

This lead me to go to my library where I got a book called The Metabolic Typing Diet, by William Linz Wolcott. Don't worry, it's not another fad diet. In fact, the point of the book is not even about losing weight, although he does touch on that aspect. The book explains that there are 3 main metabolic types: Protein, Mixed, and Carb. I happen to fall into Protein. In other words, my body needs more protein and good fats than carbs to function properly. I need to eat a ratio of at least 70% protein and fat and 30% carbs at each meal. The same protein and fat that I have been starving my body of.

So, last week, I started eating with this ratio in mind. For breakfast, I am eating the following:
a teaspoon of coconut oil, a tspn of olive oil, a few chunks of pineapple, and an orange all blended together....I drink this and also take a capsule of cod liver oil with it.
I will then wait about a half hour, and then I take a glass of water with my Miralax (yep, still taking that for now).
About 30 minutes later I will eat 2 eggs with the YOLKS and a drizzle of olive oil, a slice of sprouted wheat bread (found at Trader Joe's) with real butter, some form of meat (chicken or beef), and half of an avocado.

After I eat this fat and protein packed breakfast, I am not hungry again until about 1 pm. AND, I have more energy than I have had in years!

Lunch is usually something small, like an apple with some peanut butter.

Dinner is again some sort of meat, half of a potato with butter, another slice of sprouted bread with real butter, a small spinach salad with the other half of avocado and olive oil for dressing, and maybe another small veggie.

THE very first day after eating like this, after 2 weeks of being constipated prior, I had a soft, smooth, complete BM. It has been that way each day for a week now. This has allowed my fissure to FINALLY start to heal. In fact, I worked out and played a little basketball today....all with NO ITCHING or BURNING! For the first time in 3 years I have no itching or burning!

I have been taking pictures of my problem area for the past few months (hey, how else can you see what is going on down there?). And, my fissure is definitely healing! In fact, it looks like it is finally healed over.

While I don't consider myself completely healed at this point, and I plan to take the Miralax for at least another week or 2, I can say that without a doubt, changing my diet to suit my metabolic type has made the most significant impact. I hope to gradually decrease the Miralax over the next 2 weeks. My BM is a little too soft now, but I want to be certain that the fissure is 100% healed before I totally go off of the Miralax.

Today is by far the best that I have felt in 3 years!!! I have so much more energy, my bm is soft, smooth, and nearly effortless, and my fissure is nearly completely healed. I feel like a new person.

Again, I am a protein type, so this diet may not work for you. You may be a carb type, and need the exact opposite ratio as me. But, the point is, a one size fits all, “more fiber, fiber, fiber” diet will likely not work for you. That's why so many on this board continue to struggle, and even get worse, while eating more fiber.

Additionally, some things that I am doing that everybody can do are:
- drink at least half your body weight in water each day (160 lbs = 80 oz) Be sure to keep accurate track
- chew your food to a pulp (this is the hardest part for me...I tended to chew things like meat just until they were small enough to I mush it all)
- contrary to popular belief, do NOT drink water with your meals, as this dilutes the acid in your stomach preventing complete digestion...drink water between meals
- use the squat position for pooping
- avoid ALL processed food

To summarize, get online to research and read books to find out what your metabolic type is, then eat according to your type. You may have to mess with the ratios a little to find what works best for you. Also, figure out it you are a fast or a slow oxidizer. This will help determine which foods you should eat and when. Once you figure this out, you should immediately start to feel better, more energized, and hopefully poop better, thus allowing your hem's and fissures to heal. The one size fits all, “low fat, less meat, high fiber” diet in bunk!

I recommend that you read The Metabolic Typing Diet. Also, I ordered a book by Paul Chek called How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy.

Good luck to everybody who is suffering like I was. I hope that you find out what works best for your body, and that you are able to start healing yourself.

EDIT: I should add...the people that I referenced all promote organic, whole foods. Believe me, I know that organics are expensive. Even if you can't afford organic, at least eat whole, unprocessed foods that fit your metabolic type.

I'm still a bit of a skeptic of organics myself. However, just this past week, I tried the organic, free range, grass fed beef from Trader Joe's. I bought a 1 lb package of the stew meat, since that was the cheapest. I must say, when I opened the package, there was an immediate great, real beefy smell. I mean it was a GOOD smell! I grilled it up, and it was indeed some of the best tasting beef I have ever had, despite being stew meat. It was well worth the $5/lb price. I can't imagine how good their fillet would have been. I think I may be a grass-fed only beef convert. For a few bucks more than the regular supermarket meat, you should at least give it a try sometime.

Additionally, about the people I referenced, they're not out to sell you a bunch of supplements. In fact, they advise you to avoid nearly all supplements, including synthetic multi-vitamins.

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workingonitABQ (03-17-2012)
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kennyboy HB Userkennyboy HB User
Re: Have hemorrhoids, fissures, or digestive issues? Read this!

Phew! Got to the end but scanned it basically.

A few things.

Yes you have found out what I have been writing on this board for months i.e. olive oil and coconut oil produce an emulsified stool which is what you have described you have now achieved and which has allowed your fissure to heal naturally. Well done.

You didn't mention an increased water intake at all which is crucial in allowing the fiber, (both the soluble and insoluble types you infer to) to act like a sponge and keep your stools soft. I agree with the idea of taking the water between meals but you need more than usual.

The coconut oil will give you direct energy as it does not require the same digestive process as other foods. Look it up.

Shame you had to go through all the other medical procedures before you found out how to 'do it yourself'. Never mind, you've now found the key. The key being 'emulsification'.

You will have to keep up the food regime through self discipline for the foreseeable future as one bad dose of constipation and a large hard stool can send you back to square one.

Oil, water, fiber and a healthy diet is the key to achieving the sort of emulsified stools that allow your sphincter muscle to relax and start healing itself. Maintaining it over a long period of time requires self's a life changing experience.
Good luck for the future.

Oh and don't forget to try and maintain a balance between omega 6 fats and omega 3 fats. Try a daily dose of flax oil to balance things up a bit. It's important.

And another tip. As you're a bloke and have a prostate gland to consider try taking your oil with tomatoe juice instead of orange juice as a daily intake of tomatoes is statistically favourable to avoid prostate cancer. Look it up. Cheers.

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Re: Have hemorrhoids, fissures, or digestive issues? Read this!

Thanks for the reply, Ken. I have seen your posts about oils, and I meant to give you some credit in my post. However, it's not JUST about the oils. Eating the right mix of foods that work well for each individual metabolic type is equally important. I just don't want others to think that if they simply consume more good oils, that all will be well. It's an important balance between oils, fats, proteins, carbs, and fiber.

In my post, I did mention the importance of drinking at least 1/2 oz. of water for each lb of body weight (200 lbs = 100 oz of water) each day...that is a minimum! If you work out, you should drink a lot more. Juices, tea, coffee, and sports drinks do NOT count towards your daily water goals.

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sweetgramma (02-21-2012)
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kennyboy HB Userkennyboy HB User
Re: Have hemorrhoids, fissures, or digestive issues? Read this!

Sorry I missed the bit about I said, I speed read it.

For myself I eat just about everything and anything. When I had my fissure my worst days were after I had eaten spicy curries and soon learnt to avoid that!

Spicy food is not a problem now. God I couldn't live without a good curry!

I’m not sure about the metabolic point you are making and it sounds a bit odd to me to be honest but I'll take your word for it. From a personal point of view I don't really think it matters what a person eats when they are healthy but once problems arise caused by hard stools then the need to achieve emulsified stools is a necessity if they want to get back to normal without a surgeon cutting them about but IT TAKES TIME and most people want the quick fix because a fissure is horribly painful.

It's an interesting point that the primitive diets of people in undeveloped countries don't seem to cause as many bowel problems as the more refined diets of developed countries which I suppose gives some credence to your 'metabolic' point.

Eating organic food just makes good sense to me as it does to you but I'm not pedantic about it and certainly wouldn't turn my back on something that wasn't organic if I really fancied it. But keeping your body clean of chemicals and additives is something to aim for even if you don't achieve it as much as you would prefer and that includes medicines that are chemically drug based. I took Ibuprophen when I was on holiday to ease the pain of a twisted knee but I was keen to get off it once the pain was bearable. Horrible stuff but necessary to take it sometimes (when you’re very desperate ha ha).

Thanks for your posts though as it's good to know that somebody else has managed to self heal through changing their eating habits.

I like to look at things positively so I'm grateful for my fissure (!!!!) as it made me more educative about foods generally and the need to keep a balance between omega 3 and 6. It was a life changing experience. Have you read any of Mary Enig? She's brilliant.

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Re: Have hemorrhoids, fissures, or digestive issues? Read this!

Originally Posted by kennyboy View Post
I like to look at things positively so I'm grateful for my fissure (!!!!) as it made me more educative about foods generally and the need to keep a balance between omega 3 and 6. It was a life changing experience. Have you read any of Mary Enig? Type in 'the skinny on fats' into a search engine and have a read. She's brilliant.
No, I haven't read Mary's stuff yet. However, she is mentioned by the folks that I mentioned. I will have to check her out one of these days.

As for the metabolic typing, I encourage people to read about it, especially the books by William (Bill) Wolcott or Paul Chek. If after reading them, metabolic typing eating makes sense to you, then give it a shot.

For some reason, now I'm craving curry...mmmmm.

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