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Problem with fecal body odor

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Old 12-01-2010, 11:18 AM   #1
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surferdude26 HB User
Problem with fecal body odor

I have problems with fecal body odors! I find that even after doing an enema, that I still have a poop like body odour about myself, that just follows me and it's strong enough, to fill an entire room! I've had fecal body odours for 4 long, ongoing years and each and every new day, doesn't make having this problem any easier!! I know that for a fact, which I know, you'll agree!! I don't know what others tried to combat this huge problem in your life? If you have ideas, please let me know and what they were!!! Thanks and feel free to send me a post here anytime!! Bye for now.


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Old 12-05-2010, 07:21 AM   #2
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Joshua3232 HB User
Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

Let me tell you your not alone, I thought I was with this problem. Went out last night had some real fun. Went to the cheese cake factory(never been before) hanged out with a few of my good friends and this 1 girl i have only met once but she is dating one of the guys in the groups. Not to my standards anyways. I'm just going to say that I have the best personality in the world every 1 likes being around me, but im going to tell you I don't understand this problem. I might have been a bit nervous(I do get super nervous, I over think stuff, and super shy but the shy thing only lasts a few minutes, bc had to wait like an hour and a half at the cheese cake factory, soon as we sat down i seem fine, but i felt like i had to fart during the whole time we were eating, so you know you move a bit in the chair and tap your feet to stop. Your moving around enough hopefully people don't see you doing this, well i went all out, i had not ate the whole day coming to this feast, A whole pizza, a loaf of bread,fries,and cheese cake. I felt like it was going to come out both ends. We were at the table about an hour and i felt like i was sweating down there. Anyways I have always been the type that right when i eat i have to go poop right away, so pulled at a gas station and went, and then we all went to this place that had alot of fun stuff in side, anyways I felt better but not 100%. We were paying and the girl in the group was like something smells like Sht, Im thinking to myself how the hell is that me, i did not fart or anything, Lukly one of my friends walked away so we blamed him (lol you got to do what you got to do) I stayed as much distance as possible so they did not smell me again and im sure they did. When i got home I looked nothing i don't understand how I got this smell. I know you guys prob did not want to hear the story, but it just makes me so mad at a fun night.
The thing is Im 22 i weigh 190, I have been working out for about 5 months I was 250 in july. I do notice I can eat a whole package of cheese though in 24 hours with bread. I was eating healthy, now its kinda off and on, I eat fiber alot more like 3 or 4 bars 5 days a week when i work so i can keep my diet in tack. I do know when you eat alot of fiber you fart alot. I have had this problem sense i was maybe 15. Iam always a hot person so i always sweat if im wearing warm clothes. Let me tell you in school was the worse, Alot of mean people, there was many times i skiped school because i knew i was going to have that problem that day. It feels like a passed gas kinda but like i held it, like i might have passed gas inside my body. 98 percent of times I do nothing and people ask did you sht your pants or pass gas, im sick of hearing that when i have done nothing, This might be new to you guys but when i went to school i used to bring axe when they had the carry with you bottles you can stick in your pocket and when some one said something i went to the bathroom and sprayed my a zz, It got so bad that the whole room would smell it, It just sucked. I also tried stuffing dryer sheets in my back pockets and I think that masked the smell times but you would smell the sheets when you sat down for long periods of time and people would be like whats that smell. The classes were always warm. When i was wearing pants i seem to sweat on my a zz if i sit for long periods of time. It seems if i wear shorts I feel alittle better, you know get a breeze, I think sometimes helped out.
I know out of everyone on here im about 99 percent sure i have the worst case. All the problems you guys have I have them all. Glad im not alone, i read something thats called swamp a z z, It makes sense. I still have the problem its not in my head and really makes me mad when i know i did nothing, So maybe when I go out I wont eat, I want this fixed before I start dating again , I don't know what does it and I REALLY NEED SOME HELP.
I also went to a doctor and of course they said its in my head, they don't know anything, You know what though I do think being nervous and thinking that its going to happen like sometimes if you concentrate on your az z to much it seems to happen even though you do nothing witch causes the smell even know you do nothing(sounds stupid). Over thinking the problem. The doctor gave me pills and you know it kinda seemed like it worked because i thought it would work. I don't know that was many years ago i used the pills(i think they were pills of nothing, like he gave me the pills to make me think they did something if i remember but did not actually do anything) I have felt everything thing you guys have I understand everyones problems and this sks, I feel bad for anyone that has the same problem as me/this. This is a life ruiner. Where are the Doctors, us people need some help.

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Instinct (01-09-2012)
Old 12-07-2010, 05:23 PM   #3
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michlei HB Usermichlei HB Usermichlei HB Usermichlei HB Usermichlei HB Usermichlei HB Usermichlei HB User
Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

My advice is to check what you're taking for medications or supplements. A student I work with who has a variety of health issues often smells like that because of his medications. It's almost like they react and come out his pores. (Kind of like people who eat too much garlic seem to smell like garlic even after a shower).

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Old 12-10-2010, 02:07 PM   #4
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Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

Hey yall, Do any of you actually have anyone tell you that you smell like poo and do yall smell any other smells like burning rubber or a chemical smell? If so it may be something I heard of called Aura which is a type of sezier which cause's a us to smell and possibly see things that aren't there. Look it up,it may awnser some of yalls questions on your symptoms. I also agree with Michlei on the persperation from the skin which is also possible,the skin commonly exerts body waist from our pores.
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Old 12-29-2010, 07:48 PM   #5
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dutchmuch73 HB User
Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

If anyone can help I dont know how else I could thank you! I shower everyday and I would say im very up there on hygiene ,but when I walk by people they ask me if I have farted or why does it smell like "poop" it always frustrates me...And im sure its not in my head because I get people asking me if I farted or didnt wipe I dont get how they can smell it ,but I cannot smell anything atleast when I fart I can smell my own farts sometimes

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Old 01-05-2011, 09:40 PM   #6
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danceaholic HB User
Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

I suffer from the same problem it has only just started and im a little freaked out now that I know it will last for a while. I read an article that says it's a mental disorder, but I have heard people commenting on it before, and i myself have smelled it occasionly. It does seem to occur more when I'm nervous.

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SympatheticSoul (02-02-2011)
Old 01-25-2011, 06:06 AM   #7
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hannahthai HB User
Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

i have the exact same problem, it has happened to me at the end of a year of traveling in asia so as you can imagine it has been hell for the last 3 months in such heat.
i am so depressed. my friend say they cant smell it butthey have started to notice people reactions!
im 22 but i feel like my life is already over. my flight home is in 3 weeks ... every part of me is dreading facing my old friends and how am i ment to work?? im a hairdresser , could it actually be any worse!!!!
please someone tell me theres a cure!!

Old 01-25-2011, 06:12 AM   #8
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hannahthai HB User
Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

my problem is so bad now i just dont want to leave the house!! i think im sinking into depression.
im 22. i had everything but now all have is a bad smell ...........

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SympatheticSoul (02-02-2011)
Old 01-25-2011, 08:23 PM   #9
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ecurbttocs HB User
Re: i smell like really bad almost like poop

I too have a similar problem. It's not a body odor smell but more like a fart smell. I've tried numerous things to alleviate this, using anti-bacterial soap, drinking more water, taking magnesium supplements, taking B-vitamin supplements, but nothing works! If you find any kind of cure please let me know.

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SympatheticSoul (02-02-2011)
Old 01-27-2011, 11:48 AM   #10
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Njabulo525 HB User
I smell no matter what i do

I use antiseptic hygiene soap deoderant body powder pills for sweating tights take two baths a day and always wear clean clothes yet poeple treat me like i smell like poop no one ever sits or stands next to me and poeple always clear thier throats when i'm around them plus they are always looking at my butt and groin even teachers

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SympatheticSoul (02-02-2011)
Old 02-02-2011, 02:12 PM   #11
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SympatheticSoul HB User
Re: I smell no matter what i do

I am still suffering with the same condition at times and have been for a couple of years. I am only speaking for myself that I did this to myself because trying to be a good worker and show how much of a good and dedicated employee I am sacrificed myself and health by putting on 100lbs. I was at 260 and throughout the time my health deteriorated to the point I had hemorrhoids and suffered from "POOP" smell.

Went to the doctor for the hemorrhoids which resolved some of my problems but I was still smelling like poop and mostly caused during extreme nervousness. It was and still painful to some degree but I refused to be beat. Initially, when this started I limited my social interaction with individuals to limit my exposure except for going to the gym. Even then, I was nervous which only exacerbated the problem; nonetheless, I forced myself to the gym and currently down 80lbs and I have 20 more lbs to go. Although, not as bad the problem still exist but only in extreme nervous conditions will smell like that. It is my hope that once I lose this last bit of lbs I will be okay.

Despondent by the situation and not knowing what the cause, I was googling everything and came across the condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Here is a url...

It made me feel better to know that this was an actual condition and not some rare abnormality I had. To ensure that I don't smell when I go to work I cleanse myself out every morning. Although, I have read articles not to do that on a consistent basis but I am fighting for my livelihood and refuse to let this disrupt my life to the point in which I can't support myself.

Overall, I began to workout harder, harder, and harder. Workingout twice (Running on the track late at night, P90 at home, and Going to the gym) as much on the weekends and changing my eating habits. Increasing my fiber intake and drinking alot of water. Over time, slowly but surely I began to feel alot better, looking alot better, and I smell better most of the time. In between the time, I would do test outings mostly at night. For one, to get myself used to intermingling with other individuals and reduce the stress associated with it. Additionally, to judge my SMELL progress.

So 20lbs more to go and we will see if my body can get back and handle stressful situations. HELL YEAH!!!

Finally, I feel for each and everyone of you suffering from this. I KNOW and understand the pain and ridicule that all of you must and currently endure from people who don't even know you or care about how hard your life has been since your problems began.

I say to each of you - DO NOT GIVE IN to this. USE THE PAIN AND HURT that you are going through to tackle this situation. Go to the doctor to make sure there are no other medical situations that could be causing your issue and if it is weight associated problem then channel that pain into working out.

DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP because if you do you will only condemn yourself and make the problem worst. Its going to be hard... Lord knows, but If I CAN do it I KNOW you can do it. HOW? You are reading sites like these seeking help to your problem so you have taken the first step. NOW LETS GET IT MOVING!! I am about to get my workout on what about you?

I hope this help and god bless all of you. Take care of yourselves too.

Old 09-25-2011, 05:36 AM   #12
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guycalledjason HB User
Re: Problem with fecal body odor

I've been dealing with this problem as well and I've observed a few things. First, I believe that this problem really becomes noticeable in high school as a result of all the changes people go through during [U]puberty[U]. I'm not a scientist, so I can't tell you with certainty what the cause of this problem is, but I have reason to believe that it is related to diet.

I didn't have this problem in high school, but my sister did. What was the difference between us? I followed a strict Vegan diet and she ate meat. Years later, when the problem began for me, I realized that major difference in my life was the fact that I had begun to incorporate meat into my diet. I've since changed my diet and the problem has not been recognizable.

Please note that I am not suggesting that you all go vegan. This type of diet can be very unhealthy, especially for teenagers; YOU NEED YOUR CALCIUM! All I'm suggesting is that you monitor the foods you eat and how they affect your odor. For me, the smell becomes noticeable almost immediately after eating spicy food, or drinking liquor, and only dissipated after a month of eliminating meat from diet and increasing fiber and water intake to cleanse my system.

For all of you high schools kids who are getting ready for college, I strongly recommend that you take a course in nutrition; if nothing else, it's a great way to earn biology credits.

Has anyone else observed specific elements that may trigger this problem? A doctor may be able to help, but only if there has been research done on this specific problem. That is doubtful. Your doctors advise is most certainly a best guess.

Old 10-10-2011, 06:21 AM   #13
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guycalledjason HB User
Re: Problem with fecal body odor

After doing some further research and reading other blogs, I began taking a one aday supplement that contains Glycine and L-Carnitine(two essential amino acids). After three days, I no longer had odorous reactions to food.

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BlueboyJlo (09-02-2012)
Old 10-14-2011, 04:51 PM   #14
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Gracie62 HB User
Re: Problem with fecal body odor

I have also had this problem for a couple of years. At one point my house smelled like a sewer when I went to the bathroom. It was terrible. I immediately stopped eating fried meats and other fried foods. I began eating plain yogurt, vegetables and salads, oatmeal in the morning with flaxseed, taking metamucil, Accuflora probiotic, chlorophyll tablets, and peppermint tablets. About the only meat that I eat is chicken breasts and maybe fish.
My diet change made things much better, but I still have the odor problem but to a lesser degree.

One person had mentioned a tip on a message board, and her tip has probably helped me the most -- at least to try to make it through my job without getting comments. I still get them, but not like I did in the past. Every morning I get up early, so that I can have a bowel movement before going to work. I then shower and use the handheld shower to make sure I have cleaned any remaining fecal matter from the rectum area. This has made it possible for me to work. I also think the chlorophyll and peppermint tablets help to mask the odor. I'm still experimenting with the peppermint however. Not sure if it is a good thing or not.

I'm still looking for answers. Haven't been to doctors because I have no insurance, but may go to a clinic. I took proton pumps for years for acid reflux, but then I stopped. I also worry that I may have an autoimmune disease that may have caused the problem. Hope this helps a little.

Old 09-02-2012, 07:17 AM   #15
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BlueboyJlo HB User
Wink Re: Problem with fecal body odor

Hey Folks - Just wanted to contribute to the message boards as I think I have stumbled across the cause for my SBO - Systematic Body Odor. It was through a lot of reading, trail and error but 3 days and odor free - hOORAY!

Somewhere on one of these message boards i read that someone took probiatocs (well over dosed on them and it seemed to clear up the matter) To that person you were sooo right thanks for posting!
First let me say this DO NOT OVER DOSE on them I took 6 in one day, your only supposed to take 2- Needless to say I was praying to the porcelain god one morning and well you know how that goes!

Ultimately you need to have it build up in your system so you need to take it for a few days and then you will start to notice the non odor after you eat meals, or drink alcohol... Taking this one step further I believe (NOT COnfirmed by a doctor I will say) that I have a lack of Digestive Enzymes which is what got me to this situation in the first place. so I plan to start taking them on a daily basis but first wanted to see what the probiotics resulted in.

I have been privately dealing with this for the past year and it killed my social life and relationship life. So know that I feel for each of you, Please keep the faith and dont ever give up hope! PROBIOTICS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES! GO GET THEM AND TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

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ocdavid (09-15-2012)
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