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BillUltra HB User
Colonscopy revives fissure, depressed

I had battled a chronic fissure since my 20's, thinking it was hemorrhoids, using Prep H and hydrocortisone. Got it properly diagnosed about 5 years ago at age 46 and my doc recommended fiber and ointment. Those helped, but from time to time the fissure got really bad anyway. I finally got so desperate I asked the doc for surgery. He did the LIS, and the results were amazing. I was completely cured! No more fiber wafers, exercise, hiking with my boys, motorcycling, steak and chicken wings, enjoying life to the fullest!

My first colonoscopy was 3-1/2 years ago. It produced 3 benign polyps which were removed. From the moment I left the office I was completely normal and couldn't tell anything had even happened. Because of the polyps and my age (now 51), it was recommended I go back for a colonoscopy every 3 years.

5 weeks ago I had my second colonoscopy. As soon as I woke up I was very much in pain. The gas pain, which I hadn't experienced the first time, was so great that the sharp pain in my rectum seemed inconsequential. The doc said he removed a polyp that was very low in my colon, near my rectum. I went home and when I eventually expelled the gas, I noticed the other pain more and more. I went back in 4 days later and he prescribed lidoderm cream for the pain.

The doc said come back if it hadn't cleared up in 10 days. The pain kept spreading, so I did. I told him it felt a lot like the anal fissure. When he shoved a scope all the way up there, he informed me that the wound had indeed become a fissure that was way back at the top of my rectum. I exclaimed, "Oh my God, no." He put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to worry, it would be ok. He prescribed the ointment and recommended fiber.

It's 3 weeks later, and it's pretty far from ok. A couple of times it felt like I was going to get better, especially weekend before last. But then, after a small "normal" meal and a short hike, the worst. I never, ever, ever get constipated, but somehow, when I absolutely needed regularity the most, my body refused to crap for 2 days. My stomach swelled, and ... well, if you're a member of this forum, you pretty much know what followed.

Just like before, the fissure has completely taken over my life. Everywhere I go, everything I do now revolves around the pain and the fear of BM's. I've gone to the most severe diet I've ever been on, high fiber fruits and veggies and completely eliminating meat. I've lost 20 pounds in a little over a month, which was not so bad, but I'm now under 200 lbs for the first time in a long time and I'm just wondering when the weight loss is going to stop. Ever seen that movie Thinner? (lol) And since I've already had the LIS, I'm pretty sure there's nothing else that can be done that has any real prospect of success. It truly feels like I'm going to be dealing with this for the rest of my life.

I have such a large regret I don't know if I'll ever get over it. To know that I was completely cured from butt problems, and went into the hospital as a COMPLETELY HEALTHY MAN for a procedure that was just fishing around to find something wrong, and now my life is completely ruined.

My wife is telling me to go back to the doctor. I made an appt for tomorrow with my long time proctologist, who did the LIS and the colonoscopy, and also next week with a colon/rectal surgeon recommended by my G.P. I really am stressing to face the first guy again because I pretty much hate him. He should have known my history and just biopsied the polyp rather than cutting me all up down there.

Shouldn't those with repaired anal fissures receive some type warning about the recurrence risk from colonoscopis? I know if I had been told there was even a 5% chance of reviving my fissure, I would NOT have had the procedure. Turned out the polyp was benign anyway of course, so now my life has been ruined for no reason at all. I am hoping beyond hope that one of these doctors will have some idea of how to fix me again, but from everthing I've read, there's not much of a chance of that.

I am really trying to think out of the box now. I'm even wondering about getting put into a medically induced coma and living off an IV until it heals up. I know insurance wouldn't pay for it, but for a cure I would be perfectly willing to part with a very large portion of my considerable net worth.

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Location: Birmingham AL
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BillUltra HB User
re: Colonscopy revives fissure, depressed

Actually has anyone ever used a temporary colostomy bag? That should work and let the wound heal up, right?

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catnap73 HB User
re: Colonscopy revives fissure, depressed

I hope you are coping with the fissure. I had a bad one last year and understand your pain they are seriously unbearable. I have to have a colonoscopy soon. My first. I'm nervous about them finding cancer (I had thyroid cancer last year) but also really worried I'll get another fissure in the process. But what can you do? I'm going to ask about virtual colonoscopy, but not sure it's offered here (sydney).

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Jabez77 HB User
Re: Colonscopy revives fissure, depressed

I feel your pain!! I have had a fissurectomy and a sphincterotomy, but the wound has not healed after two months, and in fact is just as raw as it was in the beginning, and bleeds with BM's. Do these wounds ever heal?!
Have you had any further development with your fissure - any goo dnews regarding healing, and if so, then please let me know how you managed to have the wound healed.

Old 05-29-2012, 02:33 PM   #5
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Birmingham AL
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BillUltra HB User
Re: Colonscopy revives fissure, depressed

I am truly fortunate as I was able to get my fissure healed up in 2 months, following a very strict regimen. Here's what was recommended but didn't work, followed by the regimen I used that did work:

What didn't work:
(1) Aloe vera gel from the plant, up my rectum, caused extreme pain and swelling, and no healing.
(2) Fiber, which was recommended by my doctor. Conysl hurt my stomach, Metamucil made my bm's too hard and bulky.
(3) Bran cereal made my stools too loose, causing my sphincter to spasm
(4) Okra caused my sphincter to spasm
(5) Miralax made my stools burn like fire

What finally is working:
(1) Lots and lots and lots of water
(2) Nifedipine/lidocaine/hydrocortisone cream 3 times a day as prescribed by my doc
(3) Sitz baths at least 3 times a day and after every bm
(4) No caffeine, no alcohol, and no meat at all
(5) Apple juice in the morning instead of OJ (no acidic foods or beverages)
(6) Oatmeal with honey for breakfast
(7) For lunch: one legume (butterbeans, black eyed peas, lima beans, pinto beans, OR new potatos) and 2 soft green veggies (turnip greeens, brussel sprouts, broccoli, green beans)
For supper: BROWN RICE coated in olive oil (I think is the biggest help) with green pea or split pea soup over the top of it for supper
(9) For dessert: a banana and half a glass of prune juice
(10) One Colace stool softener at bedtime.

I have been healed now for several weeks and have reintroduced chicken, fish and turkey to my diet. But still no caffeine, alcohol, or acidic foods.

Old 05-30-2012, 12:02 AM   #6
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Jabez77 HB User
Re: Colonscopy revives fissure, depressed

Good to see that you have healed up! I was beginning to wonder if there was any cure for this problem - my wound is just as bad after two months as it was after the operation. My diet has always been pretty bland and vegetable oriented, but I do eat lots of fruit, and perhaps that is problematic because of the acidic component of some of the fruits.
I will have to adjust my diet, and thanks for the outline of your own diet which led to the healing of your fissure. If it has helped you then surely it should help me.

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