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Colon bulge, lumpy, severe weight loss and bowel changes

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Old 07-26-2012, 05:35 PM   #1
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Karounio HB User
Unhappy Colon bulge, lumpy, severe weight loss and bowel changes

COLON - TURNING INTO SOMETHING POSSIBLY SERIOUS SO ANY CLUE AT ALL WILL BE TAKEN WITH GRATITUDE. A bit of thought first. After gardening in bare hands, I came to know of a very bad farel cat and rat situation. Since our house was empty awhile, prior to the move, neighbours say all the animals used our yard as a big bathroom. This is farm country. I also mistakenly drank water under a "boil water advisory". I am telling you this part as I began to wonder if I picked up a serious bacteria. Yes, tested, but no 'usual' worms or parasite that way. I lost a few pounds and people constantly said so. I put it down to a new home. I then noticed bowel changes. I went from 55 years of living on laxatives, literally, to suddenly not needing even one laxative - ever again[/U]. Stool was same colour, but softer and with HUGE amounts of mucous ALL the time and I suddenly had very - VERY - stinky gas AT ALL TIMES worse when I eat. Sometimes bright red blood on the stool too. Not often, but sometimes. All that began a year ago. We moved to south Ontario and all my houseplants died of a nematode infestation. I wondered if I had the same nematode in my body, perhaps picked up when up north, as I suddenly dropped 20 pounds and landed at 98 pounds from 149!! Not trying, but my appetite changed too. Now, I am hungry only late at night. I began having [B]very serious night sweats and very weird - when I ate anything at all, I had an overwhelming need to sleep / pass out, even with my face falling into my plate or falling on to the arm of the chair, feeling as though my body becomes overwhelmed with the work of eating. Moments later I am fine. When husband is not here, I may actually fall asleep for awhile and wake up just fine. ONLY WHEN EATING - AT NO OTHER TIME EVER. NO PAIN. No matter what I eat, 5 hours later it is being eliminated and often undigested!! Just the way I swallowed it !!! Stool normal colours. HUGE AMOUNTS OF MUCOUS. In fact, sometimes big blobs fall out of me while sleeping OR evem while standing, yet I do not feel it coming beforehand. It comes that urgently. STILL, NO PAIN, BUT LOTS OF DISCOMFORT. Other times, stool is dry and full of what looks like big huge nots of thread or hair type stuff. After just a few bites, my belly extends 10 times its size and hard. I have severe night sweats. The second I begin to eat, there are loud - audible rumbling and tumbling with bad gas. My naval feels like it has a rock under it at all times . AND THEN IT HAPPENED: One night after eating, I laid down as I was SO bloated. I rolled to my left side wih my hand there and my entire descending colon fell on it. (it seemed).A HUGE BULGE. I stood up and it stayed bulged. NO PAIN, JUST DISCOMFORT. Like it fell out of where it is supposed to be. If I push around,, then it is tender. I began to look at all times to find I can always (now) see and feel my entire descending colon AND a harder area way far down; under the bigger bulge. I can also feel a hard smaller lumpy area way far down, like a partial block, which explains the upper bulging? The outline of my descending colon is always visible now and can also feel it with my hand. SO TO RECAP: When I eat (anything) my descending colon swells up with harder area far below that. My belly bloats out 10 times its size and gets hard with LOTS of gas. Stool is now much softer than usual with TONS OF MUCOUS and undigested food. I am suffering, it seems, malabsorption and severe weight loss with a confirmed Vitamin B12 deficiency. Not too much, but present. My upper colon - left side from rib down to hip is visible and I can feel it with my hand. I am overwhelmingly tired when eating, but ONLY AROUND THE EATING. TERRIBLE NIGHT SWEATS. I think subconsciously I eat late as I am fearful I will fall asleep. Stool changes in consistancy. PAIN ONLY WHEN PUSHED ON. Without food it is still there, but not bulging. I know it is complicated, but any ideas? I CANNOT WALK AROUND AT 98 POUNDS with appetite only late at night....can I? I am having a colonoscopy soon and an ultra sound on Monday. Dr. says he thinks I may have a touch of Diverticulosis, but more concerrned with the harder, lower lump and weight. PLEASE HELP ME. Now, I am eating softer things like omelets and porriage until I know as meat is hard to diges THANK YOU FOR HEARING ALL OF THIS WORRY.

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Re: Colon bulge, lumpy, severe weight loss and bowel changes

I'm just taking a shot in the dark here but it sounds like parasites. I think there are threads on this board about it maybe read more there and compare. IMO. GLad you are seeing a dr. CJ

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Karounio HB User
Re: Colon bulge, lumpy, severe weight loss and bowel changes

That's the first thing I wondered and had a test, but negative, although there are hundreds of types. Yes, I am having a colonoscopy - finally! I was set up with a new doctor here (we have serious medical issues in Ontario and the Gov't sets us up with whatever Dr. has space ....yep. Anyhow, he has not even laid a hand on me in 1.5 years! So yes, glad I went back to old Dr. No pain at all tells me one of 3 things: a) some weird parasite or bacteria....b) another hernia of sorts or ....c) the 'big' one, I can't even say it. Thanks for you quick care.

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Re: Colon bulge, lumpy, severe weight loss and bowel changes

You should be actually going to emergency with this prolapse. Circulation within the colon can easily be compromised and you can lose large parts of bowel to gangrene or life-threatening sepsis. Go now. Apart from that, this is now something you must get treated ASAP, whatever it turns out to be. Sera

Old 08-07-2012, 08:32 PM   #5
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Karounio HB User
Re: Colon bulge, lumpy, severe weight loss and bowel changes

Thank you ...thank you! I have now returned to my original GP of 20 years and a 2.5 hour drive to do that. After just 20 minutes he said yep, I have lumpiness and on top of that most likely Diverticulitis (sp?). Meanwhile, I went to this doctor here since May of 2011 to watch him sit in a chair and say come back again in a month and not even one hand on me or test in all that time! Said it was stress!!! (I would love to sue the guy). In the meantime, we are trying to find out what is the cause. After going to the bathroom (without laxatives) as I mention originally and just 5 or so hours after eating (on top of all the above symptoms), I have now been constipated for 3 days and this scares me. I want to take a laxative, but afraid I may cause damage somehow. VERY uncomfortable to say the least. I am starving, but well I just don't know what to do. I see the GP again in 2 days. It was to be today, but I just could not make the drive as I have not been able to sleep with this either (night sweats and back spasms). I WISH THIS WOULD STOP! I just want to eat and have my full appetite back. I am at a loss and feel lost too. Wel EhaksFor the info friends. Any more and I would be delighted. Still scared to death.

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