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dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

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Old 09-22-2013, 07:01 PM   #16
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Kasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

Molly, I can only guess because your symptoms didn't come on until you started your office job, that it may be caused by the position you have to sit in, with your head bent at an angle for hours, that this could be causing your muscles to tighten. I also had numbness in parts of my arm, I don't remember now about my hands as I had so many problems.

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Kasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

Amber, when were you diagnosed with TMJ? What treatment have you had?

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Kasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

Sorry I have not been able to get on here for so long.
The treatment is called counter strain and I don't know how to do this on myself.
The old way of therapy was to find the knots and knead them out, which is very hard to impossible to do this on yourself, and very painful.
Try typing in trigger points in the back and neck. These are the areas that cause the problems.
Another person can knead them for you, but you have to find them first, and it's alot of work, as the person has to do it a few times a week untill they are all gone.
Counter strain must be a specialized new therapy? I don't know. I was surprised this was done on me and shocked it worked so well that I asked what it was called.
I went to a regular physical therapy clinic. I had been referred there by the spine center director when I told him my symptoms, and he had seen me before, knew my history, and asked what worked before for treatment.
2 doctors before him argued with me and decided that wasn't the cause. The were wrong lol.
I only got to a therapist by seeing a few docs and explaining my problem, one finally listened to me.

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ghelin2010 HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

This has been a HUGE issue for myself!!! I have been extremely lightheaded, dizzy, completely "out of it", memory and concentration issues, and "broken speech" problems for almost 2 years now!!! Doc's have done most normal tests, blood work, CT scan, x-ray's, and all come back "normal" Have noticed how tight my neck and back muscles have been for about the same time...I am in a complete depression from this, now I do have anxiety and I'm sure this contributed to the issue but only for the same amount of time has my back and neck been so tight and stiff......Could this be my issue and how does my doctor test for this??? Just want to feel like "me" again! Thank you for any response....Would be very very greatful.....


Old 12-07-2013, 08:38 AM   #20
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Olson1963 HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

About 5 months ago I was sitting at my desk at work and started to get the worst headache I've ever had. During this episode, I felt nervous/anxious and couldn't think clearly. After about 15-20 minutes the headache began to subside but never fully went away for the remainder of the day. Since that headache, like many of you, I've had feelings of confusion, inability to focus/concentrate, feeling like the blood is rushing to my head (enjoyed this one as a kid hanging upside down), light headiness, out of it or zoned out feeling, ringing in my ears.

The severity of these symptoms comes and goes but I have noticed that when they seem to be at their worse I feel tension/stiffness in my neck and shoulders. As I write this, there is a definite tightness at the base of my skull and around the back of my neck in addition to a dull headache in my forehead area.

The unfortunate thing is that when you try to explain it to people they sometimes nod their head like they get it but you know they don't. Although it is nice to see that I'm not imagining these and that there are others who are experiencing these same symptoms, I'm as equally frustrated as many of you.

My new doctor is a D.O. After reading these posts and hearing about the counterstrain treatment, I'm going to make an appointment this week with her to discuss. I'll come back and post the results of that discussion and we'll go from there.

Thanks for 'listening'

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SS27 HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

Hi everyone,

Kasey thanks so much for taking the time to post about this. I've been in some vicious cycles for the last 5 months that started with acute vertigo and has since moved on to imbalance, dizziness, fatigue, headaches... almost everything in the book. I was initially diagnosed with Vestibular neuritis (be default owing to clear tests), which has since moved on to BPPV and possibly MAV (as I have a history of migraines). However, my physio has been working on my neck and back tension as he says this is all very tight and might be contributing to my symptoms. I need to have my back 'cracked' and neck 'kneaded' every 2 days as I am that stiff.
He thinks that I have combination BPPV and MAV because of also having the 'spaced out' feeling. I just wanted to know if you've had these too just purely from tightness? Have you been given different diagnoses?

I'm quite frustrated at the moment as I don't feel as though I have been given a proper diagnosis yet and keep going through a roller coaster between things that are curable (e.g. VN) to things that might stay with me forever (MAV), which is really getting me down.

I'm definitely going to suggest this to my physio the next time I see him.

Any comments would be much much appreciated

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re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

Hi. I haven't been on here in a very long time. I came here today because I am at my wit's end, and need answers. I came across this post, and it seemed to explain alot of what has been going on. I NEVER attributed these symptoms to the tension and strain in my neck and upper body. Thank you SO MUCH for your information and insight!!! I now at least have something to go on. My dr has no idea, my cardiologist thinks I'm making it up and overexaggerating. Now I can work at getting better.

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yessir HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

Would this issue be possible with having a neck MRI done showing only a mild narrowing of c7/t1?

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bazza46 HB User
re: dizzy and lightheaded, 1 thing my docs missed

Hello all and hope everyone is finding some relief from this rather debilitating condition. My story briefly is following a double hernia operation which by the way were described by the CT scan as small and I did not even know I had them so no pain discomfort or problems with lifestype. Being in the bush in Australia limits the surgeon so it was done by a local general surgeon, now I know I should either not have had it done or had it done by a specialist, anyway the pain I have suffered for the past 18 months, yes 18 months, various pain which has been put down to nerve damage and serious at that, I will not go into all the sensations I have been getting 24/7 but going from a fairly fit, ex army commando active in all respects to what I am now is a big change in life.

Many visits back to the surgeon following explaining the nerve sensations which by then were effecting most of my body movements were met with remarks like "I don't know anything about that" "its all in your head" "go home and just get on with your life" My last and final visit was all it took not to punch his ignorant head in, he has since retired and I am fully aware that things can happen during any surgery, I have spoken to at least 12 men who have had the same operation and all back at work after 2 weeks, walking running etc, no problems other than tenderness along the scar line, my scar line cannot be touched and it is raised on both sides about 4mm and is very tender and red. Anyway after many months of just sitting around, coming close to divorce, not doing or feeling like doing anything I had a major fizz out, a rather nasty build up to a total anxiety attack hearth palpitations, and I felt the things I cannot do on my farm now which need doing including and travel with my wife, riding my bike TO SAY NOTHING NOW OF A NON EXISTENT SEX LIFE.

I cannot touch anything down there, everything is painful not the fact of urination just the movement of having to urinate. I ended up with my new GP as my old one was as useless as a pocket in a singlet, he tried to get to the core of the problem coming up with serious nerve damage entrapment, possible neuroma not to mention the scar tissue damage. After many experiments with anti convulsive drugs, valium, sleeping tablets etc etc which all had side effects at times making things worse I then decided on a Physio in my town who has a good name, she gave me some stretching exercised to do for the groin area, but that was not the problem as I walk every day and do a very light work out every morning.

After reading this post on the symptoms, of the light headiness, feels like my head is going to explode etc. I took this on board and my wife has now started to massage my neck and shoulders with a heat rub and oil and I must say it may be helping but early days, I am going to discuss and show some of the remarks in this forum to my PT next week as she did not address the neck shoulder issue. The muscles in my neck are so tight and to some degree my shoulders I cannot turn my head without pain, I know this is due to the lower groin pain and the anxiety it has caused over the 18 months, I should have maybe taken this course after 3 months by my surgeon just kept putting it off and off to get rid of me, offered nothing, no reasons, no sending me to a specialist, (in case he might find something wrong), I have been to a 'pain management specialist, spent thousands on extra CT scans drugs and the like, for a simple hernia operation????

Again thats for all the remarks in this forum I have found them a bit relieving, not knowing others have the situation as I would not wish that on anyone, (other than the surgeon) but the information and the things I can now discuss with my GP and more so my PT next week, and I hope when and if I add to this I might be a bit more positive and feel a lot better and more motivated. Happy days to all.

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