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Old 03-10-2010, 10:24 AM   #76
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javelina HB Userjavelina HB Userjavelina HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

Shop around for labs, pricing varies greatly. Online labs usually cost less and they email you the form to take into a local affiliated lab then the lab will mail you the results. Most labs do require a sheet from either an online lab or doctor to do testing.

Total T3 measures both bound and unbound (free) levels of T3 in the blood then a calculation is done, which is rarely accurate. Better to simply test free T3 levels instead.

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braindeadson HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

oh ok, are the white spots on my fingers calcium or iron deficient indicators? and what does iron have to do with thyroids?

oh and they cant cost less if my physician is free =p.

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javelina HB Userjavelina HB Userjavelina HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

I have no idea about white spots on fingers, that's a new one for me.

Ferritin is the iron storage protein and is essential for thyroid hormone conversion. Low levels reduces the activity of the enzyme thyroid peroxidase, which is dependant on iron. Many hypos have low ferritin levels (and on occasion high, iron overload can actually cause hypothyroidism) so it's important to test.

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d3xter404 HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

Originally Posted by Julius2009 View Post
I think there's something fishy about how my symptoms improve and most of them go away when I visit drier/higher regions.
I also experience the brain fog, memory/processing problems and mental fatigue. I hadn't thought of the location issue before, but I also live in the North East and seem to function better when traveling - which has tended to be to higher/drier places too (Arizona & Colorado). I have two theories that seem reasonably plausible. 1) The novelty of the new location and work provides a little extra stimulation/stress and provides a temporary relief of symptoms. 2) These locations receive more UV-B sunlight, which is what enables our bodies to create vitamin D - which many people are deficient in. I was recently tested and was apparently severely deficient. I'm now taking 50,000 UI(?) per week for 8 weeks of a prescription Vitamin D supplement. Apparently your typical vitamin d supplement is cyanoba-something - which is not overly useful to your body and isn't very bio-available. So even if you take normal supplements, you might still be deficient. I do have to say I've felt much better on the supplement the last couple of weeks.

On a side note... I've had a bronchial type cough recently and was prescribed prednisone to treat it. While it helped with the cough some, it has been phenomenal for my brain fog type issues. I don't really fit the profile for adrenal fatigue since I really don't experience/feel stress (in fact it takes tons of stress piling on me to push me into gear and get me motivated) - so I'm not really sure what this means.

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javelina HB Userjavelina HB Userjavelina HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

The vitamin D you're taking is the synthetic D2 (ergocalciferol) sold by the drug companies as a prescription in 50,000 iu doses. If it's making you feel better that's great but D3 (cholecalciferol) is considered superior because it's actually what our skin synthesizes from sunlight. D3 is available over the counter and is pretty inexpensive. You can take up to 10,000 iu daily. There's lots of good info on D at the vitamin D Council.

If the prednisone made you feel markedly better then I suspect you do have adrenal fatigue. You don't have to have a stressful life to have AF. Thyroid hormone deficiency is a major cause because low thyroid output will cause adrenals to work overtime to try to compensate. Eventually they wear down. Prednisone is not the treatment of choice and the dose you were on was likely much higher than a physiologic dose so you would need to look into getting saliva testing (at least two weeks after stopping steroids) to see if you actually do have AF. If you do treatment is usually with hydrocortisone or medrol to support adrenal function.

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Kathy8 HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

I just read more of the previous responses..... One doctor and I also suspected thyroid problems when they said I didn't have Lyme (but did), the T3, T4 and reverse whatever T tests were done (last one was 2:1 vs 1:2 or the opposite) and I was put on a trial of Cytomel which helped me out a little. It was nice to have a little improvement.

I also had gained 15 lbs despite eating very well, and couldn't lose it. I attributed it to getting older. My cholesterol & triglycerides also climbed. Guess what has decreased since I got on the right antibiotics for Lyme? Weight, cholesterol (down to 168) and triglycerides. I've read that many w/ this condition have trouble losing weight.

I know someone else w/ Lyme who does better when she travels.. but had a mold problem in her kitchen. Mold really aggravates Lyme. I had wet carpet pulled out of my house and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Wonder if there's any mold in your home?

I also do better with a more alkaline, less acidic diet, sunlight (altho some argue you should totally avoid vitamin D. I was given D3 as a supplement to take) and exercise... a reasonable amount. Too much will leave you wiped out, but some helps get oxygen in, which kills the anaerobic bacteria. I've had the shallow breathing, sleep problems, bad looking skin, twitches or pins/needles feelings, palpitations, brain fog, floaters, tinnitus, felt unmotivated, sore throat that looks fine, etc. etc. and during flare ups would say "I swear, I think I could flunk an IQ test right now". And doctors tried to tell me it was my divorce or hormones....even when I had the classic joint pain along w/ all of this.
I did finally end up w/ a positive Lyme test, btw.

Steroids may help you feel better but is terrible for Lyme.
Have you developed any allergies? It messed w/ my immune system enough to increase mine. There's probably more I can identify w/ from some of what I've read...but I forget right now ; ) At least I'm doing better! Hope you guys w/ these symptoms do!

Old 08-14-2010, 09:08 PM   #82
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lillybird HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

move to Oregon.....

Old 11-05-2010, 11:42 AM   #83
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wildmarigold HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

This is amazing.... I just read your story and felt like you have described my symptoms for the past 2 years since I moved to another state, damp Bay area in Northern California in my case.
However, I discovered that the apartment where I lived had mold and all my symptoms happened bcs of the mold exposure. It was very damp and unhealthy apartment which got really worse during winter rain season and that is when I had the dramatic escalation of my symptoms.

I moved out and immediately felt better. I have more to say but I do not have time to write right now.
Write me back if you want to talk more.

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Old 01-25-2011, 04:28 PM   #84
Hard Gainer
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Hard Gainer HB User
Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

Hey Julius, you said, "Creaking and popping noises in the inner ear. Very noticeable upon chewing, yawning, swallowing. This creaking noise inside the ears happens all through the day. Tinnitus at night.
Dizziness and nausea.

Extremely dry skin and scalp. The scalp flakes horribly, and it's quite embarrassing. Not a single anti-dandruff product helps. It's actually not dandruff, but large scales of skin. Disgusting! Sometimes it itches, but most times it doesn't."

I just joined the board, as I was searching and researching a Dr. for Adrenal/Thyroid issues. I came across your post. I have some of the same symptoms you describe here. The skin being at the top of the list, and second the inability to gain needed weight. I have had this dry flaking scalp since I can remember. Sometimes itchy; sometiems not. Nothing I tried has worked. In 2007, after a family member passing, I developed this strange infection on my left arm, like a wart, which grew into a large welt, soon on the other arm and in several places on the body. Itchy and weeping, it got better with some meds, but still remained on the legs and arms till last summer, all is almost well it seems, but some areas are still still dry and patchy. A dermatologists says contact dermatitis; some else says no, it is stress related only. In addition, I realized one morning about 2 years ago, I looked down and noticed the hair on my legs was vanishing and as of 2011, I notice a change in frontal hair line. I have been under a lot of stress for some years now, and while reading so many posts here, I am wondering if in fact adrenal/thyroid is my issue too; the adrenals just worn out from all of it and causing havoc in other areas. It is 2011 now, how you are doing with this; did you find a competent MD? If so, what did he or she come up with? Did he or she prescribe drugs, nutritional therapy? Finally, if you traveled to CA, or back to Europe recently, did you notice improvement again as some time ago? I would like to communicate offline if that is acceptable to you. Have other related issues I would rather not discuss in public.


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