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sythdrummer90 12-08-2009 08:31 PM

Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
I am an 18 year old male that has been struggling with hypochondria and severe anxiety for most of my life. I have worried about such things as heart attacks and appendicitis, however i can assure you this is a bit different.

For a few years now, I have been suffering from several symptoms, such as depersonalization, severe lack of concentration and minor lack of memory, and vision problems (such as floaters and increased sensitivity to light, also the occasional flash), I have never had good vision though. I have had extreme nearsightedness all my life. Just recently I have been having regular pressure headaches on the left side of my head, about midway back and seemingly deep. Anyway, I have recently been worrying more and more about the possibility of a brain tumor. I am absolutley not a person to be running to the ER at every little sneeze, but one day last year, my DP got so bad (before I knew what DP really was) that I had to take a trip to said ER. I underwent a CT scan, which came up clear, but my symptoms continued.

On one side of the coin, I know how anxiety can affect the physical body, and after spending months online searching my condition, I've discovered many people that have symptoms close to mine.

On the other side of the coin, well, I'm a hypochondriac and I am very concerned about the little details- The fact that tumors can sometimes take a long while to be noticed, that CT scans aren't always accurate, and the fact that i feel just so abnormal that its hard to think that anxiety could cause such persistant physical symptoms. At times I get so paranoid that I do not talk to anyone, and I am just locked alone in this state of horror.

On a side note, I am almost always exhausted. I find it terribly difficult to get up and go to work, and once I get there I feel that I may fall asleep halfway through my shift. Oddly, sometimes after I have been working for about 5 hours, I feel less tired and more motivated. Bear in mind that I do not always "wake up" after working, it is not an everyday occurance.

So, if anybody out there has any idea at all about what I should think, please don't hesitate to respond.

Thanks in advance,

Eshaa 12-21-2009 10:28 AM

Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
i'm 18 too, female, and i have the same kind of symptoms :( i'm also quite a hypocondryac too, but this feels different, and i'm certain it can't be anxiety making me feel like this because half the time i don't feel anxious, i just feel wierd. i've been getting pressure behind my eyes, more on my left eye, and a dull kindof ache on the left side of my head, but its not really a pain. my vision seems wierd, like not blurry but it doesn't seem right, and i get little flashes of light or lines?
i've also had chest pains but the doctors have checked my heart and done a blood test to rule out thyroid etc and it was all fine. do you ever get cold hands or a cold nose too? i keep getting that.
i get really strange lightheadedness, although my head isnt really LIGHT its more like i feel im in abit of a dream, like its not my body, and if im standing still itll feel like im swaying or about to fall over but i'm not. it's so wierd :/ i also got a mild heatrash (thats what the chemist said it looked like) on my hands but that might be something completely different, it seemed to come since i took an ibeprofen so probably that. i'm going to the opticians first, theyll be able to tell if it's my eyes and if theres any pressure. it it doesnt go in a week or so i'll go to my GP again. have you taken drugs before? or recently? i did quite often about a month and a half ago but ive stopped now. if so it might be a side effect from that. x

semperkatie 12-30-2009 04:26 PM

Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
i haven't had any signs of one (that i know of.) but i keep having these thoughts that i have one too. idk why. it's scary to think about though! : /

eramos 01-18-2010 10:15 AM

Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
Has it ever come to mind that your symthoms dont go away because your so obsessed with the thought that there's something wrong with you that your making your self sick.. Reason I'm telling you this is because I like you worry everyday that I might have a serious illness and I have notice that the more i think about it the more discomfort I feel though out my day with aiches and pains that only go away when i dont think about them at all... you should try hard to focus on other things maybe seek spiritual guidance and say a prayer when u have your guard down.. I've notive that even reading the bible gives me peace and comfort.. If everyday u wake up and the first thing that comes to your mind is that your going to have a headaiche today!! rest assure your going to feel aiches and pains because the mind is a POWEFUL TOOL that sends messages to the body.. and u have to control your thoughts.. trust me if u had anything wrong with you the CT scan would have picked it up... I'm sure there's a part of you that knows that your fears are very much irrational.. BUt from your posting i can tell your very scared and your making your self feel sick.. Trust me there's nothing worng with you.. Stay focus and positive and you will be ok..

seekandfindrhon 03-13-2010 10:34 PM

Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
Well....I can relate to the hypochondria situation.....its good you are seeking answers, sometimes I ask my doctors if some of my "problems" are in my head. After many years of psychological counseling, I am learning to respect my own mind. I have been hit by a car 3 seperate times, and to regain and retain my sanity I began researching my condition as well as following my doctors advice. I had hypochondria in my early childhood years from lack of attention from my mother...I realize. When I decided I wanted to be well, I got well. Later in my life, when I survived a terrible accident which I had to have invasive reconstructive surgery and really had questions that I got no answer for.....I got thru the days by resting a lot...and doing things I never had time for due to the busyness of life.....I had to find things I was naturally good at and that gave me joy. That was a huge relief to allow myself to do things that made me happy....painting, how to interact with people. Finding things that did not make me feel threatened....and sometimes it seems I still have to depersonalize. Like, step outside my self to look at a problem I could not solve....and sometimes even having out of body experiences while I slept. As I continued to seek wellness....answers to my questions just started to come. Persist in good thoughts.

seekandfindrhon 03-13-2010 10:43 PM

Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
:wave:decide you are sane, healthy and dont give the horror any attention.You are the good thoughts that you want to choose your best desire and label yourself dearly loved and healed, completely whole and competent.

AnnD 03-13-2010 10:52 PM

Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
Since you had the CT scan and it was negative then I think it is time for you to go see a mental health specialist...a psychologist or psychiatrist or even a social worker whatever you can afford and see if you can get a grip on your hypochondria. You already know what you have (hypochondria). You have exhausted your search for a medical reason and because you are other wise young and healthy it is unlikely you have anything medical wrong. It wouldn't hurt to continue your search for your cure in the mental health field. My son was just like you but it was before the internet....however, I believe that is the first thing you are going to be asked to do ... is to stop looking for something you don't have and focus on working with your therapist so you can lead a healthy and happy productive life that doesn't end up being a struggle for you. Good luck.

MikeMan18 03-20-2010 07:37 PM

Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...
I just posted on someone elses question. I used to be a hypochondriac a few years ago, This was because of the anxiety that I have experienced. I was a senior in highschool and had many friends and a girlfriend. The only reason that hypochondriacs experience these feelings is because of the fact that we do things like write on this wall and im guessing we have read up on diseases because of some symptoms we were experiencing. unless you are a doctor and have your Phd you will 99% of the time be wrong. I have thought I had cancer, brain tumor, thought i was going to stop breathing, any negative thought about my own body basically. I have gotten over this because I realized that these symptoms are experienced by other people as well, and its just how we react that make us feel like we are dying. I have a friend that told me this phrase to say to yourself when you think you are going to die or that you have a disease. Just say, "F*** it" shrug your shoulders, laugh and get on with it. It is all in the mind. And no you are not crazy. If you really think you are sick go to a doctor and get a full check up, MRI, ct scan, xrays, whatever. And Like i said to the other person that i told this too, When he tells you that you are ok, which you are, BElIEVE HIM!!!! This doctor who has probably been training for 20+ years and seen everything would not lie to you, and he/she knows exactly what they are talking about it. I am not a doctor but I am going to tell you that you ARE OK! and how do i know this? Because I have experienced everything you people are saying. And I am alright. Realize what you are thinking is bullcrap. And laugh about it. Thats what I do. Im not going to say hope this helps because you will all realize the "hope" and think that that leaves a chance that there is something wrong with you. So I am going to say THIS WILL HELP. lol


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