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Old 10-13-2005, 02:21 PM   #1
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hyprokondriac HB User
Are "Lumpy" breast normal?

Ive been married to my wife for 2 years and lived with her for 2 years before we got married. I was just wondering is it normal to have "lumpy" breast. Shes always had them since ive known her. Shes 23 now and Ive known her since she was 19. She has large breast (38 DD), all natural. Im not trying to sound rude by stating her cup size so dont take that the wrong way. She has lumps or cyst all thruought both breast, they are about twice the size of marlbes, but not hard like marbles, they are soft in texture.
Last year when she had her pap smear, this young female intern scared us half to death and told us she needed a mamogram because she found several lumps in her breast. We got a 2nd opinion with a doctor and he said that he didnt feel anything but normal breast tissue in her breast, he said she should get a mamogram to be sure but he didnt feel anything abnormal. Well we didnt get the mamogram, I guess she should of because now Im still worried.
I guess my main question is it normal for women with large breast to have cycstic or lumpy breast? Are the cyst just common characteristics in large breast? I dont know because Ive never spent that much time examining any other woman with large breast. I tend to be somehwat of a worrie wart so I was just looking for some opinions from women who would know.
She has no other symptoms.

Should I be worried or is this normal?

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Old 10-13-2005, 08:29 PM   #2
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lizard50 HB User
Re: Are "Lumpy" breast normal?

Why didn't you get it checked out? Do get a mamogram. That way you can put your minds at ease.Lizard50

Old 10-14-2005, 02:49 AM   #3
Senior Veteran
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smithn HB User
Re: Are "Lumpy" breast normal?

Fibrocystic breast disease is very common. So are breast cysts. Your wife definitely needs to have a mammogram and/or breast US. Don't delay this. This will be scheduled for diagnostic reasons rather than for screening so your insurance will pay for this. Women with these symptoms have to be particularly careful to watch for changes when doing their monthy self-breast exams, which I hope she has been doing? Please urge her to have the mammogram.

Old 10-14-2005, 02:34 PM   #4
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Jenetti HB User
Re: Are "Lumpy" breast normal?

most definetaly have her get a mammogram if thats what the doctor said. like smithn said, "fibrocystic breast disease is very common. So are breast cysts". i have fibromyalgia which makes the front of the breast bone hurt alot as well. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and her brothers died of cancer too. But i also have fibrocystic breast disease (which is painful) and i have had numerous breast cysts aspirations, where one ended in having it surgerically removed. those are very painful as well , especially if you have FBD to begin with. doesnt matter the breast side. im small and still have lots of problems with it, in fact a slight flareup of my fibro has caused a slight flareup of FBD to where theyre pretty painful right now even to touch.
but if shes never had a mammogram, have them do one, or if she doesnt want to, then an ultrasound can find cysts if thats what she has.

Old 10-30-2005, 07:52 AM   #5
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SusanGene HB User
Re: Are "Lumpy" breast normal?

Risking getting yelled at, I'll tell you what I think. When I was about 50 I suddenly got lots of lumps. I took 800 iu's of Vitamin E for 3 weeks , they went away and never came back.
I do not believe that a doctor exists on this planet who would not advise a woman to have a mammogram. It's required for them to say this. But I want to warn you: IF you do decide to go thru with it you need to know that you and your wife will probably be in for much more than you imagine. First, "a" mammogram is not ONE photo. They actually take more than ONE picture of each breast using Radiation. Since she has lumps, I would be very, very surprised if they didn't order further testing after seeing the films, possibly involving at least one BIOPSY. There are women who meekly agree to get multiple biopsies and are made to feel like a human pin cushion. After each biopsy ,they make you wait for days on end for the results. Now, depending on the doctor, if a lump comes back looking suspicious (could be cancer, could be nothing) they are obligated to cut it out.
I just wanted you to know what you may be setting yourselves up for ;
I think you should find out the statistics on having cancer of the breast in a woman as young as your wife and you'll find how low they are. Best of Luck and let us know what you decide.
Susan Gene

Old 10-31-2005, 04:29 AM   #6
Senior Veteran
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smithn HB User
Re: Are "Lumpy" breast normal?

Mamms are the greatest study to have to know whether you are dealing with calcifications or something else. If it proves to be something else or is not able to be distinguished, then an US is the next step... just like you said. They can both be very necessary for many, many women. And any doctor who uses the "wait and see" method rather than ordering further studies is asking for a law suit. If a woman has a biopsy, then the path report reads either malignant or benign... period. I think 99% of women would want a suspicious mass removed. Personally (and this is only my opinion), I would much rather have a lump removed (which I just did, by the way) than try to see if Vitamin E works. Although it isn't AS common for a lady under the age of 20 to develop a breast cancer, breast cancer knows no age or limitations. Same goes for any type of cancer. If the US proves the mass to be a cyst, then the surgeon can drain it/these, right in his office. This provides greast relief for some women as these cysts can be very painful as they grow and change throughout her cycle. As for path results, reports come in within one or two days unless it is a send-out to another larger institution. All you have to do is call and ask for your results and you should be able to get them. The nurse will take the "callback" to the surgeon and he will either call himself or allow the nurse to. If he is out of town, then there will be someone covering for him... always. The only reason a woman would have to wait is if that doctor's nurse isn't doing her job. If that doctor knew that a patient of his had called on a Monday for results and those results were in but the call wasn't addressed with the doctor without good reason for the delay, then that nurse would be reprimanded. Lastly, women with fibrocystic breast disease are at an increased risk for developing breast cancer at any point in their lives. All lumps/masses should be monitored closely by way of monthly self-breast examination, yearly mammograms, and yearly breast checks by a physician.

Old 10-31-2005, 08:19 AM   #7
Senior Veteran
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SusanGene HB User
Re: Are "Lumpy" breast normal?

and another example. When my mother in law was 60 she had a lump also.
Her doctor said, "we'll just watch that."
She never went back and is now 94.
I stand by my post and I hope the 'hatchet job' is Not in the poor girl's future. No one needs that stress.
Susan Gene

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