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Old 02-26-2005, 06:56 AM   #1
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aussie22 HB User
Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

Well it's been 17 days since my LEEP and 12 days from the start of my first period after the LEEP, and I'm still worried about picking up signs of infection.

The discharge seemed to abate, but then I got my period, and basically my period lasted longer than it usually did, and the discharge is more now than it was before. I'm just worried about what constitutes FOUL-SMELLING DISCHARGE. I mean, the discharge does smell -- I mean, I don't think it's EXTREMELY strong, but it's certainly not "faint" either. It's also no flower meadow, if you know what I mean. I don't have a fever and I'm not getting like really heavy discharge (I could wear like a medium-sized liner and change it every 3 hours or so, but atm I'm just wearing a slim pad.. need to change it maybe once or twice a day). It's sort of a light to medium-light brown colour.

Just wondering how long it took everyone else to stop having discharge. I've been looking it up on the net and mostly they say up to about 2 weeks, but as I said, it's been 17 days. Other sites seem to say it can even be up to 6 weeks. I kind of don't want to go see the doctor for no reason and rack up a bill (I'm just a poor student!), but at the same time, I wouldn't want to leave an infection un-treated.

Does anyone know if you can go to just your GP to figure out if you have an infection, or would they need to do another colpo to be able to figure that out, and therefore require my going to see the specialist ob/gyn? Also, they *said* not to insert anything -- wouldn't that include putting a speculum in for the doc to see the cervix?

Also, how's everyone else's experiences been in terms of their first period after their LEEP? Did your discharge get heavier after your period? Was your period longer?

And, if anyone has actually gotten an infection with a foul-smelling odour, could you possibly describe the odour and how strong or how FOUL it actually is? Foul is such a vague word! Like, is there a difference between unpleasant and foul? etc etc?

I'm sorry everyone, I'm probably just being paranoid but I really want to make sure I heal up well! So if you could share your post-LEEP discharge stories with me, I'd be utterly grateful. Sorry this was so long!!!

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Old 02-26-2005, 07:51 AM   #2
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lobo1977 HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

I have been told all weird stuff for up to appx 6 weeks iis normal EXCEPT for heavy or painful bleeding. I would wait a full 30 days after the leep, then call your dr. I was actually told 6 weeks not to insert anything.... but then to go back for a checkup 2 weeks after the leep! Maybe they put the speculum in a certain way that doesnt affect the cervix? seems impossible... but maybe

Old 04-05-2005, 01:40 AM   #3
kra kra is offline
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kra HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

aussie, did you get checked?
I am having the same problem however, I didn't have a LEEP but a cold knife cone.
My discharge is more cream color than brown and it does smell. I am also concerned that I might have an infection. I am almost on my 4th week since my procedure and
expected to be totally ok by now!
Any words of advise/experiences with this would really help. I'm very nervous...

Old 04-05-2005, 04:38 AM   #4
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layla= HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

Hi ya everyone lobo is right expect odd things up to 6 weeks, if your not bleeding heavily or in alot of pain, don't worry, I took my concerns to the dr (luckily we have the nhs here,) and she told me not to worry, your body does odd things when healing, if you are really worried go see the dr. Also am on af for the 2nd time since leep and am alot heavier than b4, although the cycsts that i have on my ovaries seem to have disappeared, and no pain either this month, any one else with odd periods since leep?

Old 04-05-2005, 05:25 AM   #5
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tpagm HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

Here is my story- I had my leep 03/18/2005 and for the first week I barely had any discharge. When i went to the bathroom though I would have the monsul (sp) solution coming out of me-- but only when I went to the bathroom. That solution did have a weird smell. I don't know how to describe wasn't foul but it wasn't the best smell. Then on the second week I bled very lightly. I wouldn't even describe the bleeding as period bleeding since it was very pink in color and very light and a little slimy (not to be gross), then this past friday it stopped bleeding all together and now I have a very light cream type discharge. I would almost discribe it as the discharge that you normally get that flushes or cleans out your system.....or almost slightly lighter then a yeast infection discharge. HOWEVER, I have a little bit of a color to it almost a yellow tint. However, my discharge has no odor at all. I had my check up yesterday 04/04/2005 and she said I was healing perfectly. She said the yellow tint is just my body and how my cervix is healing. Since it doesn't have an odor its OK. This morning it is gone and I believe I am back to normal. I have yet to have my period since I am on Seasonale so I don't get it for three months. She did put the speculum in me and it was a lot more uncomfortable then when she normally does it so I believe she put it in a little differently. I want to say she really didn't insert it all the way in... if that makes any sense. She told me I can go back to normal activities and to wait to have sex for one more week. So she is allowing me to go back to sex after 3 weeks since my cervix is looking very good. So i would advise that you may want to go to the doctor so she/he can see how your cervix is healing. That way the doctor can tell you where you on in regards to your recovery and how your cervix is healing. How come you haven't gone back for a post-op which is usually two weeks later? or have you?

Old 04-05-2005, 11:34 AM   #6
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13utterfly HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

Hi All,

I am going in for my post op appointment to get my results from the LEEP and a check-up tomorrow. I am so nervous. I had my LEEP 3/24/05 and I am still having a little bit of pink/brownish discharge. It's not much just enough to be annoying. I wear a really light pad and change like 3 times a day. I'm getting my period this coming Sunday should i expect the worst? Are post LEEP periods worse?

Anyone know what I should expect in the check-up tomorrow? What are the results going to be like? The doctor said he thinks he got it all, but we all know what he said doesn't mean too much. I had CIN3 and CIN1 going in is it possible that it was really invasive cancer and not CIN3. I had the LEEP a month from the time of the colposcopy biopsy. Can CIN3 go to cancer in a month? I was getting pap smears every year and this year was the first abnormal one. Any advice on ways to cope during this waiting period? If he didn't get it all what kind of questions should I be asking... if it progressed to cancer what should I want to know? Any and all comments are welcome.


Old 04-05-2005, 01:27 PM   #7
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Location: CT
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tpagm HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

Hello- I had my post-op yesterday. I was very quick and simple. I actually called for my results last week cause I couldn't wait for my post op. I had CIN II an my results were that the dsyplasia seemed to have been burnt under the leep. So I have to wait three months for a re-pap to see if it is all gone. From what I understand you probably don't have cancer. It takes around ten years for a person to develop cervical cancer and if you go and get your dsyplasia taken care of you shouldn't have any worries about getting cervical cancer. Your doctor will probably tell you that you have clear margins or positive margins. You will want clear margins as your result...since that means he got it all. Positive margines means that they didn't get it all. I however didn't get any of those results I got it was burnt and they are sure if it is all out. But my doctor is almost 100% is got it all out. If you have cervical cancer I would probably ask as many questions as I could in regards to treatment, what's the next step...etc.
Good Luck with your post-op
let us know how it goes.

Old 04-05-2005, 08:57 PM   #8
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aussie22 HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

All weird discharge actually stopped after a while -- although up to about 6 weeks I was still getting some that smelt a little... I'm perfectly fine now. My doctor didn't seem to want to schedule me for a post-op, just the check-up after 3 months.

As for periods after LEEP, mine lasted quite a lot longer... I don't really think it was heavier, although it could've been. Watch out for that The fact that mine was longer even though I'm on the pill probably means that it's just unavoidable

Old 08-12-2005, 08:41 PM   #9
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brownie12 HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

I'm having similiar experiences to those already listed. I had a LEEP ten days ago - the first discharge was yellow-brown and inky. This week, there's blood, sometimes watery, sometimes creamy. There is also a black sand-like discharge that no one else has mentioned but that I read is typical. The odor is defintely "off" but I hear it's a sulfur-like smell from the topical medicine. Hope this helps....can't wait to stop using these pads...

Old 08-14-2005, 05:18 PM   #10
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lizard50 HB User
Re: Vaginal Discharge after LEEP, share stories please!!!

why are we getting these messages on the breast cancer board???lizard 50

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