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Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

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Old 04-10-2006, 11:27 PM   #1
Join Date: Oct 2005
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nancy30 HB User
Question Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

My husband's ex girlfriend had an abnormal pap test and then had to do laser surgery (I think she had the high risk hpv strain).

My husband never got any symptoms of hpv or anything. Two years after breaking up with her, we got married. I've never had an abnormal pap test and have only been with my husband (we've been together for 3 years and i've had 2 normal pap results). I've read that sometimes a man can be a carrier of the high risk hpv and not know it and pass it on. Would I be infected by him even though it had been a few years from the time he broke up with her until the time we were together?

Also, am I at risk of getting an abnormal pap test now that I'm pregnant? I've read that sometimes the high risk hpv can show up during pregnancy. I'm kind of worried b/c I'm not sure what impact this would have on my pregnancy (and also I would hate to get an abnormal pap test due to my husband's awful ex girlfriend)

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Old 04-11-2006, 07:16 AM   #2
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Trooper HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

I donít know if I will be able to help you or not. From what I understand, there is a very large percentage of people that carry one of the hpv strains. Not all people develop symptoms, so most donít even know that they have it, which is how it spreads so quickly.

My suggestion is to do your research on hpv so you can understand your chances of being infected, etc.

Yes, there is a chance anytime now that you could have an abnormal pap. It could come up anytime, or never. There are a lot of other factors that could be involved as well, ie if you smoke, are over 35, etc.

Two years ago I had an abnormal pap, after 20 years of all normal paps every year. It was caused by the high risk hpv. I have no idea were I contracted it from because I was with my boyfriend at that time for 2 years. It could have been laying dormant in me since I was younger, but just didnít know it.

I had a Leep procedure done and now Iím clear of any virus. However, because I had such severe lesions on my cervix, I am now facing an Ďincompetent cervixí due to the amount of tissue that was removed on my cervix. I find out for sure next Tuesday if I have to have a cerclage and bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy (Iím only 4 months now).

My old boss had an abnormal pap while pregnant and had to have a Leep procedure as well. Everything turned out fine with her. Yes, it was stressful and nerve racking, but she made it through just fine.

Please discuss any concerns you have with your doctor. He/she will be able to help ease your concern and answer any questions about it affecting your pregnancy.

I hope I helped you somewhat.

Old 04-11-2006, 08:16 AM   #3
Senior Veteran
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baby#2 HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

I have hpv. I know exactly who I got it from too and if I could find the @$$#@!* I would smack him into next week. Needless to say, we aren't still together! Anyway, I had a biopsy done and it came back positive. This in no way affects the baby or your pregnancy (unless you had a procedure done like the pp), and sometimes after having a baby it can actually disappear! When the cervix is strained and stretched and manipulated like it is during labour the virus can actually be mutated and go away for good. For me, it did go away for sometime but has since returned. It's not a high risk strain so they aren't planning to do anything yet but I do have to go in for a pap every 6 months as opposed to every year.
My ex didn't have any symptoms either and in fact, the Dr said that men don't usually show any signs. They just pass it along for us to enjoy!
As the pp suggested, do your research and ask your doc! They will be able to ease your mind the most. The research you find my actually do more harm than good but just keep an open mind and ask your Doc personally. That's what I did and I'm not worried in the slightest.

Old 04-11-2006, 09:19 AM   #4
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Trooper HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

I also wanted to add that in my research of the cerclage procedure, I did find that you can get an incompetent cervix from just the cone biopsy, which is one of the test you go through.

So if you test positive and have to have a biopsy or colposcopy, check with your doctor the effects it could have on your cervix.

Just to ease your mind, cervical cancer grows very slowly. So even if you came back with an abnormal pap there is a good chance that they wouldn't do anything while you are pregnant anyway. Most of the time these things correct themselves. After my first abnormal pap, they made me wait 6 months before checking again to see if it cleared up itself. It didn't, so I had to have the colposcopy and cone biopsy done. My lesions were pretty bad and grew faster than 'normal'. Lucky me.

I still can't place where I got it and I haven't had that many partners. My now dh doesn't have it.

Old 04-11-2006, 12:08 PM   #5
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nancy30 HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

Thanks everyone for the posts.

I've never had any symtpoms or any abnormal pap results and my husband is the only person I've ever had sex with, so I'm hoping that I won't have to deal with it. My last pap test was about 7 months ago, which was normal. I will definitely bring this up at my next appointment.

I really hope that I don't get hpv b/c it would really upset me, knowing that I got it as a result of my husband's awful ex girlfriend. Some of the reasearch is very scary so I think I might just ask my doctor and see what he says

Old 04-11-2006, 06:17 PM   #6
Senior Veteran
Join Date: Oct 2005
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baby#2 HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

I hate to say this but it must be said... I have it because my ex gave it to me. If his girlfriend were to say the same thing "that she didn't want it because of me" I would be very upset as I know he was the carrier. Seeing as your dh is the only person you have had sex with, it's obviously not your fault but there is a chance that he contacted it from another sexual partner and passed it to her.
Just so you know as well, this is a very common sexually transmitted disease and penetrates condoms as well so there really is no way to prevent it. If your dh has it there is a good chance that somewhere down the line you may have abnormal paps and need to deal with this.
It really sucks that you even know about his ex-girlfriends pap test?! That's something I would never want to know... unless it was AIDS or something like that...
I hope for your sake you don't get it but I've had it for about 10 years now and it has not affected my life at all.

Old 04-11-2006, 06:30 PM   #7
Senior Member
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Angellica7748 HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

Not to scare anyone, but I just had a Pathophysiology class for
one of my nursing classes and HPV can possible predispose you
to cervical cancer down the road. I just thought that I would
mention this because the virus has shown tendencies to turn
into cervical cancer in woman who have the HPV virus. Does
NOT mean that everyone who had HPV virus will get cevical
cancer, but their chance is higher if exposed to the virus.

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Old 04-12-2006, 08:58 AM   #8
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**Peaches** HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

I have hpv - and have had both external vaginal warts (many, many years ago they were treated and have never returned), and an abnormal PAP. A subsequent colposcopy (it's like a PAP but they take more tissue) showed high grade pre-cancerous cells which led to a LEEP procedure just last year. When the virus first popped up I was SURE where I got it from - BUT my Dr. pointed out that this virus can lay dormant for years so that added another possible 'donor' for me. Anyhow I agree with Baby#2 - there is a chance that DH was the carrier that gave it to the ex! In relation to pregnancy I believe you want to make your Dr. aware of the situation as genital warts (which are caused by hpv) can be a problem with a vaginal delivery. As I have no signs/symptoms right now I will be fine. We have been watching for incompetant cervix throughout my pregnancy, as I conceived only 2 weeks after my LEEP procedure (oops!). I was supposed to have a follow up colposcopy 6 months after the LEEP, but this cannot be done during pregnancy (because it messes with your cervix) so I'll have to wait. Cervical cancer cells apparently do not grow / multiple quickly, so waiting does not add much risk.

Old 04-12-2006, 02:32 PM   #9
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nancy30 HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

Thanks for the posts....I didn't mean to offend anyone by saying I hate the thought of getting hpv as a result of my husband's ex....I just know she was awful and she cheated on him, etc. If she was nice, etc, I wouldn't be as distrubed...And it's possible that my husband infected her too. I never really thought of that possibility b/c he hasn't been with very many people and the ex has.

I'm trying not to worry about hpv but it's hard b/c I don't handle stuff like this well. I've only been iwth one person so it's hard to swallow the fact that I may have a deadly std. I know if I get an abnormal pap test, it will devastate me and I will become very depressed so I hope this doesn't happen, particuarly during pregnancy. Plus, my mother knows someone who died very young from cervical cancer.

Thanks so much for your support, it does help a lot.

Old 04-12-2006, 06:51 PM   #10
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ilovesporty HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

I hope I can put your mind at ease somewhat. I too have HPV and I did end up with cervical cancer. But, I'm fine now..cured with two cone biopsies. While I will probably have to have a cerclage during pregnancy, that should be the least of my worries now.

You've got to be positive about this situation. Your body needs you to help fight off the virus. It is *not* deadly anymore. It is very rare in this day for women to die from cervical cancer, unless it is in a third world country. The pap screen has really helped us out here. The pap has only been around 40 or 50 years, so this is why many women weren't able to be cured.

Just my two cents. The thought of having HPV does get a little easier with time. Hugs to you...
Meg, 26, 1a1 cervical adenocarcinoma, cone 12/12/05, 2nd cone/pelvic lymphadenectomy 3/1/06, NED
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Old 04-12-2006, 08:30 PM   #11
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Timber HB UserTimber HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

There's no need to be "devastated" if you get an abnormal PAP. One in twelve PAP smears is abnormal. And HPV is not a deadly STD. Fully 80-90% of sexually active adults are carriers of HPV. HPV can cause cervical cancer, but only if you do not get regular PAP smears. If you get regular PAP smears, dysplasia that leads to cervical cancer is treatable.

Most of us here on this board have HPV and have abnormal PAP smears. It's a pain, it's annoying and it can be scary, but as far as medical problems go, this isn't very serious. Devastation is not merited.

You don't have to be dirty or promiscuous to get HPV. I've only had two partners, one of whom was a virgin, and I used condoms every single time I had sex. I got HPV. Another girl on this board has only had sex with her husband, and they were both virgins. She has HPV. Blaming someone for passing on HPV or implying that you have to be a cheater or something to have it is inaccurate. This isn't anybody's fault and no one got HPV for being a bad person and nobody spreads it maliciously.

Old 04-13-2006, 09:08 AM   #12
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angelique5 HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

you just described MY life...

my husbands exwife had dysplasia...and had some procedure done, I think cone biopsy... and then about 2-3 years later, I had cervical dysplasia and had to have the LEEP.

I couldn't get a straight answer about the HPV... I saw it on one paper, and asked the nurse if i had it, she said yes... next time I asked the doctor, he said, "nooo , nooooo you don't" ????? It's been 4 years now since I had the LEEP, and after my last pap, I get a formal letter from my HMO telling me I have HPV and need to be in constant communication with the dysplasia department....

He's the only person I've EVER been either, he gave it to both of us, or he picked it up from her, and is a carrier and passed it on to me...

While HPV is the virus that causes genital warts...there are I think, at least 4 strains, that do not, and the carrier has no symptoms....they are the strains that predispose a woman more to cervical cancer. I was at a CIN step below cancer.

You can ask to be tested for HPV...might put your mind at ease....

Old 04-16-2006, 10:37 AM   #13
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western_fayette HB User
Re: Husband's ex had abnormal pap test

Well, I have a high risk strain of HPV and I got it from my ex-husband. I only know this because I had an abnormal pap before we even got married and I was tested for it then, and I know for sure it didn't come from my previous partner. I had NORMAL paps throughout our relationship and marriage (a combined 4.5 yrs) and now suddenly have CINI and CINII. I didn't know I had the high risk strain until last month. I have not spoken to him in 2 years. Do you think I should make contact with him so he knows he has the high risk strain, so he can tell his new wife or girlfriend (not sure if they are married) to get checked for it? Or, just let it go? She may never have symptoms, like most people. THANKS FOR ANY INPUT/ADVICE!

Last edited by western_fayette; 04-17-2006 at 11:45 AM. Reason: changed abnormal to normal in 2nd line...

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