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michelle1223 HB User
Very scared--high risk HPV and abnormal pap

I am new here and I am so happy to have come across a board like this, I just hope to get some help. I am 37 years old. I am married happily for 13 years. I had one of my boys in 2006 and at that time was told to have paps done every 3 years because I have never had an abnormal pap. Well I waited 5 years since my last pap, yes very stupid considering my family history. I have been dealing with many many medical issues with my oldest son and I guess I thought my stuff could wait.
Anyways, went in for a pap 2 weeks ago, it came back abnormal, they sent it to test for HPV, this also came back high risk for 13 different types. I am now scheduled for a colposcopy next Monday. I am going crazy with waiting. My mother passed away at age 46 of cervical cancer, so part of me had alot of fear. I will say this much if everything turns out ok I have learned a HUGE lesson and I will never ever wait that long for a pap again.
I have some minor things going on (I think they are minor) I have had persistent back pain for some time, I feel tired alot but I have to very active boys, I do not have any abnormal bleeding or anything else. This month I have my period and it's different then any other months. It only lasted 3 days when normal is 4-5 days.

I am really really really scared, and I want to have this done sooner then Monday.

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sharibrat HB User
Re: Very scared--high risk HPV and abnormal pap

Michelle ~ I had my first abnormal pap back in February, also showing a high risk strain of HPV. I can relate to your shock and worry. I also, have been with my husband for 13 years and have 2 young children....

Please keep us posted as to the results of your colposcopy. The waiting IS terrible. If they say the results will take a week, give them about 3 days and then call them to see if they have the results yet.

My colposcopy showed CIN III or pre-cancerous cells and I was a worried wreck. I couldn't focus on anything. I had the LEEP procedure done and also, was scared to death (never had any surgery before in my life). My LEEP ended up coming back as CIN I, mild in my case, that was very welcome, good news!

I hope you have a good outcome......keep yourself busy and surrounded by supportive friends and family while you wait. I'll be thinking of you.


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Pickle Eyes HB UserPickle Eyes HB UserPickle Eyes HB User
Re: Very scared--high risk HPV and abnormal pap

I understand how anxious you can be waiting for results from tests.

First, do you know what type of abnormal pap you had? squamous or glandular? Ask for a copy of your pathology report. Be sure you get a copy of the pap's results and of the HPV test.

The HPV results probably say that you have at least one of the 13 types. I may be wrong, but I think the test they ran (can't remember the name of it - for testing after the pap on the same sample) just comes back with "yes, one of the 13 types we tested for." My HPV test was a separate swab that the doctor did when she did my pap. I know it was the Diagene test. It just came back as positive (or negative) for high risk HPV. I don't think very many doctors run the test(s) which can identify HPV strains. There currently isn't a lot of need to know actual strain numbers except to know high risk or low risk.

When you go for the colpo, ask your doctor to also do an ECC (endocervical curettage). It isn't comfortable, but it is over quickly enough. It is the only non-surgical way a doctor can sample the cells in the cervical canal. At 37, and in a long term monogamous relationship and with a positive results on an HPV test, the ECC is a prudent test.

I also recommend you go to the doctor's office with a written list of questions. Leave room to write answers. I always find this really helpful.

Let us know how you are doing!

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michelle1223 HB User
Re: Very scared--high risk HPV and abnormal pap

She had told me that the pap was an Atypical sqaumous, and as far as the HPV, she also said that was Atypical but it was high risk... she said that they do not test for exactly the type, only if it's high risk or low risk. She told me over and over, DO NOT worry, this is the lowest abnormal tests so if there is anything we caught it early, but how can a person not worry when it's my first abnormal ever and with my family history.
The reason I went in to begin with is because I have lower back pain but I have had it for about 4 years now.. I do not have any abnormal bleeding or pain at all, and everything I read says that I would have pain with cervical cancer, is this correct?

Thank you so much for any advice.
My colop is scheduled for Monday.. It cannot come soon enough.

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Pickle Eyes HB UserPickle Eyes HB UserPickle Eyes HB User
Re: Very scared--high risk HPV and abnormal pap

I suspect pain with cervical cancer is for later stages of cancer. You haven't been diagnosed with cancer. According to what you say, you have a low stage abnormal pap. There are MANY different levels between early stage abnormal pap and cancer that would cause pain (I would think - from what I've read). The pap is only a screening tool. The colpo will give the doctor a better idea of what your cervix looks like and get a significantly more accurate pathology report of what is going on with your cervix.

Atypical squamous cells are MUCH easier for a doctor to biopsy/detect and therefore keep an eye on or biopsy. This is because of the location of the squamous cells (vs glandular cells).

Also, the colpo, if she does a biopsy, could be diagnostic AND treatment if she is able to remove all abnormal cells while she is doing the biopsy.

I know I've already said this, but wanted to repeat it, ask your doctor to do an ECC while she is doing the colpo. It is the only nonsurgical way to sample the cells higher up in the cervix.

One more thing. I suggest you take some ibuprofen (or something similar) before your appointment. My doctor recommended I do that before my colpo/ecc. She said it helps make anything that is uncomfortable be less uncomfortable.

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