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Stuff my gyno told me to figh my dysplasia

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Old 04-25-2013, 01:18 PM   #1
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JLena HB User
Smile Stuff my gyno told me to figh my dysplasia

Hey Ladies.....So, recently I was diagnosed with LSIL...At first I was a wreck and worrying about what if I had caner and all of that mess....I then began to research about it and that only made my anxiety worse and my colposcopy appointment at the time was a month and a half away....

I ended up calling my gyno in a panic and she gave me some advice that really has put my mind at ease and maybe you will find it reassuring as well...

she said...

1. LSIL and even HSIL is not a death sentence...bother are highly treatable.
2. If you smoke STOP!
3. Change your eating is what she suggested to me..

-Breakfast: She really pushed the idea of fresh fruits and orange juice for breakfast....she also recommended oatmeal if I needed something warm to jumpstart my day....

-Lunch: She said a salad is always great....with grilled chicken is a great way to play up a dull salad. I HATE salad and really anything green which is horrible because the green stuff is always the best for you. She said if salad or "green stuff" isn't your thing....have a whole wheat sandwich with tuna.....or some type of whole wheat pasta and a side of veggies......and a glass of V8 veggie juice twice a day...

-Dinner: Grill or bake a chicken breast....basically STAY AWAY from fried foods and takeout....and do not overdo it on the fattening sauces...

For snacks she suggested granola bars, fresh fruit or veggies, nuts or almonds....things of that nature...

she said that yes this sounds like a diet but really it is just altering your eating habits to cut out the things that are bad for isn't complicated..and eating healthy can help your lady parts so much!

Her other words of advice were:
-Drink 6-8 glasses/bottles of water a day
-Drink jucies
-Take a multivitamin along with vitamin C and Folic Acid....Folic Acid causes B12 defficiency though so add B12 to your vitamin routine...
-Exercise at least 4 days a week for 30 min...
-Moderate your drinking and again STOP smoking all together
-get 8 hours of sleep...she said that really does myth there
-relax and limit stress...(ha easier said than done) but I have found that a hot bath after school or work and just some me time with a book or music playing really takes the edge off.
-Talk about what you are going through with your family or friends...talking really cuts back stress as well...

I found comfort in the fact that she supported the idea of vitamins helping reverse dysplasia because there are a few studies that say they do not help at all. And there are even some doctors who will tell you that.....I admit that before this pap, I did not take care of myself....but for the past month I have been following this advice of my gyno and I feel GREAT....I pee alot because of all the water lol...but i have so much new found energy......eating healthier has made me feel clean if that makes sense...

just wanted to share this with you all..I'm sure some of you already know or have heard this but wanted to tell you.

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Old 04-30-2013, 09:29 PM   #2
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Echo64 HB User
Re: Stuff my gyno told me to figh my dysplasia

Thanks for the info. My most recent pap came back HSIL after 20+ years of normal results, which got me pretty wound up and the fact that my doctor wants no more than a 7 day gap between all of my tests isn't making me feel better. The biopsies from the colposcopy were inconclusive, so I'm having a LEEP in a couple of days.

I've read a lot about dysplasia and HPV and ways to try and fight them. My doctor basically said to eat healthy and take a multivitamin, but I found a high strength antioxidant combo I'm taking, along with folic acid, vitamin C, D, etc. After reading your post, I added B-12, so thanks for posting that. I don't think I've ever taken so many pills in my life, but I'm hoping between the vitamins and eating healthy, I can knock this back or at least slow it down. Now if I can just get a handle on the stress...

Old 05-01-2013, 09:38 AM   #3
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JLena HB User
Re: Stuff my gyno told me to figh my dysplasia

I didn't know Folic Acid caused a B12 issue either! I am glad she mentioned that to me though because I have never heard anyone mention adding B12 to their vitamin intake...

I as well am taking an enromous amount of vitamins...and sometimes it makes me feel pretty yuck...but...once the yuckyness passes I feel awesome! I also added Borage oil to my vitamins as of last week. I just found it while looking at vitamins... Borage Oil is for womens health and it supports cellular and metabolic health....I have not done research on it and dysplasia but it may be a vitamin worth looking into....

Dealing with all of this is stressful...and I'm sure your doctor is just being very cautious with you HSIL and wants to heal you as quickly as possible. I have LSIL and I was diagnosed a little over a month ago via Pap smear....They are in no hurry to get me into the doctor...I hae waited one long month to get in for a colposcopy...I have had to move my appointment several times due to my insurance.....If all goes well next week on Tuesday or Thursday I will have my colposcopy but that is the week my period is supposed to arrive so I'll probably have to move it again...and the 2 womens clinics here that perfom colposcopys stay booked up for about 2-4 weeks...You should find peace in the fact that they are doing all they can as quickly as possible...because having to wait around is not fun at all.....

The thing that helps me is to just get out of the house...I find myself sitting in bed reading about crap online constantly....and that makes me feel worse...especially the 10-20% of women with LSIL harbor CIN 2, 3 or worse....yeah thats not a big percentage but its big enough to make me worry.....Women with an HSIL pap only have a 2% chance of harboring cancer....and that is very find comfort in that.... and if you have doctors who are willing to give you information, take that chance and ask them all the questions you can possibly think of. The Nurse practitoner that done my Pap didn't even call to say it was abnormal...I had to call her...even though she said if she doesn't call it means all is okay....then once she told me it was LSIL she made it out to be a death sentence.....and wouldn't give me any further really scared me....and I don't have anyone who will answer my questions....

So, while looking for information is never a bad thing...sometimes what you read online isn't always true....Just stick to your vitamins and healthy eating habits and I wouldn't be shocked if you seen improvements.....Hang in isn't fun at all but we will survive.

Old 05-01-2013, 09:54 AM   #4
Join Date: Apr 2013
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JLena HB User
Re: Stuff my gyno told me to figh my dysplasia

Stressing is hard to get over that is for sure.....I strees constantly and my pap only came back as LSIL...The best advice I can give is to stay off the internet and seek information from your doctor (unless you are looking for vitamin and eating habit help). I have looked at EVERY web page that mentions LSIL and HSIL and sometimes the statistics scare me and make me worry even more. I'll put it this way....before my LSIL pap I was an A college grades have taken a blow due to my constant worry...I can't even study I am so worried. So, stay away from the internet and get info from your doctors.

Take comfort in the fact that your doctor wants to get you taken care of so quickly. I have been waiting a month and a half for my colposcopy and the waiting is torcher. I just want to know whats going on in there! And none of my doctors will speak to me via phone to clearify what my pap means...(of course I know LSIL means low grade but I have other question)....Also, if you have a support to them about it....My husband is always gone due to his job and my family is over 1,000 miles away so talking to them is sometimes complicated....

The best advice I have recieved is to get out of the house.....and get out into the really does make you feel better....I stay parked on my bed though reading about horrible possibilities that aren't even likely to happen...I think it's normal....because what we have is considered "Pre-Cancer"....the word cancer is terrifying no matter what word is before it.....It is human nature to sterss about these issues...

I recently started taking Bourage oil as well. I haven't researched it but, it is a womens health supplement that aids in health cellular and metabolic that may be something to add to your mound of vitamins.....I know taking as many as we are seems insane but I really think that we can fight back in a natural way and help our bodies out....I had never heard of Folic Acid causing a B12 issue either so I am glad she mentioned that because B12 is vital in helping out other vitamins like Vitamin C actually work.....

Just hang in there....It is not a fun path to travel but we will survive and prosper.....I have to remind myself of that pretty often....because some days I just dont want to even get out of bed....but thankfully we live in a country that has wonderful healthcare!

Old 05-03-2013, 10:43 AM   #5
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Location: St. Louis, MO
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Echo64 HB User
Re: Stuff my gyno told me to figh my dysplasia

The stress has been the hardest thing for me to control, mainly because after the shock of the HSIL finding wore off, I did a bunch of research and planned for everything I thought could happen. Unfortunately, the biopsies from the colposcopy were inconclusive, so that added another level of stress. I'm going to get a copy of the report when I go for my LEEP (which just got rescheduled to next week). I think no matter what happens, at this point I'm going to want someone else to review all of the slides and get their opinion. My gyno had told me pretty much from day 1 that I'd have to have the LEEP, either because the dysplasia was severe or because if the biopsy results were negative, we'd need to figure out what the disparity was. I assumed the biopsy results would be CIN III, because my gyno said there are cases where she doesn't see any abnormalities on the colpo, but she told me up front that wasn't going to be the case with me.

My biggest concern is clearing the HPV or making it dormant, since the past 2 years of my life have been very stressful. I'm working on trying to keep my stress levels down, which is easier said than done, and eating healthy and taking vitamins. I haven't said anything to my family about this because my Dad is having neurological problems (looks like early stages of dementia), and since I don't know anything, they need to focus more on him. My close friends know and have been very supportive, so that helps.

I have been watching a lot of movies, and getting out, and if the sun ever comes out again, that will help, too. I know it's hard, but studying might help take your mind off of things. Yesterday I actually had a really good day because I just decided not to think about any of this, since I can't do anything until next week. I went shopping, too, which also helped So I guess, do all you can do for now, which is eating healthy and taking vitamins, and try not to worry as much as possible. The key factor for you is you're young, and from everything I've read (and believe me, I've read a lot), in the vast majority of cases, any dysplasia will resolve on its own.

Hang in there, too. !

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