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Waylands 03-25-2012 04:29 AM

ureteral growth?

I have a question and I am hoping someone can help with the answer. The length of the posting is part of my question. Sorry for the forthcoming saga.

I have just had a CT with IVu on my kidneys and am now waiting on a laparoscopy to investigate something they have picked up on my Uretera where it joins my bladder (also sorry if this should be in the Bladder Cancer section).

I am male, 44 years old and live in the UK. I have also never smoked or worked with chemicals.

About 4 years ago I started passing blood clots in my urine with other vague symptoms such as a supraclavicular lump on the left side of my neck, night sweats, extreme fatigue, pains etc. I saw my GP and was seen pretty much soon by both an Urologist and an Oncologist. I had an ultrasound of my neck, my testicles, prostate and kidneys and all were clear. I had a CT of my chest and abdomen (which was given with a liquid that I swallowed) and all were clear. I had 2 cystoscopies which were then clear and was tested for everything except the Ebola virus again all clear. I saw the oncologist who gave me the all clear and the Urologist said he had no explanation for the bleeding and told me to get on with my life which I then did. I did not know why I was bleeding but was happy everything had been checked out and put it down as 'one of those things'.

Over the years the fatigue, sweats, painful lump in neck and bleeding continued and over the last 12 months the frequency of the bleeding increased from every couple of months to every fortnight. A few weeks ago I passed the blood clots as usual and thought nothing of it. the following day (Friday) my urine was clear as expected and I thought nothing of it and went to work. at 10am in the morning I urinated and it was very dark but for the first time I noticed a stream of blood within the urine and at the end I started passing large blood clots which I had to remove to allow the flow to continue. This persisted over the next 8 hours. I called my GP and because I work away from home was advised to go to the local hospital. I thought I would rather go home than spend a night in a UK accident and emergency unit 500 miles away from home on a Friday night. By the time I got home the bleeding had stopped so I decided I did not want to spend the weekend in an equally large A & E unit 500 miles south of the first one so travelled back to work on the Monday and called my GP. I was booked in for a cystoscopy (my third one over the years). followed by the CT.

over the last couple of weeks, the nausea and pain have returned with a vengance, I now have a lot of (sick/nagging pain in my back) and in the lump on the left side of my neck as well as extreme fatigue

However, out of all the tests I had had over the years, I had never had a CT on my kidneys or with IVu contrast and to be honest I was not surprised when they found something with this test. everything else had been tested over the years and had been clear. There was nothing else left to test.

The GP called me to explain the results of the CT scan and with a lot of hesitation told me it was a large thickening spreading across where the uretera joins the bladder. The CT could not show what it was but I should have the laparoscopy to look inside me and see what is going on.

I am seeing the urologist on the third of April and the GP in a few days for pain management advice but dont want to get things out of perspective, hence my question(s) (here it is, sorry it has taken so long for this saga).

'Is anyone aware of benign growths on the uretera that can cause such bleeding or is it possible for an ureteral growth to be so slow growing that it changes overtime but does not go wild?'

to put it bluntly, if there had been something there for the last 4 years I would expect to be a lot worse off than I am now so find the whole experience confusing.

thanks in advance


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