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Old 09-27-2004, 06:11 PM   #1
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Polinka HB User
Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

Good evening ,
I am so very scared.I hade my X-ray today and later in the afternoon my doctor called,left message with my hubby.He said I would have to go for Cat scan,because I have indiscriminate earia on my left lung.Please,somebody,what does it meand and should I be scared?I am 30,female,smoked on and off for 10 years half pack a day.If anybody went thorugh the same thing,please,talk to me.Why do I have to take CAT scan?What does it mean indiscriminate earia? Thank you .

Old 09-28-2004, 06:25 AM   #2
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txchaz HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.


I am sorry for your fears, Doctors can really leave you confused and scared. I am not familiar with your question I just wanted to ask, did you ask the doctor what it means? So many times, I am guilty as any, we walk away from the doctor with alot of questions. Ask him make him put it in your language if you do not understand him, they get paid enough take up some of his time and make him explain, it just seems like sometimes they are in such a hurry, like you are bothering them if you ask questions. Sorry I could not answear you question, hopefully someone on this board will come through for you.


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Old 09-29-2004, 06:22 AM   #3
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bacalice HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.


why not check with your doctor again. he might have said area. i pray that things go well for you. i have heard indiscriminate area in regard to chest
x-rays when the area in question was not clearly defined.

dx sclc 05/06/03

Old 09-29-2004, 06:29 AM   #4
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Polinka HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

Hello ,
Thank you for your kind words!I am really very scared.I am going for my CAT scan on Friday and will let you know the outcome.I just don't handle fear that well,I guess.I have sent all day yesterday in my bed watching Life Time Television for Women crying my eyes out.Pathetic.Thank you again and I will keep you posted.

Old 09-29-2004, 12:55 PM   #5
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mwessell HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

I feel bad for you...similar thing happened to me...and I carried tissues with me at all times for when I broke down, which was quite often and even at a Red Sox game in Fenway Park!

If they see something on an x-ray, it is protocol that a CT scan is done. And of course you think the worst.

I had a nodule found on my lung and a lesion on my liver. Sounds terrible, and my imagination went wild as I prepared to die!

Well, the lesion on the liver was a cyst (harmless). The lung nodule was not the easy to diagnose. I am 43, smoked for over 20 years and was scared to death. I could have a CT scan every 3 months for a couple of years, or have surgery to biopsy it.

I ended my emotional misery by having surgery to remove this nodule and have it biopsied. The surgery was not that bad. They were able to do it with scopes and I am recovering well. It has been 2 weeks and all is back to normal. Still a little sore but I can pick up my 1 year old with no problem (25 pounds). The nodule was benign, and now I sleep at night again!!! I was in the hospital for 3 days.

This was all worth it for PEACE OF MIND!!!

Keep us posted.

Old 09-29-2004, 03:56 PM   #6
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Polinka HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.


Thank you so much!It is so comforting to know that there is somebody who knows what I am going through. Forget about tissue paper,I went through two paper towel rolls today,watched the stupidest movie ever,cryed over some mexican soap - I AM OFFICIALY A RACK!

I would like to ask you few questions if you don't mind me asking.How long did it take between CT scan and the surgery itself?Days,weeks? Also how long does it take for the biopsy results to come back?I am very happy you are all right and well and wish you a speedy recovery.God bless your heart!I will,mos certainly,post my outcome.Praying for good news.

Old 09-29-2004, 06:38 PM   #7
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mwessell HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

Hi again...

Glad I could make you feel a little is a very lonely place to be - not knowing if you have something cancerous in your body and if you will be alive a year from now. It's like sinking into a big hole and it keeps getting darker... No one understands unless they are in the same situation. YOU WILL BE FINE!!! Don't ever think otherwise!!! Stop being scared. Your x-ray could have been just a shadow! When you get your CT results and there is something there, then deal with it. It could still be nothing - just like mine! The odds you are fine are better than mine are only 30...chance of a malignancy is slim!!!

Not alot of time elapsed from the finding of the nodule to my surgery. I can't remember when I had the first CT Scan, but I got the results on June 24. Here's how it went...

June 24 - results of first CT scan
June 29 - appointment with pulmonary doctor
June 29 - ultrasound for liver
July 2 - PET Scan
July 6 - Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
July 13 - consult with thoracic surgeon
July 15 - Follow-up with pulmonary doctor and PET scan results, PFT
July 28 - 2nd CT Scan
July 30 - CT scan results (No growth)
September 15 - Surgery

From the time they diagnosed me (June 24) to the day of surgery was less than 3 months. It could have been even shorter, but I took a well-deserved 2 week vacation on Cape Cod! It gave me time to take my mind off things and calm down a bit. I also delayed the surgery until my daughter was back in school so she would be less aware of what was going on...didn't want to scare her (she is 12). The 1 year old doesn't know any better!

So I could have actually had it done a month earlier than I did.

I was very aggressive with my treatment and always asked for an earlier appointment than I was given. I had all my tests and results done in a very short period of time...the doctors were amazed it was done so quickly.

When you go to an appointment, bring the receptionist and nurses donuts or candy. They will remember you and when you need another appointment or test results, and they respond better. Make them get to know you so they are more personable with you. When you go back each time they remember you by name. When you insist on an ealier appointment than what they give you, do it kindly. Don't demand it. BE NICE!!!

And the best advice I can give you is this...

You can't change the fact that there was something on your x-ray. What you can change is the way you are handling it. Pull yourself together and start an exercise regimen. Today. Do it. It was the best thing I ever did. I couldn't get the nodule off my lung, but I did get into the best shape I have been in for a long time. And this proved invaluable for the surgery. I was out of the recovery room in one hour, which is great for lung surgery. I walked for 1 hour every day, pushing my 1 year old in a stroller, and worked out with weights. I took control of what I was able to...and you should too!


Mary Ellen

Old 09-29-2004, 06:50 PM   #8
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mwessell HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

H again...

I forgot a very important thing...the nodule was biopsied while I was still on the table in surgery. They knew it was benign immediately. To be absolutely sure, they do another biopsy that takes about a week.

If it had been malignant, the surgery would have progressed to a lobectomy, where they would have removed the entire upper lobe.

Mary Ellen

Old 09-29-2004, 11:46 PM   #9
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Lady_J_1_01 HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

Mary ellen, what a gr8 testament to the human spirit. We did as you and also brought treats for the nurses, and staff...this really does help! and getting your body in its best shape in the 'face of the storm' is admiring.. I dont know if I could have stayed as up beat as you,and focused.. plus kept busy getting physically fit!! Thanks for sharing you made my day! Mattie

Old 09-30-2004, 05:16 AM   #10
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mwessell HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

Dear Mattie,

So glad I made your day! I am determined to take my experience to help others.

I do credit my getting through all of this with my sanity (well, I think I am sane!) to my fiance and my friends. They "held me up" when I could not do it myself. And there is nothing wrong with that! There was actually a day when my fiance had to come and get me because I couldn't even drive home I was so upset. So I wasn't always so strong!

I believe that EVERYONE has the inner strength to get through may take a little digging to find it....but it is there. Once I took that first step to get in shape for surgery, things seem to fall into place. Physical exercise does wonders for your mental health, and the more I walked and worked out, the better I felt. I kept busy with my family and my friends. I went out alot to keep my mind off things. I called my friends and told them that I needed them to get through this.

I am so lucky not to have lung cancer. I do not take it for granted for one minute. I read the stories on this message board and wish that all could have a happy ending.

Mary Ellen

Old 10-01-2004, 02:02 PM   #11
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Polinka HB User
Re: Indiscriminate earia on chest X-ray.

Hello ,
Once again,THANK YOU for all your kind words and good wishes.I am so very sorry I couldn't write sooner - I just couldn't handle anything at all,was so scared,spent days in my bed thinking of the "vague earia" in my lung and being sure I have cancer.
Well,today I had my CT scan.By the time I got to the office - I was in tears of fear.CT scan was not painful at all,they decided not to put contrast for the chest CT scan in my case.The most difficult part was realizing that I would have to wait till Monday or Tuesday for my results and this was one thought I couldn't handle whatsoever!!!!So,being such a pain on the *ss,as I am,I got on the phone with my doctor who told me to pull myself together and to come to his office right after the CT scan,which I did.I finished CT scan at 1p.m. by 2p.m. I was at my doctor's office. My wonderful,kind,understanding doctor got immediately on the phone with BAB radiologie where I had my CT scan done and requested immediate reading of my results.Guess what,in 10 minutes,my readings where faxed to my doctor and TA-DAM !!!! There is no cancer,no nothing!!! "vague density" in my lung was a tiny wraptured blood vesl(spll?).Well,I am dancing on my kitchen table !Wonderful news!
I will never ever will smoke again,nor will I allow anybody by my side to smoke.It is almost a week I am smoke free and now,more than ever,I am sure I can do it once and for all.
To those of you who are battling LC,I want to let you know how much I admire the power of your spirit and will and strength.

P.S. I am sorry for my possible grammer and spelling mistakes.English is my second leanguage and I have a long way to go,but I am trying to get better .

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