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jdad1121 HB User
Re: Help!

Sorry it has taken forever for me to post an update..Anyway I went and got the D&C done in Dec, Jan came and I had a normal period. Now its July and still have had no period, Doctor says its fine and if the bleeding comes back he will do ablation. I did notice if I drink beer (very rare maybe 3-4 times a year) I bleed lightly the next day, I have tried looking this up but come up with nothing, thought it was kinda strange. I am going to make another appt for the doc next month to see what he says, still having a hard time with this and dont know what to do. He said the D&C all looked normal

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Re: Help!


Glad to hear everything went well for you in December. You can do what I do after every procedure--I request and obtain the pathology report. Whenever, I have surgery I also write and request the operative report. By reading the operative report, you are able to read exactly what the doctor did or did not do and by reading the pathology report, you are able to see exactly what the pathologist wrote and what was sent to pathology to be examined. With this information, you can sit down with your doctor next month and have a very intelligent conversation. You can ask all your questions and actually quote from the reports any questions that this doctor answers that is not very clear to you.

On the operative report it should say if the doctor did a hystroscope/d&c or just a d&c. If he/she did a hystroscope with a d&c, than that is actually good and better than having a endometrial biopsy. An endometrial biopsy only samples a small piece of the uterine lining where as a hystroscope (a scope is placed into the uterine cavity and air or a liquid solution is injected to allow a view of the entire uterine cavity) is a better instruments to view the whole unterine cavity, once the uterus is visualized and evaluated, than the scope is removed or left in place to complete any other procedure that the doctor wishes to perform. Than typically the doctor would than perform the D&C which will take all the tissue from the uterine cavity and they send that to pathology.

I am a little confused about why you have not had a period since January? How old are you? I am somewhat baffled that this is something that is not concerning to the doctor if you are not menapousal or pre-menapousal. Could it be that you were taking so much hormonal medication before the surgery that you body is still trying to correct itself?

Good luck with you appointment next month and let us know what this doctor said.

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jdad1121 HB User
Re: Help!

I will be 33 years old in November.

I haven't had normal periods for a long time. Before I had children I was fine always had it never late always lasted 3 days and thats it. After my first born I went on the Depro Provera shot, I got 1 shot and never got my period for almost 1 year. Doctor said nothing to worry about, but I didn't like that side effect so I never got a 2nd shot. It took me 4 ears to finally conceive after that. After my last pregnancy I never was normal again. I got my period after the birth like normal but then it was maybe every 6 months. When I would get it I would bleed so heavy I would fill pads every hour or two. I couldn't get out of bed cause when I did I would pass clots the size of apples. I went to ER's, 3 different doctors and finally the last doctor had did a D&C in 2007 and found what looked like to her an old miscarriage. After that I had a normal period the following month and then back to the same. When I did bleed again it was the heavy bleeding and then they would throw me on something to stop the bleeding, and sometimes in between they would give me provera to bring on a period.
2008 Now changing doctors again,( cause the lady just wanted to put me on BC pills not figure out where the problems were coming from) Had my D&C in Dec 08, got period in Jan 08 and haven't had a period or heavy bleeding episode since. I have had spotting every now and again, and like I said a few of the times i spotted were after I drank beer. Also spot after having intercourse sometimes too. Doctor says if the heavy bleeding comes back he will do ablation and if that doesn't work then onto hysterectomy. He says its not a big deal to not get your period. (I think otherwise)
I am so tired of changing doctors and telling my background info I almost want to just give up. The Lady I went to in 2007 still wont send me my records that I have requested 5 different times and have conformations of my requests.
You said you get the OR reports, who would i need to call to get them? Would I call the hospital or the actual Doctors office? I am going to try that route and start looking for another Doctor again.
If anyone knows of any doctors in the NJ/PA area, please let me know, I would be very greatful.

Thank you all for listening, hopefully I didn't ramble too much


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shisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB Usershisslak HB User
Re: Help!

Hi Amy

For the operative report, you just send a letter requesting the your records to the hospital were the procedure was done. In terms of the doctors office, they are legally obligated to give you copies of your complete medical records. They can insist on charging you for those records though. If you have now requested them 5 times, than your next request in writing will state that this is now your sixth request (mention dates of all of your previous requests) and that they are legally obligated to produce these records to you. Give them a date and time of when you will be present to retrieve these records. Send the request certified mail so that you have a signature of who accepted the letter and finally follow up with a phone call confirming that you will be in the office when you said you will to pick these records up personally. Give them a deadline of say two weeks and verbally confirm with the office after one weeks time. If you are not sucessful, than notify your state's medical liscensing board by filing a formal complaint. If this doctor works within a group practice, than speak with the senior practice partner about the problem you are having obtaining your records.
I hope this helps with some of your problems--I know that after the birth of my one and only daughter, I experienced quite a few problems with my body including infertility. Which in my family is unheard of. (I am one of ten children-and now am the proud aunt of 30, that is how fertile my sisters are). I also developed pre-cancerous breast tumors, and problems with thickening endometrial linings. We love are kids, but they really can do a number to our formally healthy body.

Good luck with your search for a new doctor--there are good ones out there, you just need to find them.

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