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Why does 18 month old cry all night?

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Old 10-16-2007, 11:56 PM   #1
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AlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB User
Why does 18 month old cry all night?

Help! I'm desperate, why does she cry all night? She is healthy, never been sick, literally, since she has been born. No allergies or problems. She is also a very happy girl, but lately at night she started out crying somewhat and I usually have to get up and rock her a little, but I have to be standing up. Now it has progressed to I lay down for 30-45 minutes and I am bombarded with kicking and crying. She doesn't stop, nothing works. Anything I try makes it worse. I get to a certain point, especially when this it relentless night after night that I start crying and screaming I don't understand, why does she do this to me? I feel like a 1,000 bricks are on my chest and there is nothing I can do. My ranting and her screaming wakes my husband up and
I fear the neighbors as well because I live in a townhome. She has a regular check up next week, but I really don't feel a doctor is going to do anything. I feel like she i just being bratty. Anyone else experience this?

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Old 10-17-2007, 03:56 AM   #2
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ozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB Userozzybug HB User
Re: Why does 18 month old cry all night?

Sweetie, I know ALL too well what you are feeling right now, and I'm sure many other moms here will too when they read your post. My son cried ALL night, every night from the time he was a few days old until he was almost 4 weeks old. It was terrible, and I was exhausted to say the least. Yes, I even cried with him a few times because I was so tired and felt so terribly helpless because I couldn't get him to stop crying. He had colic, and fortunately, although that 4 weeks seemed like an eternity, it was fairly short lived compared to how long some little ones have it.

Colic can rear it's ugly head at any time, and it's been proven that it's caused not by an imature diaphragm as previously thought, but by gas in the intestines. They actually did an x-ray on my son one night and it showed his entire intestinal tract was FULL of gas. How painful that is!!

I can only suggest that you maybe try some of the anti-gas medications for little ones. Symethicone drops tend to help quite a bit if it's gas causing her to cry like this all night. From what you are describing, I think (and this is just my guess) that gas in her intestines could be the culprit here. You can get the name brand "Mylecon" or the generic "Symethicone" drops and try that.

I know it's hard, but try and be as patient as you can because little ones can sense when mom is tense and that makes things even worse for them and you. Maybe you and hubby can take turns getting up with her in the night so at least one of you can get a little rest. You can take a night, and hubby can take a night. Just remember that babies usually don't just cry for no reason. There is normally something happening to make them cry.

If the drops don't work, then maybe speak with her pediatritian about this. I hope the drops do work and that ALL of you can get back to having normal, restful sleep.

Good luck, and please let us know how it goes sweetie...

Old 10-17-2007, 11:40 AM   #3
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AlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB User
Re: Why does 18 month old cry all night?

Thanks, maybe I will try that then. She was never a colicky baby and in fact she had her days and nights right when she was born, she would just wake up every few hours to eat. It has been four intense nights in a row. I will try the gas drops though.

Old 10-17-2007, 12:14 PM   #4
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CaringMom HB User
Re: Why does 18 month old cry all night?

Just a question. Can your daughter tell you or show you what's wrong? Maybe ask where she hurts? At 18 months she should be able to point or maybe rub at the area that's bothering her. Like when children tug at their ears when they have an earache.

Old 10-17-2007, 10:27 PM   #5
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AlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB User
Talking Re: Why does 18 month old cry all night?

No, she really doesn't do that. But, I am a stay at home mom and I am with her all of the time, so I know everything about her. This night crying thing puzzles me. I know she has had some night terrors, but I don't think this crying is part of that, but perhaps I am wrong. My mom suggested bad dreams. If so, she has 10 bad dreams a night. I did a lot of thinking today and tonight if she acts that way will be 5 intense nights in a row. I am taking a better approach, I am going to be kind and very gentle with my voice. Sometimes I am overwhelmed I lose sight of that over time, which I regret. I don't want to be upset and I certainly don't want her to get more upset because of me.

I did buy the Little Remedies Gas drops tonight. Maybe it has something to do with your original suggestion. She has been staying up a bit later this past week or so and I know I have been giving her a snack or milk before bed to fill and calm her belly, so maybe it is her tummy or gas. I thought about that today. I went back to just water before bed tonight. I will see if it makes a difference. I really appreciate your time and help CaringMom, thanks!

Old 10-18-2007, 09:04 AM   #6
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declansmom HB User
Re: Why does 18 month old cry all night?

I am totally there with you! My son was colic for 4 months straight every single day and night he cried. My son is 2 1/2 now. He did have two episodes of this exact thing. The first one was that he was not tolerating his cows milk very well and it started making him gassy. To get him stomach transistioned, we only gave him milk before Noon and that gave him time to pass the gas. The other time he was crying at night was ear infections. He was fine during the day, no temp, but at night he was a monster. I took him to the Dr desperate for help and turned out he has severe ear infections. He since has had to have two sets of ear tubes. He does get this way every onw and then with bad dreams that really stay with him.

I would take her to the Dr. just to rule out anything medically. Everytime I thought the Dr would do nothing, they always found something that helped.

Old 10-19-2007, 05:17 AM   #7
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athome1 HB User
Re: Why does 18 month old cry all night?

When my son reached about 15 months, I had the exact same thing happen with him. I was baffled. He would wake up screaming and need to be held and rocked back to sleep. This would happen several times a night. He wasn't reaching for anything in particular, so I assumed it was growing pains, gas, or something of that nature. It continued on for several weeks. My son had pin worms. My doctor explained that it's very very common. My kids all stay at home, so it's like he got it from school or anything, so don't assume that the risk is low. They never actually saw the worms, but all the symptoms were there, so he was treated with an antibiotic anyway. It cleared up over night and my child was once again sleeping soundly.

They wake up because the itching is so intense on their little bottoms. I never saw him scratching, but he was, b/c he got a yeast infection from scratching so hard. Some doc's will tell you to take a look at their bottoms at night when the worms should come out to lay eggs (around the anus). My doctor told me that in all the years that he has practiced, he has never "seen" a pin worm on a child, only treated for them b/c they are so small and very very hard to see. So you may not see them either if this is what's wrong.

Hope this helps!

Old 10-19-2007, 12:10 PM   #8
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AlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB User
Re: Why does 18 month old cry all night?

I began giving her milk and some food right before bed because she was staying up later than usual and I thought maybe something in her belly would make her sleep better, and I think I was wrong. I quit and she started sleeping the last two nights.......?

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