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Strange fatigue

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Old 01-25-2012, 11:57 AM   #1
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pengu19 HB User
Strange (unexplained) fatigue for 8 months now

Hello everybody,

I have been suffering from this fatigue like state for almost 8 months now.
It feels like I can only concentrate on a small part of my view, and I feel like
I can't think clearly. When I try my best to concentrate I can manage to think clearly.

This all started on a thursday afternoon after playing a game of League of Legends with a friend of mine. My heart rate was a tad high, and I took some fresh air to get rid of it, which helped a bit. However, a few minutes later my heart rate hadn't returned to normal yet, so I began worrying something was wrong with my heart. After calling 911 (112 in my country) the doctor managed to calm me down, and I felt a bit better.

From that day on for like 5 months I've been experiencing anxiety attacks and fatigue at night or just before falling asleep. Also I had feelings of dull pain in my armpit, below my collarbone and right below my left nipple.

I've done these tests during that time:
-blood test
-seen a cardiologist, who made 2 ECG's

All tests came back fine.
Last month the cardiologist had me take some more tests: a bicycle stress test, a heart echo and a 24h holter monitor test.
Again all tests came back fine.

From this time I decided to give up on my heart as the culprit, and I actually started to feel much better and worry less. The chest pains also started occuring less frequently, from a few times per day to a few times per week.

However, the fatigue never got much better on overall. I've had a few weeks when I've been feeling great, almost like normal, but after a week I seem to fall back to my old state of fatigue, and sometimes I'm feeling a bit depressed of the fatigue when this happens.

The cardiologist is still wanting to hunt after arrhythmias so he is giving me an event monitor for two weeks. I don't really like this as this takes more time to investigate (from my point of view) things with a low chance of causing my fatigue.

Anyway, while I am waiting for my tests I still suffer from fatigue from day to day.
The fatigue is not so bad that I can't take care of myself, but I can't do normal work because of it. My education efficiency dropped by 2/3 of the efficiency I can manage.

This fatigue is really getting on my nerves because I feel like I'm wasting my time and money. I do however start to acknowledge that I have to accept this 'state' I'm in and make the best of it till I'm better. Anyway feeling tired for seemingly no reason sucks.

If any of you recognize or had these symptoms I would gladly like to hear of you and what things you tried.

Also I would like to hear some opinions on what this could possible be.



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Old 02-04-2012, 07:08 PM   #2
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Re: Strange fatigue

Find a good Primary Care Doctor and get him/her to rule out all the basics. I've been down this road and ended up fighting an intestinal parasite and in parallel getting a real CFS diagnosis with very high HHV6 titers. It took a lot of doctors and testing to get down to these 2 problems which I'm now being treated for.

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Old 02-06-2012, 05:28 AM   #3
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pengu19 HB User
Re: Strange fatigue

Hmm, I guess I should just wait then. I actually think my first blood test also ruled out thyroid problems, as I have heard my cardiologist AND my GP say it couldn't be my thyroid after looking at my blood test results (I've actually never seen the results myself).

The only problem is, that the cardiologist seems to be very busy and he's taking a long time to diagnose me. I'm not really getting a very high priority on the tests because I'm not in acute danger.

So I'm now dealing with this fatigue for 8 months now. I got referred to the cardiologist in september, so that's after the 4th month. Then I had to wait one month until I finally got my tests, and another month to get the results. Now I am waiting yet another month to get my last test from the cardiologist...

I am getting a sick of being tired all day (like feeling you've had a party till 3am the night before all the time), so my only option is to try some things myself.

I've come up with the following things that seem to help:
1.Getting a good night's sleep
2.Eating eggs seems to help a bit
3.Getting some exercise

Old 03-14-2012, 01:50 AM   #4
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pengu19 HB User
Re: Strange fatigue

Ok, I got the results from the event monitor test from the cardiologist.

-During extreme fatigue, my heart rate is normal
-When my heart rate suddenly elevates it is not a heart rythm disorder (rythm originates from the sinus node), so apparently sitting in a seat and then going from 60 to 120 bpm for no apparent reason is normal??

He is putting me on a light dose of beta blockers for TWO MONTHS , I tried those and they work like they should, but the also make me more tired. So I decided to quit taking them.

In the meantime I have had some insomnia problems, but it seems like I sleep a bit better last week. Not sleeping well seems to worsen my fatigue, but I feel like it comes on top of my usual fogginess.

With heart issues kinda ruled out I am wondering where to look next.

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Re: Strange fatigue

How much sleep are you getting? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you snore? I was thinking maybe sleep apnea if you have sleep issues.

Old 03-21-2012, 02:30 AM   #6
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pengu19 HB User
Re: Strange fatigue

Well when I have a good night, I sleep 9 hours (like I used to). But when I have a bad night I might as well have 6 hours of sleep in 2 or 3 'blocks'.
As far as I know I do not snore, I used to sleep on my stomach until a few years ago, and now I sleep mixed (front or back).

I do however feel some sort of obstruction in my nose sometimes, like when you have a cold.
Last night this feeling went away when I was lying on my stomach (as well as the headache. After a few minutes, it suddenly went away, but it comes back as soon as I tilt my head upright/backwards.

Old 02-03-2014, 05:12 AM   #7
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knvb HB User
Re: Strange fatigue

Pengu, I'm having the same issue. For myself, I've found that the issue is not a medical one after having blood and heart tests. I believe that it is a mental issue. I am a Social Worker and something called compassion fatigue is common is this field. I believe my fatigue is due to stress and having a lot on my mind around work mostly. I noticed in your original post that you play League of Legends. I play as well and am wondering if it is contributing to my fatigue as it is a game that can definitely increase stress levels.

Anyway, I'm gonna uninstall the game for a week or two and see if it helps at all. I'll let you know if I get positive results or not.

Good luck, I can def identify with being irritatingly fatigued constantly and not knowing why.

Old 02-04-2014, 01:27 AM   #8
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pengu19 HB User
Re: Strange fatigue

After more than a year I guess I'd post an update.
Blood and heart tests (ECG and echo) showed there is nothing wrong with my heart.

After the physical route started running out of obvious (and dangerous) options my primary care doctor referred me to a psychologist. She made me keep track of what I was doing each day and what caused me to be more fatigued.
Although I didn't really need a psychologist to do this, it actually helped me identify a few things I was doing which increased my fatigue.

Currently my fatigue is much less worse, and sometimes I don't even notice I have it. I am able to tolerate coffee and work to a much greater extent. Also my grades improved substantially (from trouble finishing courses to 8/10's) and at some moment I started to pass all my courses .

These were the things which helped me greatly:
-Start exercising at a much more intense level (I used to cycle a few kilometers each day, but now I am also taking martial art classes which are fun and help a lot)
-Cut back on coffee
-Absolutely do not drink coffee after dinner
-Take these sleeping pills which contain melatonin

The exercising made me have much less heart palpitations and sweating. I concluded these 'spells' are some sort of panic attacks, because I can now sense when they are going to start (sweaty palms and a surge of 'fear' through my body) and I can calm myself down a bit.

The melatonin pills helped me to sleep much deeper, I'd feel much more rested each morning. The pills now kind of started to lose their potential, and I am now sleeping without them (the pills only contained melatonin and valerian, so I guess no addictive substances in there).

Old 02-05-2014, 03:51 AM   #9
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knvb HB User
Re: Strange fatigue

Glad to hear you've found some strategies that have helped you pengu! I've already started to see improvements in my fatigue just a couple days after uninstalling lol. Though I have done a few other things that I think are helping me as well. I stopped drinking coffee over a week ago and I've been more involved with other staff at work. I definitely am a person who needs to socialize regularly in a positive atmosphere. So keeping lol uninstalled I think will help me in more ways than one. Though I do enjoy the competition and skill involved in the game, I will still reinstall it after two weeks but incorporate an increased amount of breaks from the game.

Thanks for starting this thread pengu! Also hup Holland

Old 03-07-2014, 06:20 PM   #10
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Penguinboy55 HB User
Re: Strange (unexplained) fatigue for 8 months now

I have also suffered from unexplained fatigue for a few months and had several blood tests and ECGs and they came back fine. My initial diagnosis was stress and anxiety.

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