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Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

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Old 08-06-2008, 04:57 PM   #1
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Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

To Everyone~
I just came home for one day to have my son go to his dads while I go back and sift thru all of this emotional turmoil and help my momma deal.
I really need to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to EVERYONE who posted, prayed, read my thread even as lurkers, EVERYone, you are all so appreciated. You have NO idea.

I need to add, that it was a wonderful ceremony, and getting to see all of my family was amazing. My dad would have been SO proud. My son, 12 was a pallbearer, and he was so handsome in his tux.
My sister lives close to my mom, an hour and my brother within minutes, so shes not alone. Im getting recharged to go back and help her deal with whatever she needs. My sis and bro have been helping her and when I get there, they can have a break.

Its been 105 or more, easily at home. Its been a depressing, horrible, terrible time, and I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. My pain is absolutely thru thr roof, and I had to come home to deal with things, and my doc, bless his heart changed my meds for me today. The car rides are just tearing me apart. Ive been lying down for the most part in the passenger seat, with tons of pillows. Sleepiing in hotel beds are just the cream of the crop, but tonite Ill get some good rest at home.
I feel so bad for my mom. she and my dad were married for 56 years. she is just devastated.
As I write this, I am so very upset. I, and my father, Bless His Soul, have been violated in the worst way while I was home. We have had tons, just tons of ppl in our home, in and out, ect. and someone, got in to my desceased fathers meds, and my meds while I was visiting. Im absolutely flabbergasted. I dont think it was anyone in my family [immediate], but when you have ppl who knew my father was a CPer for years, and possibly myself, I guess ppl know. They took a bunch of his stuff out of the bag my mom keeps my dads meds in, and granted she isnt the hippest about hiding things from ppl, I just still cant wrap my head around it. My sister noticed it when she was going thru the meds, because there, you can donate meds to hospice that you havent used. I looked at mine and noticed my bottle was WAY short. There isnt any way for me to even begin to pinpoint, as our family has been trying, with all of the ppl in our home. Just no way. And what do you do if you even have a suspicion? Im greatful I had enough to get me home, and more.

My meds taken were only the oxycontin. I had 10 mg oxycodone, IR for b/t and none of it was taken. I guess oxycontin is a big med pl look for. My dads meds were methadone and oxycontin I think his was 80 mgs... Whoever did it, was in the home when we were there, and that makes me the sickest. Of course ppl used the other bathrooms in the house, ect, and I cant have my friggin purse with my 24/7. I just cannot believe someone could be that cruel to take my dads meds. Forget mine, but to take from his stuff after hes dead. Mine were in my purse, in my bedroom where my son, hubby and I were sleeping. And I made sure my bag was pretty hidden.

I had only a few to drive home on with some b/t meds and Im just sick. Just sick.
My doc changed my meds to something else anyway so I am ok. We are trying the new morphine 24 hr, and back to the LA compounded oxy and hydro to cut costs.

It was good to see my family, and I had to bring my son home so he could spend time with his dad. Im leaving again tomorrow for another two weeks, and it only makes sense. Going thru things, and legal stuff isnt fun for a 12 yr old, and hes happy to be home.

Thank you to everone again who posted, and Im sorry it took so long, and Ill try to keep up when Im gone, but I may not be able to.
Dont worry about me, Im ok, and the stress and depression has made my pain skyrocket, but Im coping, and Im learning I can take more than I think.
My son is calling me to come pick him up and Ill post later if I can. I miss all of you, and I have missed everyone here so much. I wanted to post so badly while I was away, and couldnt.
Please pray for my family and myself if you can. I feel bad asking because there are so many of you who are going thru worse than myself, and I havent forgotten you, either. I need you all more now than youll ever know.
Much Love,

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Old 08-06-2008, 05:56 PM   #2
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cherish1 HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Glad you are home. Can't imagine how you feel with someone rifling through your things like that at a funeral, no less. Hope the new medicine regimen controls your pain better.

( ( HUGS) )

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Old 08-06-2008, 07:30 PM   #3
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Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Izzy, girl you are snake bit lately- of all the horrible things to happen at such an awful time - it is just so hurtful that people who were there to give you comfort could do such a thing - you are such a sweetheart, I just hate this for you - dealing with a parents death is enough but compile everything else and you have to be overwhelmed - I am just so sorry - I know how strong you are and you will land on your feet but this has to be tough
please know you are in my thoughts and prayers
huggs Aver

Old 08-06-2008, 08:16 PM   #4
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cmpgirl HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Izz honey, It's hard to know what to say in the face of something as horrible as this, except I love ya and I'm so sorry. The theft of yours and your dad's meds is one of the most heinous things I've heard in a long time. What kind of person could do something like that and still sleep at night?

I'm glad you're getting to be with your mom. I remember going through my dad's things and it was so hard, but mom couldn't get through it without help. She and dad had almost made it to their 50th. (One yr + 1 week short)

Please know that I pray for you every day and I'm here if you need anything. Don't worry about us. We've missed you, but we all understand. You go and do what you need to do and if you get the chance to check in, great! If not, we're with you in spirit anyway.

God Bless you and your family. Many hugs, CMP/MM

Old 08-07-2008, 04:12 AM   #5
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skych HB Userskych HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Hi Izzy,

I am glad to hear that your father's service was so nice.

It just amazes me sometimes what kinds of things people will do. It is just awfull. I totally understand how violated you are. I had a simialr experience with someone going throgh my things while I was out of town. It was a guy I was dating and he was supposed to come in and feed the cats NOT go through my personal things and then tell me what he found and where!.

For someone to rifle through your fathers personal things and then to take them no matter if it was meds or even something else is just awful.

Because I am an addict and alcoholic in recovery, I guess that I somewhat understand what drives a person to do such a horrilble act. I will have 4 years sober in the begining of next month but I was not the type to do such a thing like that...I might get your money for someting and not return with it but to be present at a loving mans funeral to celebrate his life is just so wrong! This person is so spiritually sick with a disease to steal and use someone else's meds. This is my opinion!

It is so wonderful to hear of the family support that your Mom has with her son and daughters! What a blessing for her to not have to walk through al this alone. I hope that you will have some special moments with your Mom when you return! God Bless you and your family!
I have been praying for you and I will continue to do so!

Izz, I hope the med change will better cover you pain. We all deserve to feel better...
Hope to hear back from you soo and please....have safe travels>>>>>


Old 08-07-2008, 09:18 AM   #6
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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Oh my friend I am with you. God how awful for the med thing to happen, what is wrong with people? I am sorry for your added pain but honestly was abit worried that would occur for you with all the stress & other uncomforatble things involved. Well I am here for you my friend, busy & I was so upset that I did not see your other post sooner. God bless you & your family. Sammy

Old 08-07-2008, 10:03 PM   #7
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ms_west HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

It just goes to show that one has to protect their meds at all times. It is so sad that at a time like this you have to do it too.

Old 08-07-2008, 11:18 PM   #8
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Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Originally Posted by 123dietdrpepper View Post
It just goes to show that one has to protect their meds at all times. It is so sad that at a time like this you have to do it too.
Unfortunately, you are so right. What scares me the most is if someone where to get ahold of a mostly full bottle....Could be a looonnnnggg month! Most Docs won't replace them, even with a police report. I wouldn't want to find out.

As I've preached before, another justification on my part to (1) Tell NO ONE about my condition, and (2) Keep the meds locked in a safe @ all times, except for that day's dose(s). If people don't know you take meds, they can't steal them.



Old 08-08-2008, 09:22 AM   #9
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forginon HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~


I am SO HAPPY the service was so nice. We also had a beautiful service when my mom passed 3 years ago. I wrote up a kinda humorous summary of her life and presented that, and my brother created a wonderful video accompanied by mom's favorite praise songs that broke everyone's hearts.

Now onto a more serious topic:

Please be careful with your meds this trip.

Trust no one. Please be sure to lock them up. It might be a good thing you do not know who took them - it might be too painful to learn. But please do lock them up this time, OK?

I am not in the least surprised at the theft. Remember the movie "wedding crashers?" Well, there are actually people that attend wakes and such just to steal deceased person's meds. With all the people that were at your folks's place, there could easily have been a stranger, or even a remote acquaintance, that was there just for that purpose. That person may still be around. And if they see you back there, knowing you possess opioids, well - you get the picture.

Of course you realize I'm not talking about your mom or family - but really, truly, you never know. There is a dark secret in my family along this line, so I know first hand how close the source of theft can be.

Please be extra careful with your meds this trip Izzy.

I hope and pray that going through your dad's things will bring back wonderful memories. Of course there'll be sad ones too. But I've seen so much stuff that brings a smile to my face with my mom's stuff. It can be very therapeutic. Please be careful to pace yourself. I also pray that your pain will remain controlled so you can be there for your mom.

You are so special Izzy. I think about you so much. Please be good to yourself and get lots of rest. Most important, when you need to cry - just do it. Your mom may need to see that, so she can grieve too. Now is not the time for her to feel that she must be strong. My mom died after 50+ years of marriage to my dad - I stayed with my dad and took care of him so he could grieve. Fortunately he did so. And he is doing so well now. This is a gift you can give back to your dad - letting your mom grieve.


Old 08-08-2008, 01:23 PM   #10
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Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Hey Sweetie - How are things going today - love you lots
huggs Aver

Old 08-08-2008, 07:08 PM   #11
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friendly_one HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Hi Izzy,

My God, to go through someone's personal things after they have passed away and steal from them, well, there are just no words for that kind of act!!!

Izzy, I'm so sorry, honey. Please, please, from now on keep your meds locked up!!! Also, I agree with Ex, tell absoultely NOBODY about your condition or your meds, EVER!! Of course, spouse, PM doc, and pharmacy excluded. Other than that, it's nobody's business. Like Ex said, if they don't know about your condition/meds, than there is nothing to steal.

Anyway, I'm sure your Father's service was very special and lovely. I hope you and your family are holding up ok. I'll keep praying for all of you. Bye for now.


Old 08-08-2008, 08:36 PM   #12
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zoey1 HB User
Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

It is not that uncommon during wakes and or funerals for stuff to disappear. While one can usually never pin point it on anyone it could of been anyone. That is a big time believe it or not big items such as jewelry and or cash dis spears as well as prized possession seem to walk out on their own accord.
I have heard this over and over not just meds but usually jewelry and or other weird stuff/ If you are going back to your mom's watch the family members ask for this that or the other and be careful of things disappearing from her garage
What steps do you plan on taking to keep your meds safe? IF traveling their again? ALso what do you do with your stash that is back at home? These are good reasons folks should have a hidden wall safe and or emergency back up
My good thoughts go with you during this way difficult time.

Old 08-08-2008, 09:09 PM   #13
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Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Hi Izzy - post when you see this - I am kind of worried about you - your post made you sound like you were totally bummed out and I was hoping that you would of told us by now that you were feeling better - You are really having a rough spot right now and I just want you to know I am thinking about you and praying for the Lord to shower you with grace
huggs Aver

Old 08-08-2008, 10:11 PM   #14
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Re: Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~

Im fine...Im so sorry. I honestly only posted one today I think to Bri or Steve, and I feel badly that I dont get to everyone or update as I should.
Im home, and I have my meds locked in my truck.
I started a post tonite about the jist of all of this, and erased it because I was just too tired to go into it.
Bottom line is...After this, my mom started remembering that my dad was coming up short, and she is thinking that it has been a lady friend of hers' [long time friend, actually] son who may have been pilferiing meds from my dad all along.
She has been having to have some help since my dad hasnt been able to do even simple things, and he has been in the house helping out whenever she asked.
My mom has just been really trying to take care of my dad the best she can, and we kids are always trying to tell her to be cautious, ect. But heck, look at me. I even hid my purse when I wasnt using it, and I should have put it in my truck and left it there. If you knew my neighborhood, you would be blown away. Its just where ppl knock on the door and walk on in, [neighbors] leave cookies or something inside someones' door...all gated and perfect. But, you just cant even trust that anymore.
It sucks that it happened, and its worse to not know who it is, but you just have to go on and deal with other things that are way more important right now.
So for me the med issue is tossed aside, and Im trying to help my mom.
My pain levels have been better with the med increase, and I think that trying to focus on helping my mom and not focusing on myself is a huge help. My pain is true, and real, but there are others who are hurting way more than myself, rather be it emotional or physical, so its helping me to get outside of the box and not focus on myself so much. I a[[reciate you and everyone else helping me and checking in on me. I miss my son, and going thru all of my dads things, and not to mentioon any of the legal stuff we have to delve through...Its going to be very difficult.
Corporate stuff is a drag for me, and that will all entail me coming back at least three times or more, but it will be a chance to see my mom and my family, and Im sure it will all fall together.
Sorry for the so tired, and I wanted to answer you, Aver, and let you know IM A-OK. Promise~ Just tired as H*ll and drained.
My internet is very limited, so Ill catch all of you when I can.
Than k you for being my amazing online have no idea how much it means. to everyone who Ive missed, Moldova, Steve, Friendly, Pepper, chrissy, Bri, Zoey, Jon, Ex, Sammy,AllenBruce, Becky, marcia,The list goes on and on...and ppl who posted to me when my dad died that I hadnt ever seen post, you are dear to my heart. Seriously. I hate naming names because I know Ill leave someone out and hurt their feelings. I know I must have just now, and I want you to know that its not about importance, its that my brain is fuzzy and im totally wiped out. All I can say is THANK you to everyone who has answered my posts and been supportive...I hope I can return the favor soon~

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