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PM followup today, Just in time

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Old 09-22-2008, 12:16 PM   #1
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PM followup today, Just in time

Hey everyone,
I have not been on to much lately,I try to come on in the morning but lately in such a hurry to read everyones posts I am left with not alot of time to respond. I have been busy, tired & have had an increase in pain.
As of last night I have had a constant severe pain in my upper back & its almost to much for me. Thank goodness I have a PM appointment today.
Thanks to Kissa I have some good quesions for my PM.
My pain level is up to a 8-9 & if this does not ease I am not sure what I will do. There is a tremondous amount of pressure in my back & its going into the front, wrapping around those ribs on the left side.
I have quickly been popping on to try to check on everyone to see how you are all doing.
Pepper how very sweet of you to think of us all & I will take another look at your post soon here.
I am abit scared guys. Not sure whats going on in there & getting very little relief from my meds.

I have my follow up for my last ESI's & am not sure what to say. I had so much pain in other areas its hard to tell if this set of ESIs gave me much relief at all. I am really feeling stressed out over the not knowing why this is happening & so on. struggling with my moods & pateince abit more.
I am going to take my PM up on a change of meds today if he is still open to it. Of all the rotten timing there has been alot of bad publicicty in the news about oxycontin lately & you never know how the doctors will react to all of the negative attention focused on certain narcotics. I am not sure if that would have been his next choice but I am kind of assuming. I would rather not as I am sure most of you know make any changes but I am really feeling a lose lately in my quality of everyday life along with more pain.
I will take some time soon to go over & catch up with you all, have had all of you on my mind alot. God bless & wish me luck. Sammy

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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: PM followup today, Just in time

Thanks Steve,
Back from PM shortly after leaving had a huge flair in pain. Gets any worse I am going to have to go into ER, feels like a huge amount of pressure, crushing type of pain. PM is ordering an MRI looking for herniated disks.
Something is wrong. Also wants me to see a back surgeon just in case.
He did give me Avinza for in the AM & percocet for breakfhru.
I will have to go on the other board to learn about the Avinza, I believe its a form of morphine. My back in areas was sore when he touched around the spine so I hope I can get in for the MRI soon, need a pre approval from the insurance company. For now all I can think about it this pain, this is new & its consuming my pretty much most of my back. I will pop on the other board to see what I can learn about the Avinza, thanks, Sammy

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Kissa HB UserKissa HB UserKissa HB UserKissa HB UserKissa HB User
Re: PM followup today, Just in time

I am so glad you are not only getting an MRI but seeing a specialist!
Avinza is the longer acting form of MS Contin or Morphine. While MSC is long acting Avinza is supposed to last 24 hours but most find it lasts maybe 12. I hope it gives you some sort of relief!

Keeping you in my thoughts
No matter how great your illness or pain, there's always someone else who may be worse off.

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Re: PM followup today, Just in time

Hey Sweetie - No advice , just wanted to wish you luck with doctor
Huggs Aver

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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: PM followup today, Just in time

Steve, I was just on perco. & valium, now he wants to add the Avinza along with the perc. I am nervous about that but whats new. I am the big chicken when it comes to new meds. My Pm believes I am letting the pain flare up & need to stay on top of it more. He is convinced for now that I have alot of muscle invlovement. I am really tired of the guessing games. He also mentioned underlying depression which had me & my husbund seeing red. If anything the pain depresses me but every time I try an anti depressant I get depressed. Last one was so bad I swore I would never take another. I wish doctors would listen to the fact that we know our own bodies. I felt so bad that I did not care if I lived or not. I never want to feel that way agian & dont want to take that chance. EVery single one I have ever tried I have had a bad reaction to. I just can face that. I am praying something shows in this MRI. I am so consumed with pain that I am not sure what I will do if they cant figure it out. Please pray for me, I need all the prayers I can get. Sammy

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cmpgirl HB User
Re: PM followup today, Just in time


I can only echo what others have said. Specifically what Steve just posted. He is 100% on the money. You really do deserve to give the Avinza a chance. I think you'll be surprised to find it makes a major difference in your day to day pain levels. I'm sure the tests will hopefully help to diagnose what is behind all of this, but while you are going through all of it, you still need to do whatever you can to alleviate some of this pain. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Getting your pain levels down to a more manageable level will give you at least some of your quality of life back.

I know you still have concerns about the meds, but all you have to do is give them a good try. If they aren't helping (though I am sure they will), then maybe he could give you something else. We've all been through a bit of trial and error with the meds, but it's so worth it, if you can get some much needed and deserved relief. You owe it to yourself and to your family sweetie. I really believe this is a positive step, and the benefits will far outweigh any possible negatives.

Hang in there girl. I think of you and pray for you every day. I am anxious to hear how everything goes. I know I haven't been on-line as much lately, but I will be checking in when I can. Please know that if there is anything you need, I'm here for you. Many prayers and hugs, CMP/MM

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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: PM followup today, Just in time

Thanks everyone, I am on the Avinza, hoping for more relief here. Have not heard of the MRI results yet but praying something shows just so I know what I am dealing with here. Morinings are awful & the pain is always at least an 8 when getting out of bed. Cant wait for some more pain control.
Thanks to you all I am going with the flow here. I just was not expecting to be put on a med that I know so little about. The pharmacist kind of scared me abit but she said she knows I am careful by the refill dates. I am beginning to wonder if anything would really help this pain much or for any length of time. I will be on the Avinza for the third day, second consective so hopefully I will see a difference soon. Made it to mass & put my prayers in for us all.

Steve thank you every now & then I just need a push in the right direction & you my friend are always here to give me guidance.
CMP I have noticed more & more myofascial questions, lets pray doctors are reconizing this problem abit more, bless those who have to suffer so much in the mean time. Thus far my PM is leaning towards muscle involvment. We will see how he deals with it.
God bless you all, Sammy

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Re: PM followup today, Just in time

Hi sammyo1,
I have the same problem. Upper left side of ribcage, front and back with pain where each rib connects to the spine area, (vertibreas and spine tissue). Even in the front area where the ribs meets the soft tissue and muscles that holds them together are painful. The pain is very deep in the spine tissue and even at times when I breath it is painful when I inhale or exhale behind my lungs, but not all the time? Does this happen to you too? My pain when flared up always radiates up my left side of my spine to the left side of my neck, up to the top of my neck area of the spine and all over the left side of my face, (I guess you would call this part of the pain, myofascial)? When I really have a bad flare, I go to the ER but I have not done this is years because now I cannot keep going all the time. My husband just does not get this? He doesn't get it? I had a severe whiplash in 1993 and when I have a severe flareup I also feel a very sharp knife peircing the backside base of my skull that connects my neck to my skull base.
I have an MRI with findings of bone spurs in this area amd I am sure this was all overlooked when I first had the car accident. This part of my pain I feel is very separated from the pain you are feeling. I do think that the pain I am experiencing is exactly the same pain area as you are having it with the exception of the severe peircing at the base of my skullbase?
Of course I have to sit straight up, with my cervical collar on and not move. The cervical collar is of no used and I am in severe pain. I do not have any good pain meds, just vicoden which I have been on for years and percocet that I just started getting three months ago. The littlelist shift in my spine sends a severe pain up to my head and severe pain behind my lungs. I get very nauseaed and I do throw up, I cry and I cannot believe that this situation is normal, talk about feeling left out of life, and no one here thinks this is severe enough to help you find relief? I get in the bath tub for a very soothing hot bath, which helps me to feel a little relaxed and I stay there with the water low enough around my neck area that when I fall a sleep which I usually do after being is so much pain I will not drown. I am down for 1 day to 3 days. Sitting straight up and laying down with my cervical pillow which at this time is not of any use since my neck and face area are very sensitive.

I had an MRI two years ago and it stated bone spurs in my neck area, C5-6 and some lower back, L5 area that needed to be updated with an MRI which I have not done yet.
So I am thinking that the area you are having a problem in, is going to match up with my problem in the middle of my rib area? So, with this conclussion on my part when I get my MRI which will be in October 16th sometime, I tell you of my results.

Last month I had an appt. with a spine specialist and he could not do anything for me because I needed to get an MRI, everything needed to be current with my medical records (xrays and etc.). I was a mess that day and I had a flare up as I was seeing the doctor and he suggested that he could not give me any pain meds and after sitting there explaining to him that I am having a 10 pain level, I started crying and I could not take his nasty bedside manners. He asked me to please stop crying and the reason I started to cry to began with was because I was in so much pain and than the way he made it sound as if I was just looking for drugs, just set me off!. I walked out and as I was going down the hallway I decided that I would get my paperwork that he was having so much fun looking while he was talking to me. I go back into the office and he is sitting in the same position as if he doesn't care still reading my questionaire that is required by everyone to bring to their first office visit. I step in the office and I see him still there and he looks up at me and I soo politely extend my right hand out and just with my thumb and two fingers, clamp on the corner of my information form and jerk it from him and tell him that he doesn't need to keep I am walking down the hall he speaks out and say's you forgot your exrays... and I say just throw them in the garbage and left. I cried and cried and cried all the way home....40 minutes of tears in my car. This day was very hard for me to do myself as it is very painful for me to plan any event. He also said where is your husband and why did you come by yourself? I could not believe this, not everyone is going to have family members driving them or even supporting them for that matter, which in my case I am alone. I do not have any family members doting around me, making sure I am being taken care of. In my case no one believes me and I am so saddened by their lack of judgement I do not want any of their help. So, I do not see why I had to have someone with me at the time of this appt, since it was a consultion? What business at this time of my appt was it his business of my personal life?

My family doctor (who is to far away to be of any help to me in this situation because he is not in my husbands insurance companies network, apologized for that doctors bedside manner and I got new copies of any info for my next appt. I may have to go back to that same office and I will request for another spine specialist. Yes, I will request another doctor and the spine office that I went to is the closest office that is a convenient for me.
So I have an appt. on October 16th with a doctor who will be able to refer me to get an MRI under the insurance companies bylaws. Then I will have to get my MRI ordered, insurance has to be verified to cover it and than I will be going back to the spine specialist. I am very frustrated with my chronic pain condition and all the hoops I have to go through. I really feel that the pain condition you are experiencing coinsides with mine..I will keep you informed. What do you think?

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Re: PM followup today, Just in time

Sunshine, Oh my that does sound very much like my situation.

First I want to tell you I understand 100% of everything you are telling me.
Had a few doctors like you have talked about, its degrading & makes you feel like you are going crazy when you are in all this pain & doctors just look at you. I have come to the conclusion that if they cant find out what is causing this pain with all of the "modernized tesing" off the get go doctors would like to make you think its either in your head or if your on meds well maybe your just after the meds. Before this I did not have one drop of knowledge about narcotics & would have been clueless of what percocet or anything else was.
So you are not alone there sweetie & it breaks my heart because I know exactly how you feel. I came across a doctor who knew I was in some severe pain, he could see it in my eyes & although the problem first showed symptoms in the chest rib area I am coming to believe its been the neck.
No doctor could figure it out, they kept thinking it was cardiac. Eventually it went into my shoulder/arm, anytime I would move my left arm it would trigger off the rib & chest pain. My problem is over three years now & all of this has just progressed. I ended up with shoulder surgery because the doctors thought it was the shoulder, but after surgery I had abit more range of motion in the arm but everything else remained.

The PT I went to was convinced some where in my spine there is major problem & she made it clear she does not trust MRIs, mostly because you laying through the entire test & she believes you cant see all that going on back there if you are in that one postion. Both PTs I have went to said the same there is something wrong & both said it was causing major muscle spasms, I am wondering if you are in spasm like I am, that is really painful. The one Pt said he could not believe how bad I was & he felt that at the time he was treating me the muscles were just returning to spasm shortly after he worked on me.

This pain is enough to make me vomit & ofen feel like I am having a heartattack. Oddly enough I have had 2 chiropracters tell me I must of have whiplash in the past that did not heal corretly. I did get into a car accident years ago that noone would treat me due to being pregnant with my daughter. I also get that pain at the top of my neck where the head meets the neck, that pain will be triggered off if anyone such as a PT or chiro messes with my neck to much, that I believe it the area that triggered off the godawful headache that sent me into ER. I have been getting those types of headaches on & off for awhile now but not to that degree. Still they hurt like heck & nothing takes them away but laying with ice or sometime moist heat will soothe but ice give me some relief, trust me my freezer is full of ice packs & lately I am thinking a need a few more. To answer your question, yes it can be painful just to inhale & exhale. If I forget to answer any of your questions please let me know, this will be a long post, which I apolagize for in advance.

although the Rehab. doctor knew I was in major pain he could not figure it out. He got to the point he would not really move or touch me out of fear of trgigering the pain, he tried several cortisone injection & trigger point but nothing helped. I did have trigger point in my neck though one visit that did manage to get rid of one of those headaches. He said as he was injecting he could see the knots move.

I know what your going through trust me, I only managed to get into PM because the shoulder surgery did not get rid of all of this. You need to be in PM also. It breaks my heart you are left to suffer so. My husband goes to some of the appointments but not all, he cant afford to risk his job missing work as much as I need to go to the doctor. I would say to you try to take someone to the most important appointments just so they can back up what your saying. I know we should not have to do this but for some reason doctors listen more when our husbands or someone else is with us. Its totally unfair.

As of lately my lower back is hurting more & more & I am going to try to get that looked at out of fear it is contributing some how to this pain. I went to see a natualistic doctor & he was the only one who said to me that I do have a problem in that lower back, infact he said the doctors need to look in that area. This is a doctor who travels around the country & is well known in his field of natuarlistic treatments.

Now if you dont mind I will ask you a couple questions, first has this problem caused you any problems with your breathing? From the beginning I can have a hard time taking a inhalation, like there is not enough room to get a full or deep breathe in.
Second does it effect your arms or shoulder or do you feel it in your hands?
In the beginning I did not have this so much exept the left shoulder, now its progressed to both & my hands & certain fingers are effected. For example my left hand tingled most of the entire morning & at night I noticed it I tried to keep my arms in a bent postion both were tingling & would get weak in a matter of a minute of so. Remember this was not a issue in the beginning.

Everything has progressed to where it is know & it can be over the top pain. I am worried that I am having so much pain in my neck & feel that any moment I can develope one of those headaches, which I refer to as a cervical headache. When this headache appeared last week I could not move my neck at all, infact hurt to even move my eyes. I was vomiting like mad when it woke me up at 4:00 am.
I should be getting the MRI results any day now & am worried sick nothing will show. I am sure you know how I feel. How can they treat or attempt to fix something they cant find?
My shoulder surgeon said I have myofascial damage & as time goes on my PM doctor is saying he believes the muscles are majorly invloved. Most doctors I have discovered do not acknowledge "Myofascial damage", as you will discover on these boards. I believe in the future they will be forced to, I noticed alot of myofascial being talked about more & more. My PT was convinced in my case the fascia was majorly involved. My left rib is hypermobile, meaning it has moved up over time because I was misdiagnosed so much & everything went untreated she believed is has caused permenant damage, an osteopathic doctor I had went to agreed with her fully.

My husband has a very hard time understanding to. Because the all tests have shown something here & there but the doctors could not figure it all out it left my husband not able to understand & this has caused a strain on my family life big time.
He knows something is wrong he just cant understand after all these doctors & tests why noone can give me a postive answer. I have had doctors in the past try to make me think it was in my head, depression & all that. It almost sent me over the edge, if not for the support here I think it would have.
You have come across a wonderful support system here & a wealth of knowledge. I want you to know I understand everything you are going through. I would very much appreciate it if you did keep me informed & I will do the same for you.
you need to go on the spinal cord disorder board & possably the back board here, if you have not already done so. I am going to checking out the back board myself & I use the spinal board to. There you may run into some people with some of the same type of symptoms.
I am praying you find your answer & not left fall between the cracks like myself, it really breaks my heart to hear someone else going through what I have. These doctors are not god & can in no way know every little thing that goes on in the human body. Hang in there & please use these boards, I will watch for you. I am here if you need me. I have not been on as much but always check in at least every couple days if not every. This is my support & what I need to keep going. god bless & if you have anymore questions feel free to ask. I do believe we may very well have a problem in the same area. Sammy

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