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I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

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Old 11-01-2008, 11:36 AM   #1
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Luvmypugs HB User
Unhappy I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

I am still looking for advice from you guys. Please read my previous post on the knee/hip board and then you'll understand what's going on to this point. Well, after my appt. with OS Wednesday I was just beside myself with pain and terribly hurt feelings. I called his office yesterday morning at 9:00am and requested my pain med be refilled. I heard nothing all day so I checked with the pharmacy this morning and they didn't have anything either. I thought well this is great I will be out of pain medicine today and no one cares. At what point do we tell the doctors how we "really" feel about their crappy attitudes and lack of compassion? After the way he talked to me Wednesday I'd like to tell him exactly how I feel. If I am up on my knee for more that 30 minutes it swells something awful and is so painful still (only 3 weeks out of surgery). So, I called the OS answering service and the OS on call called me back only to tell me "it is our policy to not call in narcotics after hours or on the weekend, I'm sorry your doctor has left you to suffer, you need to call him on Monday morning and tell him you didn't appreciate being left without meds" and then proceeded to tell me sorry, there's nothing I can do . Well, to think I was actually surprised that he wouldn't help I just completely clueless or what . I'm over doctors treating me like crap. Same thing after my complete abdominal hysterectomy in February, after two weeks of still being in pain, he only wanted to give me Darvocet which is total crap so I was left to suffer. Please let me know what I can do? I know you all can shine some light for me Take care all!

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Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

I am so sorry you are going through this. I had 2 knee surgeries and I know how much pain this is.
I have to tell you that no matter what Ortho office I entered (and I did a lot; besides my knee surgeries I had 2 major spinal fusions and on disability since) first thing I learn that they do not refill pain meds on a weekends, after hours or on Friday.
I always count my medications making sure it will be enough to cover me from week to week and not to call on Fridays.

I missed once only for one reason: I ended up at the hospital due to severe reaction to Fentanyl patch and they gave me PK by IV in there. When I came home i had to call for refill of my LA Oxy otherwise I would be short on meds. It was Friday. She was very nice to me, but told me that she will refill it now due to my situation, but they never do it on a Friday.

I was explained that they are extremely busy on Fridays and for many offices this is a short day. They never refill after hours which is understandable.

I feel very bad for you, I can imagine sweet heart, what you are going through, but try to count your pills and see if this would be enough for you if you need extra. I usually don't want until my last pills, you know? This way you always covered.

Best of luck to you on your recovery
Take care!

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Luvmypugs HB User
Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I never thought about them possibly not filling rx's on Friday. They could have at least called and let me know. I'm calling again first thing in the am and if they won't refill I will probably get mad (not that it would do me any good) but I am sick and tired of being treated like crap! I still just don't understand why this OS at the initial visit was so nice and wanted to do surgery first thing. I was of course all for this because my previous OS knew what was wrong but kept giving me cortisone and tramadol which didn't help at all. Then my 2nd visit to new OS was 11 days post-op and my husband went and he was again very nice and told me if all goes well he will see me in 1 month. Well my 3rd visit was 9 days after the 2nd for severe knee/back of knee/calf pain. This was the visit that he was so rude and mean to me. This is when he told me he wouldn't give me any pain meds because he gave me some the week before (which should have lasted me 8 days and this appt was day 7). So that's why I called back Friday, day 9 thinking now he might . My surgery was on the 9th so I don't think from everything I've read and believe me I've read alot since last week that still needing pain meds is by any means too much.
Please any of you that have read my previous posts on the knee/hip board and this board give me your opinions or advice, I really need it.
Take care and thanks all of you

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Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!


Unfortunately this may sound a bit harsh, but when we're in pain especially post surgical pain it is our job to keep up with our med supply. You should never wait until your down to your last 2 or 3 pills to call for a refill, just in case something like this happens. I would call no later than 2 days before I know I'll be down to 1 days worth of meds to assure a refill.

As with the situation with your doc, usually the kind of knee surgery you had does not require heavy pain meds past the first 2 to 3 weeks, so this is why your doc is reluctant to give them I'd imagine. Normally most folks are on ibuprofen or acetaminiphen by this point. But there is always an abnormal situation, so you might want to make another appointment with him or his P.A. to explain your pain levels, but don't be surprised if they give you a less strong pain med than what you're already on.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

I actually had a pm doctor recommend to me that I always have at least one weeks of medication put away just for an emergency purposes and he prescribed me extra just for this purpose. One never knows what our future holds and we need our medication just like a diabetic does so it is our job to be prepared. I am so thankful for my drs advice because the more I read the more I realize how important this is.

I pray that you finally received your medication and hope to read an update from you soon.

Old 11-08-2008, 10:00 PM   #6
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Wink Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

I am sorry for what you have gone through and you have been given a lot of good ideas already. I wanted to add a couple of things from my experience...First, after my spine surgery, I was one of those who had more than normal pain and it lasted longer than normal (in fact, it cont. to last for the past 2 years ). As for my surgeon, he also was just the nicest Dr. and his bed side manner was great etc. But after the "normal" amount of time, that people would usually get off the meds., the Dr. wanted to wean me off of my meds. Now, my Dr. cont. to be very nice and understanding, but he refered me to a pain management Dr. for the meds. So, that might be what you need to do. Most Drs. that I have talked with, do not give narcotics, w/ the exception of Surgeons for the first week or two after surgery. Understandily, there is a lot more responsibilities that they have to take on, when they begin to distribute the meds. I did learn from that experience, even though I knew I was still in pain, before the Dr. could see how much pain I was still in, he first had to wean me from my meds. I did not realize, that if you take these meds. too long, you will become dependent on them (and some of us are dependent on them for a good reason...pain!) but those who do not have a physical pain and cont. to take the meds. they will begin having real pain, from the meds. So, in order for the Dr. to judge your amount of pain, they need to see what it is like, off of meds. It was at that point, that my Dr. sent me to PM. Now, had he not explained all of this ahead of time, I would have probably been very upset with him.

2nd, the Drs. are trained to weed out those who need the meds. and those that are ready to get off of them, although they may have to do a few things before knowing the final dx. My Pain Management Dr. has his patients sign a contract at the beginning of treatment and the Dr. sat down with me and explained it line by line. I was told that no meds. would be refilled over the weekend, holidays or on a same day basis. Also, it would not be given more than 4 days in advance of my old rx. being gone. (although, now that they know me, they post date the scripts for a week ahead of time.) He also has me do drug tests, every few months. Finally, I was told, if I was ever to break the rules, or run out too soon, he would have to either take me off the meds. or be stricter with how he gave them to me. Once they believe that you are using the meds. in a way that it was not perscribed, (even if you are not abusing them, but took an extra one her and there for extra pain), your record is marked with caution and it goes with you to any new Dr. or hospital.

I hope that helps you to kind of understand where the Dr. may be comming from. Not that he should be rude about it or that he should not explain it to you ahead of time. But when you said he was nice at 1st and after a couple of visits, he became less nice and not wanting to give the meds. out...that is the exact time limit that the Dr. changed with me too. (I just lucked out with a Dr. who explained things to me.) The PA really turned on me at that time too, and she never came around. So, I did write a letter to the Dr. and explained word for word of what she had said to me and how she had been treating me. I asked him to please see me in the future, since I no longer felt comfortable with the PA to be on my medical team, if she was not going to be pleasant with me.

I sure hope this did not come across of being mean sounding, because it is written from my heart...because I know where you are at.


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Old 11-11-2008, 08:15 AM   #7
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Luvmypugs HB User
Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

First of all thank you all for all your comments and opinions. I had knee surgery and was given pain meds and then needed a refill, I don't think that makes me someone that needed to be "weeded out" or "judged" for my use of the pain medicine I was given. I did call the Ortho docs office back and spoke with the Office Manager and she said she would speak with the doctor about how he treated me and would call me back. She did call me back a few hours later and said that he had absolutely no idea he was rude or short with me and that he was so sorry and that if I needed him to call me and tell me himself he would. I told her no that just knowing he was aware of how I felt was enough. His nurse proceeded to call me back later and tell me they called my RX in and let them know if I needed anything else. I am now 1 month post op and still in pain and still have swelling. I am also now having very bad lower left back pain which radiates down my thigh and calf almost to my foot. I called the ortho's office yesterday evening and they said they would call me back. I did have an MRI almost 8 years ago that showed a herniated disc and I had about 7 or 8 epidural/caudal blocks (? not sure) and PT which helped some but this feels exactly like that except worse. I'm not being ugly to those who responded to me but I felt like I was really treated unfairly by the OS and between the pain and the hurt feelings sometimes I get a little bent out of shape . If the OS feels at this point maybe I need to go to PM then so be it...all I want is relief. Did I mention I have TMJ and Sjogren's also . I'm so tired of being in pain from one part of my body or another. Take care you all and I'll keep you updated

Old 11-11-2008, 08:25 AM   #8
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Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

I am very happy for you, for following through and calling the office manager. Like I said in an earlier post, I had to do the same except I did it by a letter. I do think that we have to be our own advocate with our health.

When ever the day comes, that you need PM...I just want to tell you not to worry about it. I know I did, when I first was told this, because I felt like my surgeon was letting me go and just passing me on to someone else. But it has be such a life saver! I now highly recomment PM to anyone I talk with, who has ongoin pain.

I will keep watching for your updates.


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Old 11-11-2008, 01:53 PM   #9
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Re: I am beyond miserable and very upset with doctor !!!

sometimes I cannot believe that we are paying them but you did the right thing -I told a surgeon one day he was not old enough or good enough
to talk to me the way he was talking - he was filling in for my doc - my doc said it was time
huggs Aver

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