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Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

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Old 01-12-2010, 08:31 PM   #1
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VickVictoria HB User
Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

Does anyone know of a good Pain Management doctor in the Virginia Beach, Va area?

How many people here are going to a Pain Management Clinic. I started to, and, it takes up so much time. I have a left club foot and benign tumor in my left knee. The pain is horrible! I lay in bed most of the time. I chose to go the PMC (pain management clinic) because all of my prescriptions would be monitored and coming from one doctor.

My first visit, the doctor gave me 30 hydrocodone to last for 30 days. I was in so much pain, and, want to resume life that I did take more than 1 hydrocodone a day. I ran out before the 30 day cycle. For running out, I was even a harsh lecture. It is very hard for me to the the the pmc because I have to travel a distance. I am already upset, nervous, sad about my pain and the low quality of life I have due to the pain. I do not feel as though I needed to be lectured. I want to be understood and helped.

I was given a prescription for 90 hydrocodone for 30days, however, I cannot have it filled until 1/20. 1/20 is the date that my thirty day is up from the 30 hydrocodone. I was very upset about this because I do not think that I should be in pain. Or, any of us here for that matter. The doctors should work to get us better and get us so that we can live.

If you go to a pain management clinic, please let me hear about your experiences. I am new to going and hope to learn how to communicate the severity of my pain. Also, do you think I should go back in this week give them back the prescription for 90 hydrocodone and tell them I need something stronger and a larger amount.

My ortho doctor sent a letter to the pmc telling them that I need a strong narcotic and then something for break through pain. I have not been able to get medication that helps me, or, enough of it.

In my pain management support group, everyone is getting 150 pills for pain and them 150 of stronger narcotic for all day pain. This is what my ortho told the pmc to do.

How can I communicate and tell them that my pain is severe and the pain is so bad that my life consists of being in bed.

Also, I do not think that I should have to wait until 1/20 to get my new med refilled. Yes I did take 30 hydrocodone before my thirty day cycle was up. I thought that pm doctors are there for you. I could understand if I was prescribed 150 and then went in a week early saying I ran out. Even at that, chronic pain is horrible. I do not think that any of us should feel judged. I feel judged!

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Old 01-13-2010, 04:51 AM   #2
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Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

I don't know if I would actually seek out a pain clinic, from what I have heard here there has been a mix of some good support but mostly negitive. What I understand is that they are more likely to try and reduce you off the meds. I have had enough feedback about not taking narcotics because I really couldn't get by without them. I take oxycontin and have no plans to reduce the dose or stop without some sort of miracle or very successful surgery. I would be in agony without them and in fact I feel that I should be on a stronger dose like you. My GP will not increase it and has only continued my script because another doctor prescribed them and they work to some extent. Tonight I have had to take 10mg of Endone as well and 10mg of valium or I would have been heading to the Emergency department. I actually have to go to my specialist for the Endone (oxycodone hydrochloride) as my GP won't give me them either. I am not going to put my treatment at risk by trying someone I don't know. My specialist also gives me injections but my GP does everything else.


Old 01-13-2010, 11:10 AM   #3
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VickVictoria HB User
Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics


How did you find your doctor? What type of specialist do you see? This is my first time dealing with Pain Management. It is very difficult to be in severe pain, not be able to get out of bed, not being able to enjoy life, and then go to the Pain Management Clinic (a place that is supposed to help you) and leave feeling worst. I may benefit by switching doctors. I did google pain management doctors in my area and a few came up. However, I do not know anything about these doctors. I really do not understand why Pain Management wants to treat everyone like addicts. Most people are in pain and need empathy and help. I do not find it one bit enjoyable having this pain nor do I like going to the doctor every month. It gets very expensive! Thank you for responding. Please let me know how you found your doctor. Also, how did you build a good relationship with your doctor? I feel as though I do not communicate well mostly because I feel pathetic that I am going to Pain Management. How do you describe your pain to your doctor? Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!

Old 01-13-2010, 01:46 PM   #4
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katlovesdogs HB User
Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

I called my insurance company and asked for a list of providers in my area. My PCP doesn't believe in PM as they just make us all addicts. I was lucky to get an understanding Pain doc first time out, but some of the PA's in the practice aren't as nice as the Doc himself. Since I had already been on narcotics and had MRI results with me, they immediately was put on a LA med ( at first the Fentanyl patch ) then sue to sweating and over medicating I was switched to MS Contin with Percocet for BT pain. It is a shame that true addiects have made it hard for the true pain people get the help WE need. I think good Docs and honest patients will prevail

Old 01-13-2010, 04:08 PM   #5
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Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

I was very lucky to find this doctor, he is a Muscular Skeletal Specialist but also a General Practitioner. Before him I was introduced to an Anaesthesias Doctor. He specialised in pain management and giving facet joint injections. I had trouble communicating with him as he was Egyptian. I then saw another pain specialist but he left and I was just referred on to the one I see now.
Maybe you can try to find one (MSS) but usually they are referred to you by your GP. But even if you can find a doctor who does the injections he may also do pain management.
It is hard to find a good doctor and your manner is important, don't hold back any tears and try to let him know how this has completely taken over your life and how you can't sleep because of the pain. The doctor should give you a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and start you on a low dose pain killer. Mine started me on tramadol that I took for the first several years and at first it did help a lot. Also I take 6 or 8 paracetamol a day but there it is combined in some of the meds so don't double up. You will have trouble with constipation and I also had and still do have urine retention so be patient with any medications as it does take quite a while for you body to get used to the meds and for me to understand what was happening to me.
There are lots of threads here on dealing with constipation but wait until you start on medication to see what side effects you may have.
I assume your doctor will send you first for an xray. The next step is a Cat-scan then a MRI which is the most important way of your doctor to diagnose the problem. That would be a good start anyhow.
Keep coming back here and you can ask lots of questions and receive some support and some understanding of your medical and emotional problems.
I wish you luck in finding a doctor. I am in Australia so you might find someone local to help you find a doctor.

Old 01-13-2010, 07:35 PM   #6
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Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

You do NOT seem to grasp that the reason you were lectured is because YOU did something WRONG. You are not allowed to adjust your own dosage or increase or decrease your meds without your doctors consent.
He does NOT owe it to you, or to any patient to give them PAIN meds. It is just ONE option in his arsenal available to treat pain.
I truly think that you need to invest more time in counseling than in trying to find out how to get the doctor to give you more meds.
You were LUCKY that he even gave you another script, let alone gave you an increase of 2 more pills each day and you STILL are not happy. You haven't even tried the new dosage yet, you are convinced that it is not enough and you want 150 that the magic number that is going to suddenly make them work when in other posts you claimed they didn't?
There is much more here than a patient who is not getting their pain treated addressed. This is about how a patient wants to manipulate their doctor into giving them what they want , how they want it.

Last edited by backhurtz; 01-13-2010 at 07:43 PM. Reason: frustration

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Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

I have found it very difficult to get scripts of any short acting narcotic medication where I am in Australia. I am taking 40mg Oxycontin twice a day and can only get the Endone 20 x 5mg (basically the same thing only short acting) once about every 2 months from the specialist.
My doctor will not give them to me at all, and 20 don't last long even if I only having one a day. So they are strictly for emergency and I have to find other ways of bringing my pain down. I can get 50 x 5mg of valium about every 6 weeks so they help a little especially at night, as a muscle relaxant (I can't take Baclefin). All I can do is lay down, sometimes use a heat pad, and as I said only in emergency take an endone or two. I am quite often in tears with pain but what else can I do. The only other option is the Emergency Department of the local hospital and I have done that about 2 to 3 times a year earlier on when I had no endone (Oxycodone Hydrochloride).
You have been very lucky getting what you have but you will need to find other ways of coping without large doses of short acting narcotics.
Good luck Vic, and do come back. Allan

Last edited by allanbruce; 01-20-2010 at 01:52 AM.

Old 01-27-2010, 10:56 PM   #8
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janiee08 HB Userjaniee08 HB Userjaniee08 HB Userjaniee08 HB Userjaniee08 HB Userjaniee08 HB Userjaniee08 HB User
Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

To VickVictoria, I was wondering if you could tell me where your pain was coming from? Also, did you sign a contract with the PMC? And if you did, did they read it to you or let you read it so you FULLY understood it? Did they also explain how you were to take your meds i.e. one pill every eight hours, or one pill every 4-6 hours? Did they explain the one doctor, one pharmacy rule? Looking forward to hearing from you --Janiee08

Old 02-09-2010, 10:37 AM   #9
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Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

One thing you need to understand is that PM doctors are very closely monitored by the government as to how many scripts they are writing a month, which meds, to which patients, when patients have increases. He isn't controling the meds to be mean, but to monitor not only how many you take but for his license also.

When you found out that you weren't recieving the amount of pain control that you needed, your best shot would have been to call the doctors office up immediately and tell them that the dose you were on was not working and you were still in severe pain. What should you do? By just doubling your dose and running out, you are in danger of being labeled as a non compliant patient. If you are lucky your doctor will keep you in his practice, if not, he will kick you out. You are not the physician here.

I have been in pm for 4 years with a man that I would walk through fire for. He works as a team with me..after ai proved myself as a conscient patient that was willing to work with him. We just took a trip to Japan to see our son who is in the Navy. The flight is 14 hours one way. He set up a regime of the meds for me so I could make it through the flight. Even so, I ended up in the ER 5 days into our trip. The letter he wrote about what is wrong with my back, what I take and why was what got me the meds I needed in the ER. BUT, when I got home I had to let him know that I had been in the ER and had gotten meds. It's a requirement of my contract with him. You need to develop a relationship with your doctor and follow his rules. Read the contract if you signed one-it's most specific.

Good luck.

Old 02-16-2010, 06:51 PM   #10
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Karaka HB User
Re: Dealing With Pain Management Clinics

Usually, the start with smaller guns and alternative methods of treating pain before they break out the big guns. I just answered you other post on local clinics, I used to see a PM specialist here in Virginia Beach but he closed down and I now drive to Portsmouth.

The poster before me is right, you HAVE to listen to them and do what they say, if you do things your way, you are throwing up all sorts of red flags that you aren't listening...

and not listening to these doctors is serious business, people can die not taking these medication right and as prescribed. You have to follow the rules and go the course of trying other things, injections, non-narcotics, etc.

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