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meohmi 02-23-2013 12:15 PM

Damaged Lips - Is their a reliable surgical solution?
About 25 years ago, I had a complex maxillofacial surgery, which resulted in a lot of swelling to my face, especially my lips. I rather looked like Miss Piggy, and I used to joke that I went through 50 pair of lips a day. While that number is excessive, my lips did peel significantly for a week or two, and I did lose the skin on my lips several times a day.

My lips were always on the dry side, but since this event and as I age, it has become significantly worse. I've done the whole Carmex, Kiehl's, you-name-it retail solution. I've used toothbrushes and Vasoline. Nothing works past the euphoric 'ooh that feels so good'.

I saw a dermatologist a few years ago for something else and I mentioned the lip problem. He felt the issue was of damaged lips. He gave me a prescription ointment, very expensive I might add even with insurance, and said if this did not work, we might have to go to a surgical solution. Well, it was a little better, but not 100% and not enough, in my opinion, to use this ointment into the nursing home. I ignored the surgical solution part.

When I think of a surgical solution, I see some Hollywood person who has gone under the knife to look younger. This is not a vanity thing for me. It is becoming a huge distraction. I am more aware of it on a daily basis - even in summer.

So, now I ask. Has anyone ever had surgery to correct damaged, dry, peeling lips? If yes, what kind of surgery was this? Was it successful? Would you do it again?

Your comments greatly appreciated.

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