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Newman27 02-07-2013 11:08 PM

Costochondritis 6-7 years?
Hello Health boards,

I come too you today asking for your help and hopefully some guidance,
As to what I can do.

Since I was in grade 10 I have been having severe pain on the bottom half of my left ribs, I went to the doctor and was told it was Costochondritis, I have been back too the doctor many times in these years and have been told the same thing by other doctors and been prescribed many different anti inflammatory medicine which can nullify the pain for awhile but usually by the end of the day it has flared and swelled up again.
I Have been working retail with some rough times due too Costochondritis and missing work on a monthly basis and just recieved a warning at my current job.
I'm currently thinking of switching too a different job, but Am unsure of my options as i'm fairly sure the same problem will arise if I go back into retail with the constant strenuous actives.

I understand I could get a Job at an office which would require less physical work, But generally speaking for office work you need some higher level education then Highschool.

I appreciate any guidance or help given,
Thank you.

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