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Deep, but painless Cavity in wisdom tooth....Help!

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Old 01-23-2004, 11:00 PM   #1
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LizzyLiz HB User
Exclamation Deep, but painless Cavity in wisdom tooth....Help!

Hey everyone...ok lets see....
I have enough room for all 4 of my wisdom teeth to come in and settle into place without hurting my teeth, one came in on the top left quite quickly and its already been forggoten about.
about 7 months ago my bottom left wisdom tooth decided it was time to come out, but it move MUCH slower then the other tooth. 2 moths ago I had my yearly dentist visit and they noted how it was a little less then half out...still covered by my gums in the middle/indent part of the tooth. They said if it did not come out by next visit then he would want to pull it to aviod food getting under the gums and causing cavity...he said those were so hard for him to fill.

WELL, now 2 months later and it finallly popped to about 85% out so I can clean it much easier...only I noticed something when the tooth came out. I have a large cavity, about the size of this " o " or a little smaller in the back corner going about 2-3 mm (I think... about as far as three dots " ... ")
down. The bottom of the cavity is discolored peachy brown, but not black. It does not hurt to bite, OR stick a tool down the hole....I have been carefully doing that to keep the hole clean till my appointment on the 12 of feb.
it was the quickest date they had, unless someone backs out of their appointment.
My question is do you think my tooth will have to be pulled?? I mean...could they just clean and fill that hole without taking the whole tooth? Does the fact I feel no pain mean its not too deep to save yet?
I REALLY dont want a tooth pulled, I fear it so much!
I doubt the nerve is dead.....

any help/stories would be great guys! How deep is too deep for a cavity????

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Old 01-24-2004, 07:42 AM   #2
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kellie2 HB User
Re: Deep, but painless Cavity in wisdom tooth....Help!

The only reason your dentist would have for pulling it is if the cavity (if indeed that's what you're seeing) is too deep to fill, but because it doesn't hurt you any, I would doubt that's the case. I had my two top wisdom teeth pulled about 25 years ago, one at a time. After the second one I decided that was enough and kept the two bottom ones in. Like you, they don't cause me any problems. After I had the top ones pulled however, they found I had a blood disorder that causes clots, so I've been on coumadin (blood thinner) for the last 20 years. Since this thins my blood, I would have to go off of it to have a tooth pulled, and I'm not willing to do that and take a chance on getting a clot somewhere that could potentially kill me. My dentist knows this and even though he has commented every now and then that those two teeth should probably come out just to keep from having to refill them all the time, he doesn't press it and simply fixes them when they need it. I have a filling in each tooth, and also a small filling at the bottom of each tooth along the gum line where it's sensitive for me. The teeth are just fine as they are, and even though that yes, it would be easier for him and me both to simply pull them instead of filling them, he knows that's not an option for me and just touches up the fillings if and when they need it. So in answer to your question, no, you do not have to have wisdom teeth pulled, even if you have a cavity. Contrary to what most patients think, it's still your mouth and your teeth, and you make the decisions about what you want done, not your dentist. I will also say, if when you go back, he says it's too deep to fill, you may want to have another dentist look at it and get a second opinion. Your dentist may not want to bother filling it if he can just pull it, and you need to know that he's being completely honest with you in what he sees. Again, if it doesn't hurt you to eat on it and isn't tender or sensitive at all, there's little doubt it can't simply be filled as you would like and left as is.

Old 01-24-2004, 10:36 AM   #3
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LizzyLiz HB User
Re: Deep, but painless Cavity in wisdom tooth....Help!

thanks a ton kellie2, that makes me feel much better. If he does say he wants to pull it, I will just have to stress how badly I DO NOT want to have the whole tooth removed.
The only thing that scares me, that I guess I will have to have untill he looks at it, is the thought that it may be too deep
it IS fairly deep....but no pain means the nerve is indeed ok....right?
I mean, I can stick cleaner things in the damn it must be ok for now.....O_o right?

Again, I really doubt my nerve is dead.

Old 01-24-2004, 10:25 PM   #4
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Doppler4000 HB User
Re: Deep, but painless Cavity in wisdom tooth....Help!

Even if they erupt and seem OK, decay in wisdom teeth is tough to avoid in the long run, and you're already starting with problems. They can eventually develop complications, and their presence can also result in damage or more decay to the second molars. You'll never miss those wisdom teeth, but you want to keep all the others. If your dentist is willing to fill them right now and you're willing to pay then fine, but I would venture to guess that at some point down the road they'll be coming out... it just seems to work that way most of the time. Make your decisions based on what's gonna be best for you long-term and not because of your fear of the wisdom teeth extractions- which is not nearly as bad as you fear it to be.

Old 01-25-2004, 07:14 AM   #5
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kellie2 HB User
Re: Deep, but painless Cavity in wisdom tooth....Help!

She does make sense; wisdom teeth can cause some problems later on, in which case you may have to go ahead and get it pulled, anyway. I have a medical condition that keeps me from getting mine pulled and my dentist knows this and works with me. I wasn't aware of the hole in your tooth being that may be too big to fill after all, but still I'm going to say if it doesn't hurt you right now or to even chew on it, it's not too deep to fill. The way my dentist explained it is - if it only hurts when you chew on it, it's probably only a cavity. If it hurts all the time, it's the nerve. If you're really set against having it pulled, then that's your right and don't let anyone make you feel like a 'baby' for not wanting it. Like I said, it's your mouth and you call the shots. He may very well be able to just fill it now and leave it, as my dentist does for mine, but he will probably also explain to you that later on you may have to get it pulled. But your concern is for right now, not later on as you can deal with that as it comes up. If he can fill it now, then let him. I've had mine in my mouth for years and years - I'm 51 now - and he simply refills them as necessary. I'm sure you can do the same if that's indeed what you want.

Let us know what happens, ok?

Old 04-11-2004, 07:35 PM   #6
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LizzyLiz HB User
Re: Deep, but painless Cavity in wisdom tooth....Help!

Ah, with all my school stuff this year I forgot to post a reply on how it went!
After a little pressing I was able to get him to drill the tooth and fill it...*happy sigh* It was a lucky situation though, while my tooth was not fully out, I had just enough gum out of the way for him to get at the tooth (my wisdoms are growing slowly). Also I had almost NO decay, they were actually quite surprised O_o it hardly needed to be cleaned. That may be because I was trying to clean the hole for a month while I waited for the visit...dunno.
Anyway, the posts did make me feel a lot better when going in!
To prevent this problem with my slow growing teeth, I have bought one of those small cleaning hooks to get any food out from that back gum/tooth area. It seems to be helping a lot now :O)
thanks again everyone~

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