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Old 08-12-2006, 03:45 AM   #1
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wits end 47 HB User
Denture nightmare

On Sept. 19, 2005 I had my all my top 12 teeth pulled and an immediate denture put in. I made several trips back to have adjustments made. On the back side parts of the denture the tech. had to grind down the denture also to the teeth. I was only able to eat jello, yogurt, ice cream, and drink Ensure and lost 20 pounds. Was told I would feel so much better after the reline in 4 months. On Jan. 13th went back for a reline..while there the denture hurt so bad that the tech. had to grind down the back side parts again and I was told to use Cushin Grip. She said I had bone masses. Went home and still experienceing pain and not being able to eat so I repeatly called asking for help...finally after about my sixth call one of the office help told me I needed to see an oral surgeon and have the bone masses removed. When I asked to speak to the dentist I was told "He doesn't talk on the phone and he wouldn't remember you anyway." Needless to say I was very upset over this. I called an oral surgeon to get an appointment and was told he only takes referals so I called the dentist office back and told them that I needed a referal. The rec. tryed to get me to go to one of their (friends) and I told her "No I wanted to stay closer to home." She said they would send me the referral....I waited 2 days and called because I still hadn't received it....I ended up calling 3 times and each time I was told they had mailed the day before..all lies. Finally after another 45 days (first appointments available) did make it to a great oral surgeon and he told me there was no way that a denture was going to fit over the bone masses that I had and that I would have to have a new denture made and for me not to go back to the dentist that pulled my teeth and made the denture...found a great dentist but had to wait for another 6 weeks for my gums to heal.
July 12th got my second denture. Having pain in the very back on the right side. My dentist, whom I trust, can not figure out what is wrong. She is very particular about the adjustments she makes and has spent at least 8 hours working with me on this problem. I can't stand to have the denture in my mouth therefore only wear it when I have to. Mainly to work. Can eat better now but don't feel like it because I am so depressed and hurt all the time they are in. It has been almost 11 months and can't believe what I am going through. Just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience and if it will ever get better. I feel like my life is doomed. Would appreciate any suggestions. Wish I had the money for implants but that is out of the question.

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Sandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB User
Re: Denture nightmare

Dear Wits End,

hang in there, getting dentures is one of the toughest things to do. Your first dentist did not serve you properly. Letting a technician do all the follow up is not right and then not even examining you when there was a problem.

If the current dentist is working with you, continue with it. Ask her about some emotional support. If the whole denture thing has been a nightmare from the start, it is likely that some of your problems may be emotional as well as physical. Do you know anyone else who wears dentures that you might be able to talk to, to exchange experiences?

If you are not able to wear the denture for much of anything that has to be affecting your self esteem and being anxious about it all the time is just not healthy.

Keep working at it, if I do answer anything for you, please ask. Next week will mark 6 years with dentures for me.


Old 08-13-2006, 06:03 PM   #3
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wits end 47 HB User
Re: Denture nightmare


Thank you for your reply. You are correct. I am also on an emotional rollercoaster and upset all the time. I have two friends that got dentures in March of this year and are doing fine. I also have a friend that has worn dentures for 50 years and we talk about my experience, fortunately he never had any problems. I think about all the people I know that have dentures and do fine and live a normal life.

I work the midnight shift as a hotel auditor therefore I don't see many people (thank God) because the more I talk the more they hurt and I have to work because I am single. I have no social life at all except for seeing my brother and talking to a few friends. Just going to the store is almost to much to do. But I keep hanging in there praying it will get better. Like I said my dentist is great but I feel bad about having to go see her once or twice a week all the time to try to get this pain taken care of. I just wonder if life is ever going to get better.

Do you have any idea of what might be causing this constant pain? My mouth even hurts after I take them out. Like today I came home from work went straight to bed, slept for 2 hours then laid awake for 3 hours because my mouth hurt before I finally fell back to sleep.

Old 08-17-2006, 08:07 PM   #4
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Sandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB UserSandybeech HB User
Re: Denture nightmare

Dear Wits,

I think the emotional upset of the whole affair can be causing you problems. There are things you may be doing with your mouth that you are not aware of. Clenching your teeth together puts pressure on your gums and the underlying bone beneath them. Even after taking your teeth out, your gums are still reacting and very sensitive. You have not mentioned your age, not that it matters all that much. But there seems to be a stigma attached to wearing dentures. Especially in younger people. The fact you say you have no social life and do not interact with people very often can have profound effect on your emtotional health through this whole adjustment period.

Not having someone to interact with on a regular basis or someone to share the daily ups and downs of this event further isolates you and makes you feel all the more "disabled" by losing your teeth. As for your friends who have dentures, depending on how long they have worn them, they may have forgotten the very worst of it in favor of the daily use now and how they learned to cope and move forward.

You should not feel badly about having to see the dentist weekly if things are just not right. Perhaps it is time to seek another opinion. Maybe you should contact your general family doctor and mention this problem. More than likely they will refer you back to your dentist but they may offer an anti anxiety medication to help take your mind off things temporarily.

Another thing to have someone look at is the relationship of your bite to your dentures. If the dentures are forcing your mouth to work in way that it was not meant to, there will be pain. The dentures are supposed to fit your mouth, not the other way around.

Please fill in the blanks where ever you can, I am not a professional, just another denture wearer.


Old 08-20-2006, 12:23 AM   #5
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wits end 47 HB User
Re: Denture nightmare

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your reply. I take Zoloft now. I will be 59 in Sept.

My dentist has checked my bite and it is OK....I do clench my teeth together a lot...and am trying to break that habit....

I went back to the dentist last Wed. and she feels the problem is a nerve because there is no sign of any irritation on my gums...she said it has to be on the inside. She did adjust the denture a little on the back right side and said we would try that but she is thinking about calling the oral surgeon to see what he has to say about it being a nerve...I will be going back next week because the adjustment didn't help with the that time I am going to tell her we have to do something and ask her to call the oral surgeon if she hasn't already done so. She had made soooo many adjustments on this denture. I know I am holding my mouth funny (can't describe it) I think trying to get away with the pain. I just keep praying that it will get better.........

I do talk to my friends a lot about what I am going through and they are there to support me but I hate to always have to talk negative about the denture and how I feel.


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red1216 HB User
Question My New Denture Is Messed Up From Very Beginning...Help!!

Hi I am new here, I had all my top teeth pulled out 4/21/05 and had an Immediate denture put in right away, after a few adjustments I was able to talk and eat everything from pizza to hard pretzels, and they worked great.

I got a reline on 10/28/05 but finally on 4/14/06 I decided after saving $600 again (being the Immediate cost that much and I am on SS Disability and had to pay cash for them, I had to save for the new Permanent Denture also)

So my dentist fitted me with the weeks of going back for fittings until the new denture was made, well on 5/26/06 the new denture was ready to put in my mouth, from the start I felt it was crooked, and the little slit on the very top to hold the lip skin thingy was all the way to the left not in the middle, and the front teeth were towards the left side also..............the color was lighter then what I wanted also, but my dentist said all was fine, and I only can see her on Fridays, so for the next 2 Fridays I went back, she put a liner in the denture to try to straighten it out, but finally I told her I am a nice quiet gal here and one of her 1st patients when she opened up her office, so please do something, she said laughing "we made a big mistake, so we will fix it by giving you a new top denture, we will fit you again take impressions, etc." she and her people that work with her were laughing, like it was a big joke, I still think they were someone elses denture they tried to give me, or they made them in the damn back room, themselves, or the guy at the dental lab they use was drunk, lol.......anyway

on 6/16/06 she started with new impressions, and after weeks of going back every Friday ( I do not drive and disabled so I need a friend to take time to drive me back and forth for months now).

On 7/28 the 2nd new denture was put in my mouth, the teeth were way too long ( I do not understand the Immediate denture was made great, is heavy and has a great bite and nice teeth), this has thin teeth, that keep chipping and the gum stuff is very light you can see through, most of all the Bite is way off, it does not go with my lower Real teeth I still have.

I been back a few weeks now, and 2 times the last Friday and it still not right, she keeps saying the bite is fine.................she filed down the long tetth, but the bite is off, I chock, and cant eat anything right.

I am at my wits end here!!

What to do?

She is only in on Fridays, and need to get my friend to drive me again, but do you think she will do anything? Has anyone ever had a problem like this?

I paid $600 up front, and it has been since April I been going back and forth and bothering my friend ot take me back and forth, and after 2 dentures, I still cant eat with either of them.

I keep putting my Immediate denture in with alot of Fixodent to hold them, and I eat everything Italian Bread, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, hard pretzels, popcorn, you name it I can eat it.

Does anyone know what I can do here?

I would like my A$600 back or most of it back, so I can find a dental lab here in Staten Island, NY to go right to the lab and get fitted for a new denture, I thought my dentist would be reliable, but I have heard many people complaining of other work she has done on their teeth, almost every time I go there someone is fighting with the office manager or the dentist.

I am a nice person but A$600 is alot when on disability and not getting the right denture to fit my mouth, something is very wrong here, the Immediate denture was fine from the start until it got too big when my gums srunk.

Thanks for any replies, I am going this Friday and need some input.

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