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Post wisdom extraction: POST-OP PROBLEMS

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Old 11-16-2007, 10:49 PM   #1
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Location: California
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OneCharmedMom HB User
Unhappy Post wisdom extraction: POST-OP PROBLEMS

OK so I had 3 widom teeth extracted on Tuesday (11/13) morning. After the surgery I went home and had a LOT of bleeding (but nothing uncommon) and pain (typical) for the rest of the day. I was nauseated in the morning because I had bled so much during the night that I had swallowed quite a bit of blood. The next day I was still bleeding alot and the pain was excruciating - it felt like they had used a nail gun in my mouth and called it a day. The pain is waay worse than my c-section that I had with my son. So on Thursday I was still bleeding a little and my lip and chin were numb and the pain was throbbing so I called the oral surgeon. He told me to come in to see him. He irrigated the holes and repacked them with gauze that was presoaked in something that tastes like cloves (even though it stung and hurt being packed - it took some pain away). As far as the numbness goes, I was told that this happens because of the nerve that runs right near the root of the tooth. If it is nicked sometimes you can have numbness but it 'usually comes back' anywhere from days to months. GREAT.
Does anyone think that it is strange that the oral surgeon has not told me what exactly is going on with me? He just said to come in yesterday, today and tomorrow as well. Tomorrow is Saturday and he is coming in just for me. Do you think that something could be wrong and he is trying to fix a mistake that he made? Such as infection, etc? I am taking antibiotics, and he asked me today if I was still taking them. I don't know, it seems strange to me. I am sorry if this is sort of all over the place, I am in lots of pain and cannot concentrate. I am taking pain meds but they barely touch it.

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Old 11-16-2007, 10:58 PM   #2
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Location: Boston, MA, USA
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SarahofBorg HB User
Re: Post wisdom extraction: POST-OP PROBLEMS

He's not hiding anything, I heard that could happen from a million different places. They had me sign a waver listing all the things that could go wrong. It's a long list! The nerve thing was one of them, but from what I've investigated it really does come back soon most of the time.
What pain meds? I demanded Percocet and they didn't give it to me because "Vicodin is the same!" which is BS. Get Percocet. I hope they didn't give you Tylonal 3, that stuff's a joke.
As for the bleeding, did you use gauze and bite down hard on it? That should have stopped it, but sometimes not.
I hope he warned you of dry sockets. Be very careful never to suck or blow because it can dislodge it and cause serious problems. Oh wait, it sounds exactly like you got a dry socket since he treated it like one. That's probably because you couldn't form a clot, which is why you kept bleeding. Careful about those, they can get infected. Good thing you're on antibiotics!
I hope you recover faster than I am. I'm still in pain, and it's been 8 days! But it's not nearly as bad. And take that rinsing your mouth out with salt water stuff seriously.
Clove oil is a natural anesthetic, it's the same active ingredient in OTC toothache gel. Basically, that's exactly what he gave you. It works very well.

Funny you should say the pain is so bad. I've been telling everyone it hurt like mad but they don't believe me. They gave me 20 vicodin and I ran out fast. I can't say I can help with the pain. I found eating cold food was soothing though. Jello especially.
Expect to be out for days. Get LOTS of sleep.

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Old 11-17-2007, 07:59 AM   #3
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plasticmouth HB User
Re: Post wisdom extraction: POST-OP PROBLEMS

Sorry to hear of your problems with the removal of only a few teeth. Its amazing how some people differ to others. For example.

My wife had her 4 wisdom teeth removed only about a year after they started protruding ( she was recomended to have them removed ). She was in hospital for 2 days, she came out with massive swollen and bruised cheeks ( she looked like a cabbage patch kid doll ), poor thing , and had bleeding for days, and her wisdom teeth were not even that large/deep or grown.

Yet! - I had 32 rotten teeth ( including 4x... 6 year old fully grown rotten wisdom teeth / the roots were that long on my wisdom teeth i was getting lockjaw before i had them removed , from the long roots ! ). After i had my teeth removed ( 2 to 3 hrs later) I had no swelling , pretty much no pain , no stictches needed , no packing gours needed, no bleeding, no bruising, matter of fact i was drinking a whiskey and smoking a cigarette 1 hr after the operation ( honestlly !) , although i quit ciggys when i was 32 ( 2 years without a ciggy now and not missing it a bit ) .. I only needed later to have a bit of my jaw bone filed down that was protruding through my gum rubbing on my dentures.

I gotta say i think i was one of the lucky ones who got through it all no problems at all really considering i have gone from all my teeth, to none , to full upper and lower dentures , and now love my dentures.. i can even pull a nail out of wood with my dentures ( like a claw hammer ) . i love em'.

I hope they sort out you problem, tooth/mouth pain is a **** >>> gl , CHEERS

Old 11-17-2007, 11:29 AM   #4
Join Date: May 2007
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OneCharmedMom HB User
Re: Post wisdom extraction: POST-OP PROBLEMS

Well, I went back to see the oral surgeon this morning and the irrigation and repacking did not hurt at the time but oh my GOD - about 10 minutes after we left the office my mouth started throbbing and has not really stopped. Didn't sleep much last night but when I woke up I had quite a bit of dried blood around my mouth and on my pillow (good thing I am still putting a towel down). My jaw is killing as well. From my temple through my ears (feels like I have a double ear infection) down through my jaw and then it almost feels like a sore throat even though I do not think that it is - I am sure that it is all related to my TMJ and hw far they stretched that joint when they did the extractions.
I am on Percocet (5/325) and I was taking one every 4 hours but he said that I can take 2 every 4 hours if I need it. Sarah - the oral surgeon actually told you that Vicodin (HYDROcodone) is the same as Percocet (OXYcodone)? I know that everyone responds differently to different pain meds however to say that they are the same is certainly wrong. I hope that you are feeling better.

Old 11-17-2007, 03:55 PM   #5
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Boston, MA, USA
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SarahofBorg HB User
Re: Post wisdom extraction: POST-OP PROBLEMS

They're both based on condine. In fact, Oxycodine is the same thing, just time-released.
Are you taking any meds that would prevent clotting? I believe it's absolutely necessary to get a blood clot or it won't heal right and you'll just keep bleeding. I'm suprised the percocet isn't working, it's powerful stuff! Ask for oxycodine then, it's the most powerful pain med out there.
Dry sockets are hell, I hope it works out for you. You can't just keep bleeding like this, it's very bad. Also, I would recommend trying an anti-inflammatory like IB Profin. I found it helped a lot.

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